The Adventures of Red

Well, this will be based off of the first generation Pokemon games, NOT the show. I'm sure that these are plentiful in this section, but I plan to change the story later on to stop it from being an exact novelization of the game. (As you'll see, there are even some minor changes in this chapter.) Although it starts out pretty similar to the games, I'm going to include many of my own plot elements, and even borrow one or two interesting story arcs from the anime.

...And yes, I know that Red and Blue are lame names, but I figured that making them Ash and Gary would cause a mental relation to the anime (at least it did for me). Anyways, without further ado, enjoy the first chapter of The Adventures of Red! (If anyone can come up with a better title, I'd appreciate it.)

Chapter 1

Red's alarm clock went off and the he sprung out of bed. Ordinarily, he would have put it on snooze and slept for another 3 hours, but not today. Today was a very important day, and not only because it was his birthday. Red was a 13-year-old boy who lived in the small little town called Pallet on a southern peninsula in the Kanto region of the world. He had always wanted to become a Pokemon trainer ever since he was little and the agreement he made with his mother was that he could be when he turned 13. He got dressed, grabbed his yellow backpack (he packed it the night before), put his cap on over his brown hair, said his goodbyes to his tearful mother ("If only your father could see you now...") and left his house Red was so excited, he set off at a run towards the exit of the town. When he reached the way out, he heard a voice behind him.

"Hey, Red! Where are you going, you idiot?"

Red halted in his tracks. He knew that voice; it belonged to Blue Oak, a boy his age who was also his rival. "What do you want, Blue?" He asked.

"I'm trying to figure out what you were doing." Blue sneered. "Were you stupid enough to try to leave town without a Pokemon to protect you? Don't you remember when that flock of Spearows attacked you?"

"Sh-shut up!" Red yelled back, flustered. "That was years ago, and it was you who tricked me into going out there alone!"

Blue snickered. "Oh yeah, man, that was funny." Red clenched his fists. "Anyways," Blue continued, "I was looking for you. Gramps won't give me my Pokemon until you're there to get one too!"

Blue's grandfather was Professor Oak, a world renowned Pokemon expert who was much nicer to Red than Blue was. He had promised the two boys Pokemon to start their respective journeys with.

The two walked to Professor Oak's lab in silence. Blue was better than Red in everything the two ever competed in, which Red resented. Because of this, the two had never developed a friendship and only talked when one wanted to degrade the other.

When they entered the lab, which was filled with many scientists and strange machines, Professor Oak greeted them. "Ah, Blue. I see you found Red."

"Yeah, the idiot was so eager he tried to leave without his Pokemon." Blue laughed.

"Stop calling me an idiot!" Red shouted.

"It's better than 'Red!' What kind of name is that?" Blue mocked.

"At least it is one! Who's ever heard of anyone named 'Blue?'" Red retorted.

That shut Blue up. It always did.

"Stop it, you two!" Professor Oak said reproachfully. "You two need to pick your Pokemon." He gestured to the table in which three red and white balls lay on. They were Pokeballs, used to capture and store Pokemon in a state of suspended animation. They were pretty clever technology. "There are three different ones to choose from. The first, is Bulbasaur." He pointed to a picture near the Pokeball which showed a small blue four-legged dinosaur that had a green plant bud growing from its back. "It is a plant type Pokemon that has a plant on its back that grows as it matures. Next is Squirtle."He gestured to a picture of a blue turtle with a dark orange shell. "It's a water type. Finally, is Charmander." He pointed to a picture of a small orange lizard with a flaming tail. "As it grows, the fire on its tail does too. It's, obviously, a fire type. Now, Red, I'll let you choose one first."

"What?" Blue yelled. "But I'm your grandson! Why can't I pick first?" He paused. "What if he takes the Bulbasaur?"

"Shush, Blue." Professor Oak said. "You'll get your turn."

Red paced back and forth and looked at the pictures. He ruled out the Squirtle first. It just didn't seem very interesting to him. However, it was a much harder choice between the Charmander and the Bulbasaur. At first, he wanted the Charmander since fire seemed to be the most powerful element of the three. However, fire types were generally known as hard to control. Plus, Blue really seemed to want the Bulbasaur... "I'll take the Bulbasaur!" Red said, grabbing the Pokeball and smirking at Blue.

Blue acted without hesitation. "I want the Charmander." He grabbed the ball and threw it. "Go! Charmander!" When it his the ground, the ball opened and a Charmander just like the one in the picture popped out. "And now, Red, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" It was common for Pokemon trainers to have their Pokemon fight for money. Of course, it wasn't to the death. Just until all of one person's Pokemon fainted.

Red definitely wasn't going to turn down a challenge by Blue, so he threw his Pokeball. "Go Bulbasaur!" The plant Pokemon appeared. "Tackle that Charmander!" He commanded and the Bulbasaur obeyed, striking the lizard.

Blue laughed. "You walked right into my trap! I always wanted the Charmander, but I figured you might too. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist taking the Bulbasaur if I made it look like I wanted it! Now you're stuck with a stupid plant type, while I've got me a powerful fire type! Oh, and do you know what's else? Plant types are weak against fire! Charmander, use Ember now!" The lizard only eyed Blue with a confused look on its face. Blue gasped. "Are you kidding me? The Charmander can't even use Ember yet? That's the weakest fire move! Fine then! Charmander, use Scratch!"

"Stop this instant!" Professor Oak yelled. "When you've left town, you can battle as much as you want, but I won't allow it here!"

"Fine." Blue grumbled, but he looked a little relieved. "Charmander, return." He said, and it returned to its Pokeball.

"But I was winning!" Red protested as he too, called back his Pokemon.

"There will be no fighting here." Professor Oak said sternly. "Now, before the two of you leave, I'd like you two to take these." He handed each of them ten Pokeballs. "Use these to capture wild Pokemon. Oh, and don't forget these." He gave each of them a small electronic device. "It's called a Pokedex. It's an electronic encyclopedia that will provide you with information on Pokemon you encounter. Also, although there is information on over 100 different kinds of Pokemon stored in it, it will allow you to add to it. It's been my dream to create an encyclopedia for all of the Pokemon in existence, so if you encounter one that isn't recorded in it, I'd appreciate it if you could try to capture it and help me add to the Pokedex."

Red smiled. "Sure thing, Professor."

Blue smirked. "Got it, Gramps! Well, smell ya later, Red!' And with that, Blue marched out.

Red set off after him. "I'm not going to let you get ahead this early on!"

"Those two..." Professor Oak sighed. "I wish they'd stop that constant rivalry of theirs."

Wow. I never thought I'd be writing in the Pokemon section. Sure, I liked it when I was younger, but that was because I liked the anime. Once my interest in that faded, I didn't give it another chance. Then, just recently, I wanted some nostalgia so I got myself a cheap copy of FireRed version and I'm really enjoying it. I'd completely forgotten how fun the games were because I let my dislike of the show blind me!

Well, with that fun little mini-rant out of the way, I'd like to ask all of you to review! Oh, and if there are any plot ideas that you'd like to see, suggest them and I'll see what I can do (no promises, though)! Next chapter: Viridian City!