Okeydokey. This is my first AGATB fic, so bear with me. I tried to do a topic that I haven't read about. I'd love to do a modern one, but I don't want to copy anybody. Anyways, here it is. I hope it's okay, and I know it's rediculously short. Sorry.

Fighting the Madness

The Doctors say that I am feverish. The part, the tiny sliver of me that is not occupied with keeping Circe away would really very much like to say, Well, I'd imagine you'd be a tad bit feverish too if you'd been fighting with your whole being to keep away the most evil being since the Great War in the realms.

But I have hardly the energy to think it, much less say it.

I can feel her scratching at the edges of my conscience, like mice in a cellar or starving dogs at a butcher's door. Sadly, I can run away from mice or dogs. I cannot run away from her.

She is like a nagging stomachache, never satisfied, never suppressed. She is always there, no matter how hard I try to push her out. It had first cost me my sanity. I fear that it shall cost me my life before I can say what I must.

Lady Hope cannot understand what I have told her. I must tell her all, and I must do so soon. I know that there is only so long that I can hold on.

The scratching in the corners of my mind grows stronger. I focus, with all the might left in me, on the vision of a brick wall. I must form a wall around my mind. I must. I must.

I rock back and forth with the effort. I can no longer see the droll surroundings that are reality. All I know is the wall that I am fighting to build, and the shadow that threatens to tear it down.

At last, after what seems an eternity, The blackness fades until there is nothing there. No white, no black, nothing. I wonder what is happening.

Is this death? If it is, it is a most peculiar sensation. I cannot pretend to be untroubled. When you die, you go to the realms. That is how it is. That is how it always is. So why am I seemingly floating in decided nothingness?

"Miss Hawkins? Nell?"

I know that voice.

My eyes fly open and suddenly, everything is back. My hospital room is just the way it always was, and Lady Hope is sitting there again.

I must tell her. I must. But I can't. My mouth will not form the words. It is not the time.

"Nell, I need to know what you know about the realms."

I flap my head back and forth. How can I make her understand? I'm trying to tell her. I'm trying!

"Lady Hope," I whisper, rocking back and forth again. "You will know tonight. I will tell you tonight. Beware of Beauty, beware, beware!"

Lady Hope nods. I can tell she is disappointed. I have tried. She gets up to leave, promising to come back tonight.

I watch her leave before I feel the darkness scratching at my conscience once more.

Okeydokey. A bit interesting to write, I thought. And I always thought Nell was creepy, especially when she killed the bird, but hey. What kind of writer are you if you don't step into another's shoes?

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