Title: With These Two Eyes

Summary[JumpMan If you had all of time what would you look for? Theo/Jules

Disclaimer: The JumpMan series belongs to James Valentine, Not me. If you get the chance pick up this awesome look into time travelling.

Notes: I really wish there was more to the Jump Man fandom. This fic is nothing like I intended it to be, oh well. Beta'd by Bride-Of-Lister

Words: 120

Theo was what one could describe as well travelled.

He had seen the rise of the great pyramids and had watched as the last whale was killed in the name of science.

He had been present for the opening night of Hamlet and had witnessed the creation of fire.

He had watched as the Renaissance brought forth the light of knowledge from the darkness of the middle ages.

He had seen the meteor that wiped out dinosaurs as it crashed into the earth and had wandered through the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

But for all the wonders he had seen nothing was worth watching more than a school yard in early 3 Mill, because that's where Theo knew he would always be able to find Jules.