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He sensed someone approaching him and knew that it wasn't Tomoyo but one of her bodyguards. "Yes, what is the matter?" Eriol spoke as the bodyguard stood in front of him. She bowed a little, "Young master, the Young Mistress wishes for you to go on ahead without her and wait for her at the City Hall. The Young Mistress has some business to settle. The Mistress is waiting for you there." She said. Eriol's calm composure remained. He nodded and smiled, "If that is what she wishes." The bodyguard bowed and moved aside to make way for him. He stood up and walked calmly with his hands in his pockets.

He entered the limousine without hesitation. As the limousine drove off to the specific destination, he smirked at the thought of his beloved angel. 'Even for years, I'll wait for you.' He thought.

Eriol arrived at the famous City Hall of New York. He was quite amazed by the design and architechture. He secrectly complimented the building. There were paparazzis everywhere. All the flashes from the cameras were non-stop. As he arrived and started to walk, ladies started to faint and whispers on his good looks. He smirked, the ladies screams dreamily which made their actual dates annoyed and glared at Eriol. He mentally chuckled.

He entered the grand entrance and was greeted by a few people. He nodded at them and made his way through. Eriol sensed a person coming up to him.

"Sir, would you like to tour around?" The person was one of the butlers for the night.

Eriol smiled, "Yes, I would."

The person bowed in respect, "Would like me to show you around, Sir?" Eriol gave it a thought and slightly shook his head, "Thank you for the offer but I prefer to tour by myself."

The person looked at him and nodded, "Yes, Sir." The person bowed again as a sign of respect and leaving. He walked away from Eriol. As the butler attended another person, Eriol sensed a familiar person, he turned around and saw a graceful businesswoman with an elegant dress. A woman with reddish brown hair with a short modern hair cut. She has a pair of similar blue eyes as Tomoyo. By looking at the woman's eyes, Eriol knew straight away that it was none other than Daidouji Sonomi. The President of Daidouji Toys and Electronic Co. and also Tomoyo's dear mother.

Sonomi's eyes met Eriol's dark blue, almost onyx, calm eyes. She smiled at the good looking gentleman as he extended his hand to her. "You seem familiar." Sonomi looked at his peaceful face as he smiled. They shook hands. Eriol was sure by now, that the woman was Tomoyo's mother. Tomoyo has her mother's poise, features and smile. Suddenly, Sonomi just remembered.

"Ara, you're Tomoyo-chan's friend from elementary, aren't you? Sonomi sounded delighted.

Eriol smiled and nodded, "Yes, Daidouji-san. Hiirizigawa Eriol." Sonomi chuckled, "No need to be so formal. Just call me Sonomi-san, Hiirizigawa-kun."

He smiled at her attitude and thought, 'Similar to Tomoyo.' He gently shook his head, "Sonomi-san, as you prefer to be called by that, I wold prefer to be called by my first name." Sonomi smiled and nodded, "Even better, Eriol-san"

Sonomi looked around and returned her gaze to Eriol, "Where's Tomoyo-chan? I wonder, she said she's bringing a partner. I was really happy."

"Oh? I'm glad you're feeling in that direction, Sonomi-san." Eriol walked with Sonomi.

She smiled and touched her cheeks, "Actually I'm more than happy when I received the news."

"Why is that?" Eriol has his usual smile and gaze.

Sonomi sighed a little, "As she grew, there were many proposals coming in every week since she was 13. And each time she would decline them and sent them home politely. I never knew the reason why. Questions in my head was, 'Why did she refuse to all those proposals?', 'Was she waiting for someone special?', and more questions. I just couldn't figure out. It's not that I want her in these kind of marriage, but it makes me wonder sometimes. When she said about a her company, I was thrilled and I'm looking foward for Tomoyo-cha to introduce him to me."

Eriol wanted to say something but hold back as he sensed someone's presence, 'She's here.' One of the bodyguards coming towards him and Sonomi. The bodyguard bowed to Sonomi and Eriol. They nodded.

"President, ojiou-sama has arrived." Sonomi perked up, "Ah... It's about time. Shall we go, Eriol-san?" He nodded and the bodyguard led them.

Eriol and Sonomi both waited at the grand stairs for their dear Tomoyo. Noise from paparazzis and reporters were heard from inside. Sonomi was anxious to see her daughter. The bodyguards seemed to be cooling down. Eriol watched at the main entrance and smiled as it revealed a beautiful young lady in a simple elegant dress. Sonomi saw exactly the same way as Eriol did. As Tomoyo walked towards her mother and Eriol, she couldn't help but blush. Sonomi stared at her in awe and Eriol just kept his eyes on her.

