As Sharpay got in the car, she made a list of things she would rather be doing to pass the time.

Number one, she thought. Making the lives of everyone in the Scholastic club miserable.

"Sharpay, how is school going?" Mrs. Evans asked, trying her best to start a friendly conversation in the silent car.

"School? Oh, school's good." Sharpay said, absentmindedly.

Number two: Eating a large gourmet meal.

"Is it hard?" Mrs. Evans asked. Sharpay sighed. She wondered why her mother had to get so personal.

"School's fine. Awfully boring, but fine." She smiled. "But then, there's so much more to school than just grades. In fact, there's so much more to life than grades!" she added, more to herself, because she knew her mother would disagree.

Number three: Making Ryan's life miserable.

"So, have you been keeping up with your acting?" her mom asked. Sharpay grinned. She knew that if there was one thing she had in common with her family, it was their passion for acting.

"Acting's been great!" Sharpay said enthusiastically. "I got the lead in the spring musical and I'm going to be with Ryan." Sharpay smiled. It felt great to have beaten Gabriella for the first time since she came to East High. She wished Gabriella were a worse sport, but when the cast list was posted, she was really nice. It drove Sharpay crazy. But she was so happy about getting the lead girl again that she let it go.

Number four: Flirting with Troy Bolton.

Mrs. Evans sighed dreamily. "This is so much fun! Isn't this fun, Sharpay? We should do this more often, don't you think?"

Sharpay sighed. "Mom, we aren't even at the store yet! Don't you want to wait until we get into the store to decide if we're having fun or not?" she snapped. When her mother didn't respond for a few moments, Sharpay was scared that she had really upset her. But luckily, her mother was just thinking.

"You're right, Sharpay. After all, our trip has barely begun!" she said cheerily. Sharpay moaned and added a final thing to her list. "Number five," she said to herself. "Being anywhere but here." Sharpay was satisfied with her list.

But at the same time, way, way deep down, she was thrilled to finally get to spend some time with her mother. And it was the first time they spent together where her mother didn't lecture her that she should be doing better in school. Sharpay guessed that the fact that she had accepted to go on the trip was making her mother happy. Sharpay was annoyed at herself for that. She didn't want to lose her reputation of the meanest girl in school! That would be scarier than anything.


A few minutes later, Sharpay and her mom were standing in the middle of a GAP store. Sharpay's mother grabbed her daughter's hand. Sharpay swatted it away. "Mom!" she hissed. "I'm sixteen years old, alright? You don't have to hold my hand!

"Oh, sorry, Sharpay." She patted her daughter's hand. Sharpay breathed a sigh of relief; happy her mom didn't call her "pumpkin pie", which was her pet name for her daughter ten years ago.

Luckily, her mother did let Sharpay stray from her, as long as she didn't go past the bench some feet away from her, and stayed within her mother's sight. Then she left.

Sharpay scowled. She hated having to have boundaries-and small ones, for that matter-but at least she wouldn't have to be seen with her mother. Then, people she didn't know couldn't tease her.

Of course, Sharpay didn't want to buy anything, so she just hung around and brushed her hair. It took a long time to make it look nice again.

As she was about to dig into her bag for some makeup, she spotted a brown head on the other side of the clothing rack. Troy! She thought in alarm. What was he doing in a store like GAP?

Desperate for a way out, she ducked behind a little girl. How childish! But still, she was too nervous to think straight. Suddenly, the little girl turned around. "What are you doing, lady?"

Sharpay blushed. "First off, I'm sixteen. I'm not a lady. And second of all, I'm hiding."

"Hiding from your problems doesn't solve them," the girl said in a mother-like tone. Sharpay rolled her eyes.

"Look, I don't need counseling, little girl! What I need is to stop the most unpopular boy at school from seeing me!" She said, panicked. Troy was coming closer. Sharpay ditched the little girl and bent under a circle of clothes. She felt so humiliated. But not as humiliated as she was about to be.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" The person with the brown hair said. "It's against the rules to hide in there, even if you are pretending you're in a teepee."

Sharpay looked up. The person with the brown hair wasn't Troy after all! She was too relieved to be embarrassed. She got up out of the circular rack and dusted herself off.

"That's better," The man said. His name tag said, "Hi, I'm Phil!" She figured he worked at the store. "Make sure to follow the rules next time!" He called before running off.

"Will, do, Phil," Sharpay said, but of course Phil didn't hear him.

Sharpay sighed, relaxed. Now that she knew that Troy wasn't in the store, she smiled and dug through her bag. She had barely finished applying her lipstick when she was interrupted again. Someone tapped on her shoulder. Praying it wasn't Phil telling her something like, "You're not allowed to put on makeup in the store," she turned around. To her utter shock, she was standing face-to-face with Troy-for real this time!

"Troy? What are you doing at a store like this?" Sharpay asked incredulously.

"I was buying a gift for Gabriella. Her birthday's coming up, you know?" Troy said.

Sharpay lowered her voice and whispered, "Look, I'm here on a shopping date with my mom, alright? You have to promise me that you won't tell a soul about our meeting. Promise?"

"Sharpay, look-" Troy began. But Mrs. Evans interrupted him.

"Sharpay, time to go!" her mother said. Sharpay was glad that her mother had better sense than to yell halfway across the room. She yelled from all the way across the room. Two girls of about thirteen or fourteen who were passing by looked at each other and snickered. Sharpay growled at them, which made them laugh harder.

"Look, I have to go now," Sharpay said, grabbing onto Troy's shirt. "And if you tell one person about this, you are so past dead!" She dropped him, and ran off to her mother.

"Oh, you didn't buy anything?" Mrs. Evans asked. Sharpay shook her head.

"Oh, that's too bad," Sharpay's mother replied. "I had a shopping spree myself."

Sharpay raised her eyebrows. Only her mom could have a shopping spree at GAP.

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