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CHAPTER 1: The Vacation Plan

Thursday, 5:30 AM

Haruhi's POV

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock buzzed loudly on my nightstand. "Argh," I croaked as I lazily reached for the deafening clock and turned it off. I got out of bed and head to the bathroom. 'I wonder what the agenda is for today. I mean Christmas is nearing and I doubt they would be satisfied with just a small gathering. They would plan massive events and parties for sure. Talk about well-off kids wasting their money on some petty occasion – bastards.' I sighed.

I stepped out of the bathroom and went back to my room to wear my uniform. I collected my things, grabbed my packed lunch on the dining table and headed out for the door. Once outside, I stared at the sky. 'Great day today, a little cloudy, though.' I thought. I glanced at the neighborhood, feeling the peace of the early morning around me. I locked the door behind me and stalked my way to school.

The sun is slowly rising in the sky by the time I got to the front gate of the school which was eerily over decorated with Christmas lightings and bells. I glanced at my wrist watch and it read 6:27, I continued walking towards my classroom, occasionally waving at my so-called fans. When I opened the familiar door, I went out again to check if it was the RIGHT classroom and pretty much it was. Inside, the whole 'typical classroom' aura was replaced by the Christmas fever. Christmas lights were installed in every corner of the room, red and green flowers were also attached everywhere and everyone was wearing a Santa hat. As my eyes landed on my table, there, an untouched Santa hat sat idly. 'Is this even a classroom?' I was side-tracked by the whole renovation of the room and was suddenly cut short by two annoying twins who grabbed each of my arms.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu!" Kaoru began in their sing-song voice with a Santa hat messily placed on his head.

"Haruhi," Hikaru finished with the same hat on his head.

"Ohayo" I replied. "Could you two let me go, I need to put my bag down and arrange my books for the first three subjects. What's with the Santa hats anyway?" 'For Christ's sake, it's barely seven in the morning; I don't have time for this.'

"No," the twins instinctively answered, holding each of my arms tighter. 'Why do I have to suffer their pranks every day, can't I get a normal life here?' I thought.

"What's your problem?" I backfired, irritated, so much for the start of a nice day I was saying awhile ago.

"Who's problem?" They asked ignoring the anger rising in me.

"Both of you!" I said, glaring at them.

"We don't have a problem," they said in unison.

"Fine then, what do you two want?" I asked, fuming. 'The 'goodie goodie' day is totally ruined.' I finally announced to myself.

"We want you to come with us for vacation!" The twins chanted with grins on their faces.

"Don't worry-" Hikaru began, still having that grin glued in his face.

"-the other hosts-" Kaoru continued.

"-are not coming," the other finished.

I didn't have to think for an answer. "No," I automatically said.

"Why?" They said, not even startled with my harsh decline.

"I don't want to! Besides I already planned what I will do this coming December." I said trying to free myself from their hold.

"Where are you going this vacation?" They asked with curiosity.

"Nowhere, I'm spending Christmas at home!" I blurted out. 'This is getting so irritating! The bell's going to ring any time soon and I still haven't fixed my stuff for the day.' I fumed to myself.

"Eh?" Hikaru said, "How would you enjoy your vacation at your house?"

"I can enjoy my vacation by having 'peace' for a month." I took the chance to free myself when I felt their grip loosened on me and immediately ran towards my chair. I quickly arranged my books, along with the Santa hat. 'I seriously won't wear that thing.' At the corner of my eye, I saw the twins with grins on their faces.

"Haru-" Hikaru was interrupted by the bell. They glanced at each other and sat on their respective chairs, far from giving up. I sighed when I saw them exchanged glances at each other. 'They're up to something,' I said in my mind. I unconsciously gazed at the Sensei who also had a party hat on his head as he walked towards the desk, occupying myself with something else.


Tamaki's POV

"Weeeee! Haruhi and I will go to every place she wants," I said, while pointing everything to my best friend. "We're going here, here, here, here, here, and oh…there!"

"Good luck on your trip." He replied with a smirk on his face, heading to his chair.

"Yeah!" I agreed, grinning widely. I followed Kyouya and continued to babble my trip with Haruhi on the nearing Christmas vacation. "We'll also go here, here, here, oh, what's that? Well I don't care! We'll also go there!"

