The Adventures of Red

Chapter 4

Red looked at the daunting cave before him. When Brock said he'd have to travel through Mt. Moon, Red didn't realize that he meant it literally! "Well, I'd better get going." It was still early in the day, but Red didn't know how long the path through the caves would take.

As soon as he stepped inside, Red was met with his first challenge: a blue bat-like Pokemon flew at him! Red instantly recognized it as a Zubat, and he knew it would try to suck his blood. Red got over his shock quickly and grabbed a Pokeball. "Go, Pidgey! Now, use Gust!" The Pidgey flapped its wings, creating a wind and knocking back the Zubat. It flew away, obviously wanting to avoid trouble. "Aww man!" Red grumbled. He had been hoping to catch one.

Red looked around and saw that the cave must've been a frequently traveled route, because there were lights and signs everywhere. However, everything seemed deserted at the moment. Red stopped in his tracks when he saw a small pink Pokemon in front of him. "No way! A Clefairy! They're so rare!" The museum had been useless, but Red was sure that Professor Oak would appreciate being able to study a real live Clefairy! Oddly, this Clefairy had a patch of white on its head. Red smirked. Blue may have caught a Pokemon first, Blue may have gotten a gym badge first, but Red highly doubted that he had run into a Clefairy! The Clefairy heard his voice and began to flee, but Red gave chase. "Not so fast! Go, Pidgey!" He released the bird Pokemon. "Tackle!" The Pidgey obeyed and struck the Clefairy with its body. The rare Pokemon stumbled and continued to run. "Pidgey, use Sand-Attack!" The Pidgey picked dirt off of the cave floor and flung it into the Clefairy's eyes. "Perfect, now it's blinded! Pidgey, use Gust!" The wind that the Pidgey created knocked the blinded Clefairy off of it's feet. "There, it should be weak enough now!" Red yelled, reaching for an empty Pokeball. Suddenly, another Pokeball flew out of nowhere and struck the Clefairy. It was pulled inside and the ball shook as it tried to escape, but soon it gave up and was captured.

Red was furious. "BLUE! Stop doing that!" He turned to see the culprit, and was surprised to see that it wasn't Blue. It was a sinister looking man who appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties. He was wearing all black, except for a large red R on his shirt. "Wait... who are you, and why did you take that Clefairy from me? Catch your own!"

The man smirked. "Why, I believe I did catch it."

Red clenched his fists. "I did all the work weakening it!"

"Listen, kid." The man said, picking up the Pokeball that contained the Clefairy. "Clefairys make a killing on the black market, and this one will be worth even more with that odd white patch on its head. You wouldn't know what to do with a valuable Pokemon like this anyway."

Red gasped in indignation. "You sell them?"

The man continued. "You're just lucky that that Pidgey of yours is so weak and common, or I might have to take it too" He pointed to Red's Pidgey, which was perched on Red's shoulder. The man started to leave.

"PIDGEY, USE SAND-ATTACK" Red yelled and the Pidgey blinded the man in black. Red was angry. "How could you just sell Pokemon like they're tools?"

"You're so naive." The man growled, wiping the dirt from his eyes. "And now that you've made me mad, I guess I'll teach you a lesson! Go, Ratatta!" He threw a Pokeball releasing a small purple rat. "Ratatta, use Quick Attack!" He growled, and the Ratatta tackled the Pidgey so fast it couldn't react, knocking it back.

"It's okay, Pidgey, use Peck!" Red commanded and the Pidgey pecked the Ratatta with its sharp beak. The Ratatta cried out in pain at the wound, but its trainer didn't seem to care.

"Stop whining and bite that Pidgey!" The man in black commanded. The Ratatta stuggled to its feet and jumped at the Pidgey.

"Pidgey, use Quick Attack!" Red yelled and the Pidgey dodged the Ratatta's attack and struck at it.

The rat fell back, barely able to move. The trainer didn't like this one bit. "Get up you weakling!" He yelled at it. "Attack that Pidgey!" The unfortunate Ratatta tried to stand and fainted from the strain. "Useless..." The man growled, withdrawing it. "Take this, twerp! Go Zubat! Don't screw up like that Ratatta did!" The trainer yelled at it.

Red was shaking with indignation. "How can you be so careless to your Pokemon?" He yelled at the trainer. "You should respect them!"

"Shut up, whelp!" The man responded. "You're too soft to understand how Pokemon training should be done! Now, Zubat, use Supersonic!" The Zubat opened its mouth and a loud shriek came out of it. The Pidgey seemed to be confused and its flight patterns started to become erratic.

"Try and shake it off, Pidgey!" Red suggested. "Use Peck!" The Pidgey flew towards the Zubat, but it didn't really seem aware of what it was doing. The man took full advantage of this.

"Zubat, use Leech Life!" The man yelled and the bat Pokemon flew agilely over to the Pidgey and sank its fangs into the Pidgey's neck!

"Pidgey!" Red yelled as the Pidgey screeched in pain. The Zubat seemed to be sucking its blood, and the Pidgey was too confused to fight its way out. "Pidgey, return!" Red yelled, withdrawing it. "Go, Bulbasaur!" Red yelled, sending out his started Pokemon.

The man was impressed. "Interesting, you have a Bulbasaur. They're pretty rare."

"Not a chance!" Red yelled. "You're not gonna touch my Pokemon! Now Bulbasaur, use Sleep Powder!" He wanted to avoid harming the enemy trainer's unfortunate Pokemon. The Bulbasaur released a green powder from the bulb on its back, and as soon as the Zubat breathed it in, it fell asleep.

The man clenched his teeth and withdrew the Zubat. "Fine, then! Take this! Go, Voltorb!" He sent out a Pokemon that looked like a Pokeball, except that it had two eyes.

Red looked it up in his Pokedex and saw that it was an electric type. "Heh. Do you think an electric Pokemon will be able to beat a Bulbasaur?" He asked. "Grass Pokemon are resistant to electricity.

The man smirked. "True, but I'm not trying to win now. Voltorb, use Self-Destruct! Don't mess with Team Rocket, kid!"

Red gasped. "What? You can't-" But it was too late, the Voltorb began to glow... "Bulbasaur, return!" Red said, withdrawing his Pokemon and starting to run. In seconds, there was a large explosion back where the Voltorb had been, and when the smoke cleared, the man was gone. Red couldn't believe it. The man had commanded his Pokemon to blow itself up to provide a distraction to escape. Not only that, but he escaped with the odd Clefairy. What kind of people are in Team Rocket? Red thought in sadness at the captured Pokemon. "There's no way I'll ever treat my Pokemon like that!" Red resolved as he continued into the cave.

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