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A little bit of the scene with Laurent and Bella is paraphrased from New Moon and belongs to Stephanie Meyers.

Isabella Swan paused for the smallest of seconds, filling her lungs with air as she drew the scents of the forest around her. She couldn't quite catch the fading scent of the human she'd been trailing. Which in truth was rather irritating to say the least.

Groaning in frustration she turned back to her half-eaten dinner, the poor wolf fading quickly, as a grimace flitted across her small pretty mouth. What she wouldn't give for the taste of richer blood. The thrill of the sweet nectar across her tongue. Dear God. Isabella had been dreaming about richer hunting grounds for weeks, not surprising after hiding away in the mountains since the change. She'd only gotten a couple good meals in since she'd turned approximately six months prior, literally the day of when she had caught that poor unsuspecting hiker off guard.

However, that hadn't lasted long. Partly due to wanting to desperately avoid humans and the location with which she had picked. But there was nothing else she could do about it in the end. Or rather that was what she firmly repeated to herself every time there was the slightest falter in her wall.

Bella, as she preferred to be called, couldn't in good conscience keep herself in an area populated by humans. Not even when the thought of them sent venomous pain down her throat. Forgetting the taste of their blood could be better accomplished if one didn't dwell upon it at every second. Instead she would focus solely on animals and the nutrition they offered.

Speaking of such lousy luck Bella felt herself stiffen, her red tinged eyes fading to black as a distinctive scent filled the air.

"Son of bitch," A snarl slipped from her throat, partially distorted by the groan mingling there. The ever-present flames licking through her body distinctly reminded Bella of the day she had changed. Even if the memory was faded she could quickly recall the pain. It was not something that could be forgotten. Ask any vampire and most would respond that it was indeed the most memorable moment of their pathetic human lives.

Not surprising Bella realized that her feet had carried her along the scent. Already she was stepping down on a rocky outcropping, away from the soft grass where the wolf had perished. Swearing the she vampire dropped to a crouch. Her eyes narrowed in concentration as a man's tall frame came into view.

"Yes," a burning pain flared along her tongue as he stumbled along with pained expression upon his face. She shouldn't really be expecting more, not when the scent had told her so very much. From her vantage point Bella could not only smell the lingering scent of death but see the harsh wound across his neck. The blood was still fresh however, enough so that in another instant Bella was there.

"What? Who are you?" He stumbled backwards, his hands moving upwards to protect his face. Strange to see them move so slowly. It seemed to take him several heartbeats to even be aware of the danger she possessed. Though most humans caught on quickly.

A feeling of devastation was hard to push away at this moment, though Bella tried as her tiny feet moved her gracefully forward. He was already close to death. So close in fact that she could catch the stutter in his breath, the falter in his once strong heartbeat. Sadness crept over her in that short moment.

"Don't be afraid." Her breath brushed against his lips moments before she bent to lick his neck. The blood exploded across her tongue and she reveled in the beauty as the man screamed. "I'm so very sorry."

Looking back on the moment she changed left Bella rather bothered. It wasn't something she truly liked dwelling upon day after day. Yes, the beauty of being alive, to be breathing and living, brought forth a sort of acceptance. It didn't mean she wanted to be reminded of everything daily though. Every time she tasted the blood upon her tongue she couldn't hide.

The screams of her victims brought forth a sort of disgust in her chest. The pain she could hear and see made her cringe. Yet, her body still drew upon the wound. Weakly the man tried to place his hand upon her chest. Desperately wanting to put space between their flaring bodies.

Bella groaned, a strange gurgling noise, as the blood dribbled from her mouth. A sort of soft noise escaped the man before her and she watched in horrified fascination as the color in his eyes faded. Soon enough he was limp and quiet in her arms.

"I'm sorry." A sob tore from her bloodied mouth as the corpse fell from her lax hands. She had once wanted to be a vampire so very badly. This wasn't how she had envisioned it all. Nor how she had wanted to come about the experience in any way. He was supposed to do it. Edward.

Cringing Bella moved away from the wreckage she had created. She had known that it was going to be the most painful experience she would go through but her emotional toll helped not one bit.