"Could you lower your voice because I really can't understand what you're mumbling about, wait, are you even talking to me?" He started with an annoyed tone.

"But- but-"

"Suoh!" Sensei yelled, cutting me off. I sat on my chair and continued to arrange our trip. 'I wonder if we should-? Or maybe bring-? Oh how about-? We could-!' So many thoughts flew to my head as I planned the perfect vacation with my Haruhi.


Haruhi's POV

I grabbed my Chemistry notebook and plopped it on my desk. I heard Sensei saying the topic for today - Periodic table. I stared at the board and watch him write a certain group of elements and described them as Halogens. I nodded to myself as I comprehend what he was saying and took down notes. "Halogens are..." He continued. I realized the twins kept on glancing occasionally at each other. 'What in the world are they doing?' I thought while copying notes from the board. My concentration from our discussion was divided - the first half was attentive on the discussion while the other half kept on thinking what the two idiotic twins were doing. And as the time ticked by, I concluded to myself that whatever they were doing, it was irritating.

"Now this is your homework and make sure to answer it at home," Sensei announced while distributing the handouts. He gathered his books and papers on the desk and bid us good bye as the bell rang.


Hani's POV

"Neh, Takashi. What gift do you think Haru-chan would want? How about cakes! A hundred boxes of cakes to be delivered to Haru-chan!"

"Aa," Mori nodded in reply.

"Let's ask Haru-chan later what flavors she wants!"

"Aa" he replied. "And don't forget to give her toothbrush and toothpaste as well."

"Hai," I exclaimed while waiting for the next Sensei to come in the classroom. "What do you think Usa-chan? How about chocolate coated strawberry filled mocha cake with sprinkles and cherries on top or how about 5-layered chocolate-coated chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles?" My mouth watered at the thought. "I wonder what flavor should I eat later, Black Forest sounds nice." I thought.


Haruhi's POV

I glanced at the clock, it read 12:03. 'Couple more minutes and it'll be lunch break and I doubt I won't have peace by that time, just by judging the looks of the two.' I sighed.

"Haruhi, come with us! We're eating lunch together." Kaoru said resting his arm on his brother's shoulder.

"I'm eating here, it's so noisy in the cafeteria," I stated while putting in and taking out books and notebooks from my locker.

"Please!" They both pleaded with puppy dog eye face which only Tamaki can do perfectly.

"You two aren't going to stop, are you?" I sighed.

"Nope," The twins exclaimed, giving her evil grins.

I was about to open my mouth to talk. 'No forget it. It'll just make things worse.' I thought.


Chatters kept on floating in the air, and that's why I preferred eating my packed lunch in the classroom, but here I was sitting on one of the chairs of one of the tables in the cafeteria. I glanced around the massive eatery in front of me. It was also refurbished with Christmas decors just like in the classroom. The whole place was overwhelming, yet the noise was really getting on my nerves. I opened my Algebra book and tried to tune out everything by answering some problems. 'So x squared would be the hypotenuse, then y squared plus z squared is...' I was on the verge of zoning out everything when suddenly a hand shook me violently, I snapped back to reality.

"Haruhi, come with us for vacation, please!" Kaoru pleaded while sitting on the left chair beside me and Hikaru on my right.

"No, thanks," I replied, a frown forming on my forehead. I didn't look from my Algebra book, I waited for more of their pestering but I heard none. I concluded that they gave up but I know that it wasn't like them to give up so easily, even so, I tried to engross myself with my Algebra book once again. 'Square root of twenty-five times three would be equal to the perime-'

"Please?" The two pleaded, causing me to lose my trance once again. "Argh!" I nearly shouted while giving them a what-the-heck-is-the-matter-with-you face. "I said, NO!" I repeated in a pissed off tone. 'They won't give up! Do they even give up?' I thought.

"Please?" They both exclaimed.


"Please?" They insisted.



"NO!" If nobody was in the cafeteria right now and only the three of us were here, I swear, I would have killed them.

"Please?" They said.

"FINE, FOR THE SAKE OF MY LIFE!" I clenched my teeth to avoid myself from throwing something to the so-irritating-annoying-infuriating-evil twins! Almost everyone in the cafeteria looked at me for screaming so loud.