Her dress was gown like and it was indigo and violet in colour. Her gown wasn't too big nor too small. It was just right for her petite body. Violet shimmering oganza was covering the indigo satin for the gown and the top was open indigo satin open shoulder. She wore a violet choker with a diamond locket. Her hair was let down and her heels were just 3 inches high and it was a match to her dress. All in all, she looked gorgeous.

She walked up to her mother and smiled. "Konbawa, okaa-san, Eriol-kun." Sonomi was awed by her own daughter's beauty that she quickly hugged Tomoyo, "Oh, Tomoyo-chan. It looks fantastic on you. You did a great job on this dress. You surpassed my talent already." Sonomi teased her daughter, they chuckled together.

"Ne, Tomoyo-chan, where's that person?" Sonomi asked as they broke the hug. Tomoyo giggled and went beside Eriol. "I believe you've met him already, okaa-san." Eriol bowed to the lady in front of him and smiled. Sonomi wan't a bit surprised. Why else would Eriol be here? Sonomi knew her daughter had feelings for the cool gentleman in front of her. Sonomi fluttered.

Being a gentleman, he offered his left arm and Tomoyo slid her right arm in. Sonomi was just more than happy seeing Tomoyo smile like when she was around Sakura. Sonomi secretly asked Selene, the head bodyguard to take pictures of Tomoyo and Eriol together. Selene nodded and smiled in agreement.

Sonomi faced her daughter and 'future son-in-law'. No matter how much she looked at them, she always stared at them in awe. "Ano, we should get inside now. The dinner party is about to start. I'll be seeing you inside. Take care of her, Eriol-san." He nodded. Sonomi went inside with other CEO's and presidents from other companies. Eriol took his sweet time with Tomoyo.

"You look amazingly beautiful tonight." He complimented her which made her blush and giggled.

She moved her body closer to Eriol, "May I say that you look very handsome, Eriol-kun?" She smiled. Somehow, she felt like she was emitting a light from within that enabled her to shine even more and made her look even happier. For once in her life she didn't about anyone but herself and her happiness that she was searching for.

Eriol noticed her glow and was glad that he made this decision. For his sake and hers as well. He couldn't help it. He kissed her cheek which really made her blush 100 shades of red. Eriol smirked, "My Fair Lady, shall I escort you for the night?" Tomoyo smiled sweetly, "Yes, Sir. You may." They walked in together and as they walked together inside to the party, every eyes were on them. The perfect lady and her gentleman. From far, Sonomi smiled and was sharing her thoughts with Nadeshiko.

The host for the party started the event and everyone clapped their hands. There were music performances by a famous classical music band. People were dancing, top exclusive people chatting about business and life. Eriol and Tomoyo also were sociallizing with other people who were about their age. Sonomi approached her daughter's crowd.

"I'm sorry to disturb your conversation, but may I borrow my daughter and Eriol-san for a minute?" Sonomi politely asked.

Tomoyo and Eriol nodded and excused themselves. Sonomi puts a big smile on her face, "Tomoyo-chan, Eriol-kun, could you play a song for tonight?" Sonomi requested Tomoyo to sing and Eriol to play the song along with her.

Tomoyo wasn't sure to sing in front of this crowd. Eriol held her hand, "It's okay. We can do it like we used to." He encouraged her and she smiled. She turned to her mother and smiled, "Sure, why not?" Sonomi clapped her hands cheerfully, "That's great! Come up to the stage in 10 minutes." Sonomi ran off somewhere. Tomoyo sweat dropped.

"What song should we entertain them with?" Eriol asked. Tomoyo smiled as she already thought of a song. She smiled, "Eriol-kun, I would love to play this song," she whispered in his ear for the song. Eriol smiled and nodded, "With all my heart, I would love to do the song with you."

They agreed on the song and headed towards the stage and met up with Sonomi. Sonomi did not ask Tomoyo or Eriol what song are they going to perform but Sonomi reserved the grand piano for Eriol. The host of the night announced the couple up the stage which caused everyone in the room to slow down their conversations and the ones dancing, paused. The couple bowed to the audience. Eriol took his seat at the piano and Tomoyo stood beside it. Eriol and Tomoyo both smiled and nodded. He started playing notes on the piano and the angelic voice started to sing.