Yet she had still wanted it. With every fiber of her being. She had wanted so very badly to be a vampire…with him. Now that not only him but his entire family had left, abandoned her, she had stated doubting herself.

Instead the universe had other plans. For Bella changed alone.

The pain was devastating…. agonizing as she gasped and panted. No matter what she tried Bella simply couldn't draw air into her drowning lungs. Fearfully she tried to move as the licking flame raged throughout her fading body. No relief…nothing.

Panicked she prayed, begged, and sobbed as blood spilled from her throat. Any movement, even the tiniest fraction of an inch, and she was in absolute terrifying torment. A thousand needles, hot poker like flames slashing into her skin.

"I can't." A cry of sorrow escaped her contorted mouth, her fingers digging into the skin around her wound. Slowly her finger dipped into the gaping wound. Tearing the skin as she tried to fill her lungs with air. "H-help….h-h-help m-me."

Each word grated against her throat, moving like molten liquid as her eyelids flickered.

"Edward." His name could cause no emotional pain anymore, nothing compared to this horrid experience she had so fiercely craved. It was here, now, present and dominant. While Edward...he was not.

It was on the cusp of this thought that her torment escalated to full blown torture. A scream tore from her throat, her body contorting as desperate hands clawed. More tainted blood sprayed across the once green grass. A cry tearing forth as her back arched, eyes rolling back. What seemed like hours finally passed and she collapsed in a panting heap. Watching as more blood thickened the earth around her.

Would she die here? Was she losing too much blood to even shift into one of those horrid creatures?

So much pain, overwhelming, it was darkening her thought process. Bella couldn't think anymore. Another scream tore at her throat but surprisingly she was able to hold everything back. Sharp teeth bit down onto her ravaged lip, tearing it open further. Surprisingly the taste of her own blood brought more pain echoing down her throat.

She had to stay silent, very silent. She couldn't let those damn creatures find her. Even if she was already on her way to deaths door. An instinctual need to protect herself was flaring. Despite the fact that death seemed ideal with its alluring darkness. To feel that sweet bliss death gave to a person. No fear of the unknown...after all what could be more terrifying than this?

-About 20 minutes earlier-

With a gasp, Bella's entire body froze as she watched the scene unfold in ever growing horror. Desperately she tried to jerk away at the sound of Edward's roar reverberating through her skull. She couldn't fight his name as it burst through those walls. Bursting forth to become a sweet litany within her head.

Edward, Edward, Edward. What was the point anymore? There was simply no use in keeping the pain that his name caused away. If she was going to perish, which she undoubtedly would, then it shouldn't matter if she wanted to cherish the thought of him now. Here before she took her last breath. Oh Edward I love you.

In that next instant, he sprung, so quickly, so very rapidly that she didn't even see it coming. Bella knew though. Oh, god she knew as his hard body collided with her own. His sharp teeth dipping painfully into her tender flesh. With a quick tear, Bella felt her knees buckle beneath her. Her body crumpling as a scream of agonized pain and fear tore from her gutted throat, blood gushing out rapidly. Staining the grassy, seeping into earth weeping earth.

His snarl was hungry as his hands groped along her aching back, his position moving so quickly that his teeth created a jagged cut across her throat. In that next instant he was sat straddling her, crushing her soft body as blood seeped into his mouth.

"Edward!" the scream tore unbidden from her mouth. She could no longer fight as death cooed in her ears. The fire like pain ripping through her body left her breathless, so much so that Bella found herself unable to struggle. She couldn't even struggle, though it would worthless nonetheless.

A cry left her lips as Laurent leaned down to begin drinking again and despite the pain she felt a sudden release of sweet bliss. No more remembering how empty her life had become without Edward. No more pain.

Perhaps she hadn't really broken her promise to Edward after all. This death was in fact not her own doing. Instead it was all Laurent. Simply Laurent. Fading she watched as he paused to inhale the sickly-sweet stench of her blood. His eyes were glowing as she gazed up at him, an almost lover like smile flitting across his lips.

Gently he leaned forward to press his lips against her own. Giving her a taste of her own blood. A hungry snarl had him curling his lip then. Jolting her with a vivid reminder of the role he was playing in her death.