"YES!" They both chanted giving a high-five to each other with grins on their faces. "We were right Kaoru! She won't last for a day." Hikaru snickered.

'Oh my God!' I thought while composing myself. On that very instant, I regretted the words that had spilled from my mouth. As if on cue, the bell rang, indicating the end of lunch.


"Hey, Ryou! This seatwork is not by group; don't talk to your seatmate!" Sensei demanded when he saw Ryou asking his seatmate for the answers.

'Now what? I can't think of anything to do, I've got more or less twenty minutes 'till we pass the paper and I've scanned it for three times now. Hmm, I wonder what's the most valid excuse to let me get away or should I say NOT to come with them? Ah, I know! What if I fake an illness? Nah that would be too simple, I'm sure they would even make me go to a hospital if they thought I really am sick and that would be the last thing I want to have in my Christmas vacation. Hmm, maybe visit my relatives and hide 'till they give up on searching me, but knowing them, I'm guessing they would send out a search party and cause a commotion. I can already imagine what would happen. A big 'Wanted: Haruhi' headline everywhere, in news, televisions and radios. And that's also one of the last things I want to happen in my Christmas vacation.' I shuffled on my seat, getting irritated at my failed plans. I glanced at my right to see a bored Hikaru as well. 'I wonder if he's done with the seatwork or he's just lazy to do it. Hmm, I'm getting bored, might as well start on the book I've been itching to read.' I grabbed the novel from under the table, placed it on my desk and engrossed myself in it.

"Okay, times up. All papers here on front." Sensei said. "See you next week." He dismissed us. I went to my locker to gather my things up.


Hikaru's POV

"Hey Kaoru!" I called to my other twin.

"Hey," He replied back lowly, shrugging. 'Something's wrong.' I thought to myself.

"What's the matter?" I asked, concerned. "You look like a broken-hearted teenage girl." I joked while getting all my notebooks and books and threw them in my locker, not caring on how messy it was.

"I don't know. I feel sick. I've been feeling it after I answered the dumb seatwork in our History class." He said, also throwing his notebooks and books in his locker.

"Oh well, maybe it's a too-much-info-alert syndrome!" I perched, cheering him up, though I really didn't have any idea what kind of syndrome was that.

"A what?"

"Never mind, let's go, Haruhi's leaving us!" I pointed at Haruhi who was already stalking her way to the third floor music room. We ran out of the classroom until we caught up with Haruhi and grabbed both of her arms. "Hey, don't leave us like that!" I said, tightening my hold to her left arm.

"Well it's your fault for being slow at fixing your things." She dead panned.

We pushed the giant oak doors before us and entered the room. The other members are already in, doing some arrangements for today's club.


Haruhi's POV

"Hey! Put your hands off my daughter!" I heard Tamaki wailed, pointing a finger towards the two beside me. Well unfortunately no one listened. So there he was, sulking in his corner of woe. I scanned the room before me. 'This wasn't the third music room.' I uttered to myself.

"Haru-chan, Haru-chan!" the blonde boy approached us, holding his Usa-chan on his right hand. "What flavors do you want for your 100 boxes of cake presents, do you want a strawberry three-layered cake, a strawberry cake with thick strawberry icing and strawberries on top, or a chocolate-coated chocolate filled chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate-coated cherries and chocolate syrup on top?"

I actually thought about the cake he just said and immediately gave him a 'who-in-the-world-would-want-to-eat-that' look. "Hani-senpai, I don't think I can eat that. And you don't really need to give me 100 boxes of cake presents." I said, smiling apologetically. "Thanks though, for thinking of giving me a present."

"But Haru-chan, I want to give you hundreds of cake." Hani's eyes watered in what he said.

Mori patted his cousin's back. "How about give her only one cake?"

"Okay!" Hani returned from his emotional self to his energetic mood with flowers hanging around him. Mori walked towards us and lifted me up like a child and put me down away from the twins. "What flavor do you want Haru-chan?" He approached.

"Hmm, how about your favorite cake?" I replied and thanked Mori for freeing me from the twins' hold.

