The fic that started it all…

Insanity As It Plays

By Nichole (Neko-chan) Johnson

* Foreword *

For those of you who've read the series, no need to bother again—this is nothing new. The reason for this minor "revamping" is due to the fact that I became aware of some "newbies" reading the sequel series Insanity As It Plays 2: It's Double Trouble! and wanted to make sure they knew where this was all coming from. Of course, those interested could always go to my profile and redirect themselves to the original, but most readers are too lazy for that, and I'm aware of that. So why not make it all spiffy and new, so that it's already screaming them in the face for them to read when they look up the new fics? So that's what I did.

So for those of you familiar with the more recently completed Insanity 2, this is where it all started. You get to meet Neko, Galaxia, E. Bear, and all the other originals right from the start, as well as some characters which never appeared in the sequel (such as Lesbian Seagull, the perverted pizza boy, and all the psychotic Nurse Joys—just to mention a few…) You also get to see how an actual plotline developed over time, whereas this first season was mostly a collection of mishaps and insane adventures after another (not that that's not fun.)

I invite you to read on and enjoy; to delve into the insanity that works away at my fragile mind.

And to try not to trip on the plot holes along the way.

Disclaimer: You know I don't own them. Because if I did, I'd be rich. So I'm not going to bother. Sue me if you want, but you wouldn't really have grounds because I am in no way making profit off of this. ($2 per copy, please. ^_^)

Rating: PG-13

Apology & Shameless Groveling: I admit. Not an original idea. But I will give credit. Sforzie, (don't hurt me!), I got the idea for this 'series' from you and your "The Team Rocket Show" series of silly stories. It's a really great series (for anyone who hasn't read it—please do so I can make up for my slight plagiarism by advertising her writing) and it inspired me to turn me and my best bud's fun notes to each other into actual fanfics.

Summary: A collection of stories (episodes) focusing on my best friend Kasi (Galaxia) and my adventures with Team Rocket, plus some other characters from former fanfics of mine. This series is mostly for personal enjoyment, but I hope that maybe the rest of you can enjoy it as well.

Author's Note: Sanity is only what you make of it…