Bella whimpered then as the blood dribbled upon her face. Mixing with tear stained dirt streaking there. Grinning Laurent leaned closer, his tongue flickering out to lick the blood wetting her throat.

"Sweet Bella." He crooned, giving her a feathery kiss. "Where is your Edward now?" An involuntary cry of emotional pain slipped from her mouth. He had abandoned her. Leaving her to the fact he had so desperately wanted her to avoid.

Laurent froze, a swear so low slipping from his bared teeth that she missed it. With a quick gesture he was standing once more. His eyes wide in sudden shock. Terrified he took a less than graceful step backwards. Then another.

It was hard for Bella to concentrate with the hazing pain. Yet somehow she managed to turn her head enough to look at what was essentially scaring him. What the fuck.

Startled she whimpered, her hazy eyes desperately trying to make sense of what she was seeing. It was a bear…or rather not a bear. The creature was huge, more canine than bear. Confusion clouded her already struggling mind. Yet what else could it be, wolves did not get that large.

However, being only several feet away allowed for Bella to realize that animal did in fact resemble that of a wolf in not only shape but build as well. It was just so much larger than any normal wolf should get. There was no doubt left in her mind as it moved closer. It's thick body padding into the clearing on silent paws. It was just much larger than any normal wolf.

"Oh," she moaned as it stalked closer to Laurent. There was no doubting it was canine, not with the way it moved and looked. Yet it was hard for her mind to wrap around the concept. How could a wolf get that large? Terrified Bella watched as Laurent started to move in panic. His face setting in a look of grim horror.

Desperate she tried to move, crying out as agony filled her form. A wide wolf head whipped around then. His dark eyes landing on her in one quick motion. "Please," she whispered. Unsure who or what she was pleading to exactly. The creature seemed to understand her. The sadness lingering in its eyes was telling her something. Something important as an angry keening whine slipped from its maw.

It was then she realized Edward was whispering, speaking urgently through the hazy agony in jarring her skull."Don't move an inch," Edward ordered as a growl rumbled from its throat. Its fangs were bared and the hair upon its back began to bristle as it took aggressive steps forward. Laurent backed away toward the edge of the tree, confusing her already muddled brain. Why was Laurent leaving? Surely, he wasn't afraid of the wolf. Granted the creature was quite large but…he was a vampire. Nothing could go up against a vampire.

Another furious snarl shook the ground beneath and a startled groan of pain slipped from her cracked lips. Startled she watched as the wolf locked eyes with her once more. Reflecting further pain and anger. Stunned she started back, her hands weakly lifting to clutch at the blood seeping at her neck.

The wolf swung its head back around, turning its fury on Laurent. In that split instance the wolf was no longer alone. Amazingly two more monstrosities stepped through the trees to flank the wolf's side. The one on the right was a dark gray, while the one on the left was brown. None, however, were quite as tall or large as the first who had stepped into our meadow. That seemed not to matter to Laurent one bit. For the panic in his stance grew tenfold.

With a stroke of luck none of the creatures noticed her; for each kept their gazes locked upon the predator. Instead the stood in a snarling formation. The pelts along their bodies bristling in anger as sharp teeth bared angrily at Laurent. It was more than intimidating to see each of the furiously snarling. These creatures were huge, the size of a house at best. The thick rippling muscles and teeth had Bella shuddering. Pain flaring in her chest at the small movement. Those dagger like fangs were long, thick and sharp. Almost the length of a small knife and probably just as deadly.

As if that were not enough, two more wolves suddenly stepped forth. Forming a V like shape around the two of them, reminding her distinctly of the way geese flew in their own formation. Which allowed for the last monster, a russet colored beast, to pad forward only mere inches from her aching frame.

Startled she jerked back in surprise, gasping as pain rippled through her chest. With a desperate type of fear Bella cried out as she tried to pull herself farther away from the animals. Yet no matter the effort she couldn't manage to put any distance between them. Instead all she could do was watch as each stalked forward. Closer and closer to the terrified Laurent.

Laurent stood frozen, staring at the large pack of behemoth wolves in absolute shock and fear. Confused Bella watched as Laurent suddenly took off. Disappearing within a matter of seconds, leaving her lying here to die in pain. Or rather…once the damn wolves took a bite out of her.

