Troy decided to put talking to Mr. and Mrs. Evans aside for the moment. He thought he might want to try Mrs. Riley's approach of just not doing anything for a few days and seeing how things played out. This plan was effective immediately.

At the Evans' house, Sharpay was thinking. She decided that Troy was right in trying to help her, and she called to apologize. This was not a sudden decision at all; she had been thinking about it for at least a week. As annoying as Troy was, she missed having a boyfriend very much. And she supposed that finally dealing with her problems would take a big load off her shoulders. It had been a quiet week, and it caused Sharpay to do loads of thinking, mostly about herself. She realized that she really did want her problems solved, but she just didn't believe that anyone could possibly help her. Fortunately, she trusted Troy enough to know that he was able to help her. Troy was no psychologist, but he sure was smart, and he knew a heck of a lot about people.

Of course, Troy had Caller ID, so when she called to apologize, he didn't answer the phone. Sharpay sighed sadly and got ready for her drama club meeting.

Sharpay gasped, horrified. The drama club! Without Troy there for her, Ryan, Kelsi, and Todd were completely liable to tell on her to Mrs. Darbus and get her kicked out of the drama club. If she got kicked out of the drama club, she wasn't good for anything. If she weren't good for anything, then she wouldn't be popular. If she wasn't popular, she couldn't sit at the popular table, which was where she sat when she was sick of the drama club. If she didn't sit at the popular table, she'd have to sit with the losers. If she sat with the losers, they would think she was their friend and start following her everywhere. If that happened, she'd be the laughing stock of the whole school. After that, she'd probably have to change her name and hair color, maybe even become Goth.

Ryan snapped Sharpay out of her wild daydream. "Let's go, Sharpay!" She nodded, and followed her brother out the door.


When they got to the club meeting, Ryan went over to Kelsi and Todd to consolidate. They had really had it with Sharpay's bossiness, and now that her precious bodyguard was gone, they were completely able to kick her out of the drama club. They had to do it right then, though, because since they didn't know exactly why Troy and Sharpay were mad at each other, they thought they would be back together before the next meeting.

"So, do we just run up to Mrs. Darbus the moment she comes through the door?" Todd asked. Ever since Ryan had announced yesterday that they were going to kick Sharpay out of the club, Todd and Kelsi were full on willing to do whatever they could to help. Since Sharpay and Ryan were co-presidents of the drama club, Todd and Kelsi were like wallpaper. They were almost disappointed when they found out how simple Ryan's plan was, until he finally gave in and told them that they could do all of the talking.

Kelsi sighed nervously. "I don't know about this, you guys. I mean, what if Sharpay finds out it was us, and decides to plot against us?"

Ryan and Todd exchanged glances. Kelsi had always been the timid one. Ryan looked her in the eye and said, "Kelsi, Sharpay is my sister. I live across the hall from her, okay? I'll look out for anything suspicious, alright?" Kelsi shrugged, just as Mrs. Darbus walked through the door.

Since Kelsi chickened out at the last minute, Todd ended up doing the talking. "Mrs. Darbus, I am speaking on behalf of the drama club, except Sharpay. Ryan, Kelsi and I want to kick her out of the drama club."

"Oh, no, no, no!" Mrs. Darbus exclaimed, surprised. "I won't have it happen at all! Not only is our drama club very small, but Sharpay is by far my best actress! For what reason could you possibly kick her out?"

Ryan spoke up, much to Todd's dismay. "Well, Mrs. Darbus, Sharpay was threatening us to paint the dressing room ourselves, while she did none of the work. She also commanded Todd to fan her with fig laves and feed her grapes!"

Mrs. Darbus laughed lightheartedly. "Ah, the classic fan-and-grape treatment." When Ryan glared at her, she changed her tone, and said, "Well, I will certainly think about it, I can tell you that!"

By "think about it", she meant that she would get right on it. She called Sharpay over, and Ryan just barely managed to stifle his giggles.

Sharpay knew what was coming. She was eavesdropping on the club members' conversation, anyway.

"Is there something wrong, Mrs. Darbus?" Sharpay asked in a sugary-sweet voice.

