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Eriol turned to his 'future mother-in-law', "Sonomi-san, you said earlier on this evening, you have a surprise. May we know what is the surprise you were talking about?" Tomoyo looked at her mother, patiently waiting for the answer.

Sonomi smirked and turned into her serious expression. She looked at Eriol while he just smiled like he always do, "Eriol-san, would you like to be engaged to my dearest daughter?"

Tomoyo's eyes were wide shock but Eriol was calm and smiled wider, "Sonomi-san, I," Tomoyo's heart was beating 100 times faster. Her cheeks were flushed.

Sonomi was anticipating his answer, "Yes, you...?"

Tomoyo felt her blood rushing fast through her veins and to her face. Yet, she managed to keep herself from getting stiffed up. Eriol smiled, "Sonomi-san, I," His future mother-in-law waited while smiling cheerfully as if she already knew what his answer was going to be. Eriol exhaled and glance lovingly at Tomoyo who was blushing, "Aishiteru, Tomoyo." Eriol held her hand and made Tomoyo stand. Tomoyo just followed his movements and before she knew it, Eriol puts a sweet saphire diamond ring on her sweet finger.

Eriol smiled even more when he saw Tomoyo's action. Tomoyo kept blinking, trying to register what Eriol just did. "Eriol-kun, I," Tears formed in her eyes and she smiled lovingly at him, "I love you too, so much." There. She said it clear. She felt relieved more than ever. She hugged Eriol tightly and he returned the hug. Sonomi almost cried then she abruptly stood up from her seat and clapped her hands, "Omedeto, Tomoyo-chan! Eriol-kun! Now, that both of you are engaged, your marriage will be after you graduated." Sonomi blurted out.

Tomoyo while hugging Eriol, was wide shock. Another surprise for Tomoyo.

She looked at her mother, "Okaa-san, that's very sudden. Even this is very sudden. Don't you think we're going too fast? And, Sakura-chan and the others haven't-"

Sonomi cuts her off, "Daijobu! Sakura-chan will get the best of dress for your wedding." Tomoyo sweat dropped.

"Okaa-san, that was not what I'm trying to say." Eriol held her hand and slightly shook his head, "I don't think she's listening, Tomoyo."

Tomoyo gave out a short sigh and smiled at her mother's busy reaction. Sonomi was already celebrating with Selena the head bodyguard, who was also thrilled about Tomoyo's engagement. Tomoyo giggled while Eriol chuckled.

Sonomi suddenly approached the couple, "Eriol-kun, Tomoyo-chan, I have to go London for a conference. Both you may stay here for tonight. Your luggages are on their way here."

Tomoyo looked at her mother and gently hugged her mother, "Okaa-san. Thank you, for everything."

Sonomi hugged her daughter and stroked Tomoyo's long hair, "No, thank you. You made happy for having you. You really remind me of Nadeshiko-chan. Be happy and live life to the fullest. Always remember,"

"If you begin the day with love in your heart,

Peace in your nerves,

And truth in your mind,

You not only benefit by their presence

But also bring them to others,

To your family and friends, and to those

Whose destiny across your path that day."

Tomoyo recite the advise that her mother had been telling her since she was a little girl. She believed in it and keep holding in to be a prideful heiress.

She smiled, "Of course, I'll remember, okaa-san."

Sonomi kissed Tomoyo's forehead and looked at her lovingly. Sonomi then turned her gaze towards the dark blue haired gentleman standing behind Tomoyo and smiled at him.

"Eriol-kun, take care of Tomoyo-chan. You don't want to lose her, ne?" Sonomi teased him and he smirked.

He stepped foward and took Tomoyo by her waist, "I will, don't worry." He looked at Tomoyo who was smiling at him. Sonomi chuckled, "Settled. The marriage will go on! Ja, ittekimasu."

"Hai, itterashai, okaa-san/Sonomi-san." Tomoyo and Eriol said in unison. Sonomi smiled in satisfaction.

Sonomi waved goodbye and left the luxurious pent house. Eriol led Tomoyo outside to the balcony.

"Ne, Eriol-kun, I still can't believe that you and I are," Tomoyo blushed at the thought of her and Eriol getting married.

Eriol smirked, "Getting married. What is there not to believe? Sonomi-san sure is enthusiastic about the marriage."

Tomoyo chuckled, "That's okaa-san for you. I bet she would do the same to Sakura-chan." Eriol nodded.


"Hai?" Her soft gentle voice answered.

While hugging Tomoyo's waist from behind and looking up the sky, "Exactly, how many proposals did you turned down?"

The lady giggled, "I lost count." She giggled again. Eriol smirked and slightly tickled her.

Tomoyo looked up the sky and smiled, "Sakura-chan would be thrilled when she hears this. And I'm sure that it wouldn't be long for Li-kun to ask her hand in marriage."

Eriol slightly nodded, "Enough talking about others, this our night. C'mon let's get inside and change." Eriol lifted her chin which made Tomoyo faced him. He looked into her eyes and smiled. He gently pressed his lips against hers and gave a passionate kiss. They parted from the kiss and Tomoyo was blushing furiously. She smiled back. Eriol whispered, "I will always love you, Daidouji Tomoyo, my beloved future wife."

"I love you too, future husband." Tomoyo playfully winked at Eriol who kissed her forehead and led her inside.

The night sky was filled with beautiful diamonds of stars and the moon was crescent. For Tomoyo, it was a miracle and magic how her fate turned out this way. She was happy. They both loved each other and like Tomoyo mentioned, it won't be long till Li Syaoran propose to Kinomoto Sakura, the Princess of Clow.

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Japanese to English

Ittekimasu - I'll be leaving now

Itterashai - Have a nice trip

Omedeto - Congratulations

Okaa-san - Mother

Aishiteru - I love you

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