Now your mine

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It was a lovely July 1, the girls were so proud that Baltor was defeated and the witches were in light haven. They had nothing to worry about, or so they thought.

"Yippie, we get to go shopping and the boys are coming."

"Stella" the girls said in unison

"What Bloom you get to talk to Sky. Flora gets to be love-ie-dove with Helia," Flora blushed at this remark, "Tecna gets to blab about tecno stuff with Timmy, Musa finally admitted that she likes Riven so she is down with that, and Lalya gets to see her beloved." Lalya gave Stella a look that said you are so dead.

"How bout you and Shonky, "Oh shonky I love you kiss kiss kiss." said Lalya.

"Girls the boys are here." Said Bloom as the boys rolled up to the gates.

"Hi pumpkin pie." Said Brandon as he kissed Stella.

"Flora you look radiant as always" said Helia as he kiss Flora gently.

"Hi musa um am I supposed to kiss you," but before he finished Musa kissed him, "wow." was all he was able to chirp up.

"Hi Tecna." said Timmy

"Hi Bloom um can I talk to you." Sky said to Bloom as he pulled her away from the group.

"Bloom I really like you and I know we have been through a lot and um will you marry me." Sky said rather quickly

"What do you even need to know, yes yes yes."

"Lets not tell the others till a bit later ok."

"Ok"Bloom said as Sky picked her up and span her around, as she giggled madly.

"Your happy know pixi and pixi prince but you won't be for long, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

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