Song title: Yoru no Uta / Night Song

By: Junko Iwao

yoru no sora ni matataku
tooi kin no hoshi
yuube yume de miageta
kotori to onaji iro

(Distant golden stars,
twinkling in the night sky…
The same color as
the birds I looked up at in my dream last night.)

Tomoyo sang gracefully as she follows the rhythm of the piano. She didn't close her eyes at the start of the song. She would steal glances of Eriol. He noticed and did the same about her. The couple just couldn't resist looking at one another. Sonomi heard people murmuring about how her daughter was good at singing, the young gentleman was perfect, the couple looked sweet together. Sonomi smiled.

(I'm flying, riding my dream
together with the wind that passes over all.)

She was calm. She was good at performing. She always give her best in singing and everything else. She felt at ease while performing. She slowly closed her eyes. As she closes them, she saw the beautfiul memories that was in her heart. Memories of her beloved best friend, Sakura, her good friends, her mother, her current lover (Eriol) and everyone else. The bittersweet memories she faced with her best friend was priceless. She consiously smiled even more. She felt happiness pouring to her.

(Tomorrow, I'll sing it with you
Riding the wings of our dreams.)

Eriol smiled at the lyric. He remembered how he had fallen for the angel. He knew he didn't regret any of his decision.

(Tomorrow, I'll sing it with you
Riding the wings of our dreams.)

The song finished with beautiful ending from the piano. Everyone applaused. Eriol stood up from his piano chair and stood beside Tomoyo and they bowed together. The crowd clapped even harder. They got down the stage and met Sonomi. She hugged her daughter and smiled at Eriol who smiled at the mother's reaction.

"Tomoyo-chan, you did great! And I have a surprise for you later. Eriol-san shall come together. Now, go and enjoy yourself." Sonomi kissed her daughter's cheek and walked away from them. Tomoyo looked at Eriol and he took her hand and kiss it, "May I have this dance with you, My Fair Lady?" She chuckled, "Yes, my delightful mister. I would love to dance with you." They walked towards the dance floor. A soft classic song started and everyone on the dance floor danced gracefully as swans. But the most outstanding one were Eriol and Tomoyo. They danced their night away looking in each other's eyes and loving one another even more.

After the dinner party had ended, Selene approached politely to the Young Mistress, "Ojiou-sama, the President is calling for you." Tomoyo nodded, "Arigato, Selene-san." The head bodyguard smiled, "We will head towards the President's pent house." Tomoyo nodded again and clung onto Eriol's arm as he gladly offered it to her. They rode the limousine and reached her mother's pent house.

Both Tomoyo and Eriol entered the house as the guards opened the door for them. They went in the living room and saw that Sonomi was waiting for them. "Irrashai mase, futari tomo." She greeted her most expected guests. "Arigato Sonomi-san." Eriol replied her kindness. Sonomi pleaded them to seat in front of her and the couple obeyed.

Sonomi insisted on pouring the tea herself for her special stared at her mother very cutely, "Okaa-san, what it is that you called us here?"

Sonomi gently put down the tea pot and served the tea and the couple thanked her. Sonomi relaxed and took a sip of her tea, "Tomoyo-chan, do you love Eriol-san as much as yourself?" Tomoyo wasn't startled from her mother's question. She smiled and gently shook her head, "Iie, okaa-san. I love him more than myself." Her voice was in one piece. No stuttering, trembling or anything. They were just pure honesty. Eriol smiled and added, "But not as much as you love Sakura-san, ne?" He teased her and the three chuckled. Tomoyo offered sweets to Eriol which he accepted, "Probably you're right." She replied jokingly.

Eriol turned to his 'future mother-in-law', "Sonomi-san, you said earlier on this evening, you have a surprise. May we know what is the surprise you were talking about?" Tomoyo looked at her mother, patiently waiting for the answer. Sonomi smirked and turned into her serious expression. She looked at Eriol while he just smiled like he always do, "Eriol-san, would you like to be engaged to my dearest daughter?" Tomoyo's eyes were wide shock but Eriol was calm and smiled wider, "Sonomi-san, I," Tomoyo's heart was beating 100 times faster. Her cheeks were flushed. Sonomi was anticipating his answer, "Yes, you...?"

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Japanese to English

Ojiou-sama - My lady

Arigato - Thanks

Iie - No

Subarashi - Wonderful / Excellent

Okaa-san - Mother