Mrs. Darbus responded with a solemn nod. "There is something wrong, actually. Did you really threaten your fellow club members to paint the entire dressing room while you ate grapes and let people fan you with fig leaves?"

Sharpay bit her lip. There was nothing worse than this, she decided. Mrs. Darbus already knew the truth, so the sooner Sharpay admitted it, the sooner she could get out of there.

She looked Mrs. Darbus in the eye and said boldly, "Yeah, I threatened them. So, are you going to kick me out of the club or not?" Sharpay asked, in a rather rebellious tone.

Caught off guard by Sharpay's attitude, she said, "Yeah. Actually, you are."

Emotionless, Sharpay shrugged and strolled out the door.


Sharpay had to face facts. She was in high school, and in high school, gossip spread quicker than water slipped out of a person's hand. Naturally, she was not allowed to sit at the popular table, or the middle class. Not even the losers would let her sit with them, because they assumed that she would spend the entire hour lecturing them about all the things they could be doing with their lives.

"Well, I suppose it's better than having them follow me around everywhere," Sharpay muttered to herself as she found an empty table to sit at.

Then, she stopped. She saw the Goths sitting at their table. She decided to give them a try, because they were so tuned in to themselves that they never listened to gossip, anyway! Sharpay left her tray on an empty table, and snuck over to the art room to find anything black.

And she hit the jackpot. She found black construction paper and black crepe paper. Using black yarn and glue, she made a very lame, but temporary wig. Then, she headed to the girls' restroom to take off all her makeup and to put on her wig. Then, she took off al her jewelry, and, using a huge roll of crepe paper, she wrapped herself up like a mummy. Not all the way, but it definitely covered most of her clothes. She fastened the crepe paper and looked in the mirror. She thought about springing for a fake nose ring, but figured that was too much. Crossing her fingers, she walked back to the cafeteria. Everyone giggled when they saw her getup. Sharpay just ignored them and walked to their table, stopping for her tray on the way over.

"Hi, can I sit here?" Sharpay asked. She hoped they would say yes, because she really didn't want to sit alone. The only empty table left was next to Troy.

"Whatever," a girl said. Sharpay sat down. She recognized the girl; she was Liz from her math class.

Sharpay found the Goth table rather odd. No one ate, talked, or did anything! It wasn't that different from sitting alone, she decided, but it was better than nothing.

Suddenly, another girl spoke up. "So, why are you here, Sharpay?" Sharpay was surprised that a Goth knew her name. "Did someone, like, die or something?"

At first, Sharpay didn't know what she was talking about, but then she realized that the girl was asking why Sharpay as sitting there. She knew that the Goths would kick her out if they found out why she was sitting there, and she didn't want to get kicked out of two clubs in one week, so she made up a story on the spot.

"Oh, you know. I was orphaned, I've been moving from place to place all the time, life sucks, yadda, yadda, yadda."

The girl nodded, unemotional. "You'll fit in just fine. So, how were your parents killed?"

Sharpay, being the fabulous actress she was, soon picked up the same blank expression and tone that the rest of the girls had. "Well, my mom died of breast cancer when I was four, and my dad died in a helicopter crash just last year." Her own story was depressing her!

"I see," Liz said. "We're all here for different reasons. Sophie was orphaned at birth," she said, gesturing to the girl who asked why Sharpay turned Goth, "Anna's father died when she was one, and she lives with her abusive mother, Ashley lives with her nanny, but since her nanny fled from Mexico and is on the run, she and Ashley live in a homeless shelter. Me? I'm here because people hate me for being stupid, so I have no friends, and even my mom can't stand me! Welcome to the club, Sharpay!"

Liz stuck her hand out for Sharpay to shake. But she refused. She thought about how lucky she really was. At least her parents were alive, and they payed attention to her. Everyone knew that it was better to have over protective parents than ones who didn't care about you at all. Maybe her life wasn't so bad after all.

But as she walked past the drama club table as she threw her trash out, she saw her friends laughing. Suddenly, she wasn't so sure anymore.

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