Ch 1 an unforgivable act of revenge

As goku stood on the cliff and watched gohan fight cell he felt a twinge of shame make its way threw his heart, he had sent his 11 year old son into a fight to the death. He had betrayed the promise that he made to gohan when he was born, that he would never put him in harms way, that he would never make him fight if he didn't want to. In the matter of less than an hour he had broken his promise and it killed him inside. He wanted to keep telling himself that it was the right thing to do, that the extra year in the ROSAT would have been wasted, that he wouldn't have gotten anything out of it, but he would be lying to himself. He way an easy way out and he took it, he was no better than cell or any of the other villains he had fought.

As he watched cell tell gohan that he was going to blow himself up he realized that his chance at redemption was at hand, he would sacrifice himself at take out cell in the process and everything would be ok, this is how he would make it up to him.

Cell came back and killed trunks and almost killed vegeta when he went crazy and tried to kill, destroy cell for what he did to trunks, but was saved by gohan although it cost him his arm in the process.

In the end cell was destroyed by a combination attack from all of the warriors on the battle field, but gohan had done the most work and they gave him all the credit, after all if he hadn't transformed they would all be dead.

In the afterlife things weren't going as goku had hoped they would, sure cell was destroyed in the end but that wasn't the end of it. It seemed that the grand kai was furious that a mortal had killed on of the kais, and by furious I mean he was demanding someone pay for what was done.

He knew it was a mistake that cause the death of the grand kai but it was the principal of it all, at least to him anyways. The truth was he held a deep seeded hate for the saiyans that went back a couple thousand years, and he saw a chance to take out some of his anger on one of there race and he wasn't going to let the chance slip by, he just had to make sure those higher up didn't find out what he was doing.

The consequences for what he was doing would result in the worst punishment of all, he would be stripped of his otherworldy powers and then cast into the deepest part of hell known and the abyss, it was a place of pure terror and only a hand full of people or beings ever went there. He just had to be careful with what he planned to do.

" son goku it has come to my attention that you have killed the kai of the north known as king kai, is that true"

Goku looked straight at the grand kai and answered him, there was no fear in his eyes, " yes sir that is true, his planet was the first that came to mind and I only had a few seconds to transport the creature know as cell away from the planet earth or he would have killed billions, it was a move that had to be made"

" yes but this move wouldn't have happened if your son, what's his name again" kind kai told him what is was, " oh right gohan, if your son gohan wouldn't finished him off when he had the chance, am I correct" grand kai asked with a gleam in his eyes, he saw a chance to kill two birds with one stone.

Goku could sense where this was headed and grew angry, " yes that's true but he's an 11 year old boy, he shouldn't have had to fight in the first place but there wasn't anyone else who had a chance of winning, he made a mistake, you cant possibly be thinking about doing anything to him, it was my fault that king kai is dead, not his" by the time goku was finished he was yelling at the top of his lungs and was beginning to turn super saiyan, what the grand kai was doing sent such a rage through him that he was ready to explode.

" no listen here saiyan you don't yell in the palace of the kais do you hear me, I am the grand kai you show me the respect that I deserve. Now where was I, oh yes, one second." He closed his eyes and began to concentrate.

On the lookout everybody had just gathered to call the dragon shenlong when gohan let out a startled gasp, everybody looked at him to see what was wrong and saw that he was beginning to fade in and out, before he completely disappeared. Chi chi who had just arrived a few seconds earlier fainted right into th waiting arms of yamcha.

Vegeta the only one not in a state of shock, said the one thing on everyones mind, well kind of, " what the fuck just happened.".

Back at the palace goku was looking at the grand kai and wondering what he was doing when he felt a powerful energy signature appear right beside him, one that he recognized immediately, " gohan what are you doing here" he asked confused.

" I brought him here" the grand kai said opening up his eyes, " he should be here for this, since this concerns him as well"

Now goku was angry.

" but he didn't do anything it was my fault, why cant you understand that, he's innocent" goku was beyond angry now, this was no way to repay them for all they had done for the universe.

