Okay I'm going to try to pick up my stories because its summer. So here it is another chapter of highway to hell!

Naruto pov

Okay who let a pedophile inside the school?! And why me? Why does he have to want me the cute little indifferent new student?

Okay I think he's a little too close now.


Oh I think I punched him too hard. I better run before a teacher comes out, or I could get in trouble-wait why do I care?

A while later…

Okay it is about fourth period so that means four more to go.

Hmmm I see white hair, I wonder who it belongs to.

Oh on the trail…on the trail ohmigosh its my idiot of an uncle!…in a classroom… with teenage girls! Oh my gosh who gave him this job?

I think they may be scarred forever.

Those poor girls.

Oh look who I see roaming the halls. Its chicken ass hair from before. I wonder if I look down if he will not see me.


Hmmm slammed against a locker I guess he saw me.. Damn!

"Hey what was that for before?"

"What are you talking about?"

"you didnt say hi to me"

What. The. Hell! are you serious? i dont know him!

normal pov

While our favorite little blond was considering his sanity a perv was talking.

"your cute you know that" he smirked.

Now naruto was going to go off if there is one thing he hated it was perverts. That's why he calls his unle an idiot. If only Kyuubi's doctor Tsunade was here to beat this guy up so anger management won't put him on probation.

But alas before naruto could finish his hope sasuke was on the floor and narutos leg was between his legs. A hand found itself off of the blonds rear and onto the injury.

Somewhere in the world all men winced.

Naruto ran because he knew that there would be a third unlucky streak to his day and he doesnt want it now.


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