Chapter1: Meet the Legend prt.1

Lady looked up at the grey sky. The falling rain had begun to cease. She'd been making her way to a very familiar building known as Devil May Cry. Her motorcycle had been wrecked on a mission earlier so she was traveling on foot. It'd been five years since she'd met the sons of the legendary Sparda. The day she had vowed vengeance on her father, and every demon that there was. Her partnership with Dante, had been for a few weeks after Temen-ni-gru. Since then, they'd split up, and met up only once a month or so. But, every time it was all mostly business. Killing demons, dividing the pay, and other sorts of odd jobs.

Of course, they'd go out to hang out to or bar or perhaps a restaurant after a casual mission, but then I'd be nothing special. Though they'd been mistaken as a couple before, mainly by the elderly, but they just weren't. Friends, companions, partners that's all there ever was. At last she'd been in the front door of Dante's shop. Never bothering to knock, Lady just simply opened the door and entered. She found the same place in disorder, loud music playing, and much squalor in the half-demon's office. She turned her head and took in the sight of the younger son of Sparda clad in red. He was holding the telephone to his ear, and held a slice of pizza, his favorite dish, in his other hand. The other thing that he always wore, besides his red coat, was that cocky grin that is lips formed.

Lady regarded him contemplatively. Even though he'd helped her since they'd met in the tower, she still felt like trying to kick his half-demon ass again. She had a competitive edge on her always, maybe that's why she hadn't always liked him. He killed demons, just like her, despite him being the moiety of that darker existence himself. Though she'd always be there on a mission with or without him. She'd fight until the end. After confirming that the potential client did not have the required password, Dante hung up the telephone, and finally turned his attention to the bi-colored-eyed slayer before him. "So, what's up, babe?"he spoke.

Lady hastily fished out a folded piece of from her pocket. She unfolded the slip of paper, and handed it to the silvered-haired man. Taking the slip of paper from the dark-haired woman, Dante examined it briefly."So what's this auction about?" Lady took back the paper and flipped it show show Dante the image on it. "It's a part of the Demon amulet like yours...sort of.." Dante remained silent momentarily, as he turned to face away Lady. "Another boring thing. Gotta outbid everybody there?", uttered the demon slayer callously. He went back and sat down on his chair. "I'm sure you could handle this on your own. "So you're not accepting?" "On your own Lady." Enraged, Lady stormed out of Devil May Cry, and into the streets, furious at Dante.

She'd only had a couple of pistols tucked into her boots, and out pure rashness Lady ran up to the location herself. There were just avaricious, hedonists after all. She doubted that there would be more than one or two demons over. She'd found the place. The place appeared to be some abandoned warehouse. She kicked open the door, and found a man lying on the ground in a pool of blood. The observed the corpse, turning it over to find the ghastly expression on the man's face, twisted in terror. Judging from the wounds, sharp claws had torn into this man. The demons were there already.

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