And if that wasn't enough the wolves were after him in a matter of seconds, leaping and bounding across the open meadow with alarming swiftness. Pale hands flew up to cover her aching ears as their snarls, howls and snapping teeth echoed loudly through the open clearly. But as suddenly as the noise had begun it was soon gone. The wolves had disappeared almost as quickly as Laurent had. They were all gone.

She crumpled then, whimpering in agony as she weakly wrapped her arms around herself. The fire was starting to spread faster now. More swift as she tried to rock back and forth. This was too much. There was absolutely no way she was going to survive this. It was akin to having one's heart ripped out, torn brutally and furiously from her body.

She couldn't even drag air into her lungs, even that small action sent sharp needles flickering across her skin. What was she supposed to do now? Was she going to die here? Or would she become a vampire?

Terrified she screamed as her own fingers began digging into flesh. Mere seconds passed but it felt like hours before she could stop the noise. She couldn't scream. It would draw the wolves back to her.

The wolves! Oh god she needed to move…to hide from the furious creatures. If anything she didn't want to die. The pain was devastating yes, agonizing as she panted and gasped.

It was on the cusp of this thought that her torment seemed to escalate to torture. A scream tearing from her throat as her little body contorted. Gagging she clawed with fearful desperation as the bloody earth. Swiping angrily at her already ravaged throat as her brown eyes rolled to the back of her head.

So much pain, overwhelming, it was darkening her thought process. Bella couldn't think anymore. Another scream tore at her throat but surprisingly she was able to hold everything back. Sharp teeth bit down onto her ravaged lip, tearing it open further. Surprisingly the taste of her own blood brought more pain echoing down her throat.

She had to stay silent, very silent. She couldn't let those damn creatures find her. Even if she was already on her way to deaths door. An instinctual need to protect herself was flaring. Despite the fact that death seemed ideal with its alluring darkness. To feel that sweet bliss death gave to a person. No fear of the unknown...after all what could be more terrifying than this?

Besides a world without Edward was inconceivable and yet…if she could become a vampire would he want her? Possible. That was the possibility of forever. Terrified she drew forth the last ounce of strength she could muster.

In this determination to move she found herself panting and crying out as her dug into the forest floor. Pulling herself up so she could crawl. It was almost impossible to move, with the fire eating away at everything. One slow lick at a time.

Terrified she couldn't stop herself from crying out, even though the need to be silent was so very fierce. She needed to hear past the screaming and sobbing, to know if the wolves were heading back this way. Yet she simply could not stop.

So she drug herself, one painful clawing motion at a time. Like a wounded dying animal she tore a the bloodied dirt. Her tears mingling with the blood dribbling rapidly down her throat and chest. Soaking the already ruined shirt.

Edward's name ran through her skull, urging her forward. She was doing this for him. She wasn't going to die out here in the forest. She was going to survive if not for herself than at least for someone she loved.

Bella cried then as her aching body came to a final halt. There was no energy left, for she could move no longer. Instead the emotional and physical toll upon her body had her crying fiercely. Blood and tears mingling together in a sickening mixture. Desperate her fingers released the earth to reach out and grip the tree beside her.

She had no energy to pull herself up. Instead she let herself crumple and roll to the ground, staring at the canopy of trees in defeat. Instead she rolled to the side, half way atop a dead dear. The stench of rotting flesh barely flickered across her conscious, allowing for an understanding on why she could miss such a thing. For it hardly registered around the pain that remained so very dominant.

Yet…she remembered something. Something that Edward had told her once about Carlisle.

"Carlisle knew what his father would do. The bodies would be burned- anything infected by the monster would be destroyed. Carlisle acted instinctively to save his own life. He crawled away from the alley while the mob followed the fiend and his victim. He hid in a cellar, buried himself in rotting potatoes for three days. It's a miracle he was able to keep silent, to stay undiscovered. It was over then, and he realized what he had become."

She could see the picture vividly within her mind. A picture of a ravaged, dying and agonized Carlisle moving to hide himself away from those he knew would murder him. Sickened Bella flicked her gaze to the deer carcass, flinching when she realized what she was about to do. Yet it was the only way. Even now she could hear the sound of the wolves howling in the distance….searching.