"Oh, okay!" Hani thought for a while, after a few seconds his grin grew wider and more flowers hanged around him while walking away. "Neh, Takashi, how about a ten-layered strawberry cake?"

"Aa," he replied, following his cousin to their respective seats.

'I don't think that that favorite cake isn't something normal, I should have said a flavor or something' I sighed. After a few minutes, I saw the girls started to fill the room and went to their designators.

"Haru-chan, what present do you want?" a girl with a long blonde hair asked me.

'I don't really know actually. Maybe anything that would be useful?' I thought. "For me, uh, anything from your heart is nice." I tilted my head and smiled to the girls in front of me. All of them suddenly shouted kawaii.

"Haru-chan, where are you going this coming vacation?" a girl with a red pixie hair interjected.

"Uh, I'm not yet sure where I'm going…" I honestly replied. 'Come to think of it, I agreed to go to vacation with the two yet, I don't have a clue where we're going.'

"Do you like cheesecakes, Haru-chan?" the girl with the pixie hair said again.

"Hmmm, I don't really like sweet things, but I guess I'm fine with it." I said, smiling.


Kaoru's POV

"Hikaru, I really don't feel good." I mumbled. Half of me putting up the act – it was partially true anyway.

"Kaoru, are you alright? How are you feeling, do you want me to bring you to the clinic?" He said, caressing my left cheek. He looked sincerely in my eyes. The fan girls squealed and shouted.

"Nah, I think I can bear it." I replied gloomily. I looked at the floor, avoiding his gaze to give more drama in the act. The fan girls wailed and shouted again.

"Sorry ladies, forgive us for disturbing you with your hosts but I'm afraid club time's over." Tono interrupted.

'At last! I feel like throwing up any moment.' I thought. I watched the girls scrambled to their feet and wave their goodbyes and farewells to us. "Good bye ladies," Hikaru said, talking for the both of us, but even so, I still waved at them. Something made me shot up, I dashed to the restroom, barely making it to the sink and threw up everything I ate awhile ago.


Haruhi's POV

I was bewildered at Kaoru's sudden action. I got worried as I heard the familiar noise that confirmed he actually threw up. Hikaru ran after him leaving us all staring at the closed restroom door, shocked. I was debating myself if I should go in and ask whether Kaoru's fine but I thought Hikaru's enough to handle him. Besides, he's his twin after all; they understand each other more than anyone else can. I started cleaning the room, carrying the used trays and washed them up. After I'm done, I saw the other hosts fixing their stuff and getting ready to leave. I peeked in the restroom to see two same figures. One was holding the rim of the sink for support. The other was patting the other's quivering back soothingly.

"Uh, hey, are you all right?" I asked even if I knew he wasn't. Two pairs of gold eyes shot up and stared at me. "Uhm, I'm leaving, sorry for disturbing. I just want to check if Kaoru's fine." I managed to say. I turned my heel and when I was about to take a step outside the restroom a voice spoke up.

"Hey wait," Hikaru called out. I automatically spun around and gave a questioning, yet worried, look.

"Haruhi…" Kaoru started full of agony in his voice. I was thinking of telling him to visit the doctor if he was enduring that much pain, who knew what kind of illness he had caught until – "Were leaving this coming Saturday!" they both exclaimed with evil grins on their faces. I rolled my eyes at them. 'So he regained his devil self already, huh?'

I stalked out of the room leaving the twins behind me muttering something about my concerned look. "Did you see Haruhi's face? She looks so cute when she's anxious! Priceless!" I heard Hikaru prattled as I made my way to my belongings in a far corner of the room. After fixing all my stuff, I checked the room once again to see everything's neat and in order. I bid goodbye to the two idiotic twins as I made my way to the campus grounds. On my way home I looked up on the purplish-orange sky. 'The sunset never fails to amaze me. It's so beautiful, breath-taking even.' I thought.

As I walk my customary route to my apartment, something crossed my mind. 'Why did I ever agree? Where would those two take me? And what stupid excuse would I tell Ranka to allow me?' By the time I was pondering for an answer, I didn't realize I was already in front of our apartment with a banging headache. "I seriously don't know what I would tell dad, I don't even know how to start!" I said out loud.