" dad whats going on" gohan asked confused and a little scared, after all if he was here with his dad that meant he was dead right, " am I dead, how did I die".

Goku could sense and see the fear within gohan and at that moment wanted nothing more than to rip the grand kai apart, this was a child, an innocent, he didn't deserve to be here.

" no your not dead young gohan you are at the kai palace to be judged for what you have done, or should I say for what your actions have done" grand kai stated before goku could open his mouth.

" what are you talking about sir, I didn't do anything" gohan asked fearfully, he was beyond scared now, what could he have done that was so bad to he ended up here.

" you son gohan are charged with the indirect death of the one known as the north kai, or king kai. Although you didn't kill him with your own hands you actions are what lead to his death, if you would have killed the creature known as cell when you had the chance you and your father would not be here and king kai would still be alive" the grand kai was smiling like a cat in the inside but on the outside he was cool and collected.

Gohan didn't know what to think, he was being punished for a mistake that he had caused in a moment of anger, well extreme fury was more like it, still it was a mistake. Couldn't they see that, couldn't they see that at the time he thought he was doing what he thought was right. Tears began pouring down his face as he started to realize what was happening.

Goku could only stand there as he watched gohan fall apart right before his eyes, this just wasn't fair, how could one of the supreme beings of the universe be so cruel to want to punish a child for something that he didn't do, the universe was really fucked up, he saw that now.

" what is wrong with you" a voice called out, it was kind kai. " this child is no more responsible for my death than vengatu was for what happened to kiri" king kai knew why this was happening and he didn't approve.

" yes but in both cases they could have prevented what happened" the grand kai said with a sneer. " now on to the judging. I hear by send one son gohan to hell for a period of two cycles( seven years) and one son goku to a half a cycle ( about a year and three quarters) to cleaning snake way".

"WHAT" goku screamed this wasn't fair, it was down right crazy. He was going to send his son to hell for seven years for something that was out of his control, he didn't care what happened to him, he knew he deserved it and more, so much more, but is son didn't. " send me to hell and make him clean snake way, please don't do this to him, please" goku was crying when he was finished, the universe was really fucked up.

Gohan dropped to his knees when he heard what his punishment was, how could he survive in hell for two cycles, whatever that was. This wasn't fair, how could he have know that cell would blow himself up, if he knew that he would have killed cell right away, and now he was being punished for his mistake. He couldn't help it, more and more tears started coming down his face, he just let it all out.

King kai looked over at goku and gohan, both were falling apart, he didn't want this. Sure he was mad that he was killed and that his planet was blown up but all he had to do was contact the supreme kai and he could give him his life back, and in that moment he knew what he had to do. He put two fingers to his head and disappeared.

The grand kai looked over just in time to see king kai and shrugged.

" son gohan, may you survive in hell and some day be forgiven for what you have done" grand kai said. Gohan looked up at the grand kai with nothing short of malice, a look that caught the grand kai by surprise, but he ignored it. " say hello to all your past buddies for me" he said with a smirk.

One second gohan was there and the next he was gone, goku didn't even have time to protest he was just gone. Goku continued to look at that spot for a few more seconds before he snapped, his power went up and in an instant he was a super saiyan, but his power didn't stop there it kept going up and after what seemed like an eternity he transformed again into a super saiyan two, his eyes on the grand kai and showing nothing but pure hatred.

The grand kai couldn't help but stare at goku with fear, he had pushed him over the edge and it looked like he would pay for it.

Goku charged at the grand kai with a cry and just before he reached him he was thrown back where he came from and returned to normal. He looked at himself confused, what just happened. Then he looked up at the grand kai and could only stare in wonder, where he was a moment before stood one angel dressed in white and about seven feet tall and next to him stood a figure dressed in all black with black wings. The angel in white held a wicked looking sword and the angel in black held what looked like axe a really wicked looking axe at that.

Next to those two stood two other figures, one was a purple guy about 4 foot 9 maybe five foot, and next to him stood a blood red guy with white hair that stood about six foot eight, they both wore the same goofy looking clothes.