In that next instant Bella moved without thinking. Gasping while she painfully pulled herself beneath the rotting flesh. She didn't want to think about what would happen if the wolves sniffed out her trail, if they truly wanted to find her. Instead she let the dead surround her, covering her and protecting her from the creatures.

Deliberately, while fighting the reflex reaction to howl out in pain, she dug her stained teeth into the dead flesh. Before now she would have gagged, now though, now she couldn't even taste the flesh as it filled her mouth. Not even the putrid stench could detract from her determination. She was going to fight. To survive as Carlisle had. There was absolutely no way that Laurent was going to win in this.

The pain was slowly overwhelming though….pushing through the ever present determination. She was unable to stop the torrent of tears that mingled with the decaying flesh and fur filling her mouth. She fought not to cry out, to rage as the pain slashed repeatedly through her rapidly depleting body. She had three days of this. Three days to lie here and contemplate how very much she wanted to be dead. No!

No, she couldn't think like that. If she did than it was giving up. She had already chosen to fight for life. Even if she couldn't have Edward or even her own father in the end.

Bella buried her cry in dead flesh, barely tasting the creature upon her tongue. She wouldn't let herself give in, so she remained where she was. With teeth buried deep in the flesh of the dear. Her fingers gripping the carcass as her eyes squeezed shut. Each new spasm that wracked her body left Bella feeling weaker and weaker. Yet she refused to lose consciousness. Instead she remained alert, even as time seemingly passed.

There were no moments of peace as she felt herself dying. The fire that blazed through spread slowly, and then faster. Spreading across her entire body before simply consuming. That didn't give any relief though. No…rather it merely added to the pain.

It was almost worse, with each shuddering beat of her heart. How the venom simply spread through each vein, and through each artery. She knew what it was doing, and somehow this had a calming effect. To be unaware, or left in the dark while something like this was occurring was simply too horrible to comprehend.

Even with the fogged brain it was relief to know she was becoming a vampire…a lone vampire that was bound to live the rest of her days alone. For though she had already discovered her coven, and they didn't want her.

Saddened Bella tried desperately to think of anything else. Anything besides the horrible pain and the emotional agony that raged forth. Horrified she muffled a scream that torn from her throat. Even though she wasn't sure quite how long it had been since the wolves had chased after Laurent she didn't want to take any chances.

It could have been moments…. minutes or even hours. Time passing was not something she seemingly noticed. Instead she was only aware of the sound of her own beating heart, the swoosh of blood as the venom spread so very slowly.

Bella simply couldn't judge how long she lay beneath that deer; simply waiting for death. In the beginning, she had wanted to survive, to fight another day. Now she wasn't so sure and with lucid thoughts getting harder to produce all she could remember was pain. Pain, pain, pain, pain. It dominated her, took her over as she remained eerily still beneath the animal. No longer did she need to keep such a determined hold on the creature. Her teeth no longer dug into flesh. Instead she lay panting, crying out and whimpering softly as her life began to fade.

Weakly she dropped her hand to the grass and dirt, reveling in the feeling of soft blades upon her hands. It seemed she was going to die after all. She hadn't failed. Not really for in truth her fate had already been chosen.

She wasn't to blame, Bella realized as she cried out for death to take her. What was the point of living as a vampire anyways? She didn't want it if Edward couldn't be there beside her. For if he didn't want her then she didn't want it herself.

So, she was ready. Bella called out for death, begged it to take her as the pain simply continued. Yet no matter how much she cried or pleaded it seemed death wouldn't have any mercy on her.

So she simply faded in and out of consciousness. Letting the darkness, the inky depths of a cold world surround her. The pain was beginning to wane off now, very slowly…. hardly noticeable. But enough so that she was starting to become more aware. Giving her the ability to determine that her time was almost through.

Had death finally headed her call? Was she finally ready to slip from the world and leave it behind?

No that wasn't what was happening. Bella felt a flicker of fear as her eyes flickered open. The residual sharp pain was a mere flicker now. A very weak flicker, hardly even noticeable.

Still she remained perfectly still. Surprised to say the least.

Bella wasn't dead…. no.

She was alive.

Alive and a vampire.

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