Kate roamed the halls, looking for Erin. Pogue had asked her to ask Erin where Ian will be after school. When she'd asked why Pogue just said that they needed to talk to him. She figured it had something to do with what had happened this morning, but didn't press.

Soon she found Erin outside her dorm sitting on the floor, reading. She looked up as Kate approached her. " Oh, hi Kate."

" Hey Erin. Pogue wanted me to ask you if you know where Ian will be after school. He said that he wanted to talk to him about something."

Erin frowned. " He should be at home after he got sick today. But no he has to be outside." She sighed. " He's where he always it. At the graveyard."

" The graveyard? The graveyard?" Reid repeated for the tenth time.

Caleb rolled his eyes. " Yes Reid, the graveyard. Now shut up!"

" But why a graveyard?"

Pogue grinned. " Aww is Reid afraid he's going to see a ghost?" They laughed.

" Ha ha…no."

It was after school the same day and Caleb, Pogue, Reid, and Tyler were walking through the cemetery. It was dark out, but the moon shone from above, giving them enough light to see.

Their breath came out in clouds. It was cold out tonight. Tyler kept glancing around, expecting Chase to jump out from behind a headstone. It had only been a few days since he had gotten back from his little adventure and the memory of what his life had been like still remained fresh. He had tried to forget how his friends had acted; Caleb abused, Pogue thinking he was a bad influence, and Reid hating his guts. Once in a while when Tyler looked at them that's what he saw; strangers. But then he shoved those thoughts out. That's what Chase had wanted; to break them apart. He'd been pissed when his plan had failed and would most likely want payback.

But Chase hadn't been around and those awful feelings hadn't bothered the boy, for which he was glad. He still had nightmares about his friends being different and Chase hurting Taylor, but he never told them. They'd just worry and baby him like they always did. They had almost stopped asking him what he had found out while he was gone, but they still made fun about his face, which, to him, was better then them babying him. He still had the cut on his cheek from when he had blown up the stone, and his hands were still tender. But he ignored them like always.

Tyler rose out of his thoughts to find his brothers looking at him, concern in their eyes. " You okay Baby Boy?" Pogue asked.

" Why wouldn't I be?" Again, babying. It was nice that they cared, but sometimes they showed it too much.

" Well you just stopped walking and stood there staring at your feet." Reid put his hand on Tyler's shoulder. " Anything you wanna talk about?"

Tyler shook his head. " No. Just got a lot on my mind. It's going to take a while to get over what happened, but I'll be fine."

They nodded. " Okay, but if you ever need to talk we're for you."

" Oh, how sweet! Now could you keep it down? I come here to get away from you guys, yet here you are!"

They turned around and saw a mausoleum a couple of yards away. Sitting on top of it having a smoke was Ian McKinley. The boys moved towards him and stood at the foot of the mausoleum, gazing up at the boy.

He stared back, blowing out smoke. " So what? You guys just gonna stand there staring at me all night?"

Caleb frowned. " We just wanna talk McKinley."

" So we're on last name terms only now are we? Danvers?"

Caleb was getting frustrated. " Fine. Ian, how do you know?"

" Know what?" he replied smugly.

Reid blew a fuse. " Listen asshole! Stop doing crack long enough in your pathetic life to actually understand when someone's asking you a question!"

" Reid…" Tyler warned.

" Shut up Tyler."

Ian put out his cigarette and threw it on the ground. " What do you want me to say?" he yelled.

" We want you to tell us how you know about us. Our powers," Pogue explained.

" Ahh yes. That. Yeah I know."

Tyler was beginning to get vexed. Did Ian enjoy dragging them along like this? " We know you know Ian. But how?"

" You really want to know?"

Caleb narrowed his eyes. " Ian…" He held up his hands as if in surrender. " Okay. I know because my father told me." The brothers looked at each other, confused. " How did your father know?" Caleb asked. " Because my father was friends with yours." He waved his hand at them, indicating all of their dads. " He knew our dads?" Tyler repeated. " Yepp. I guess they never told you. But our fathers did everything together. Hung out, pulled pranks, checked out girls, you name it. They were such buddies that your dads didn't think it was fair to keep their secret from him. So they told him."

" Our fathers told him?" Tyler couldn't believe it. Why hadn't his father told him?

Pogue shook his head. " My dad wouldn't do that. He wouldn't break the Covenant."

Caleb and Reid remained silent. They knew that their dads would've told. They were selfish that way.

Ian seemed to know what they were thinking. " They didn't do it to be selfish. My father was like a brother to yours. And he didn't tell anyone."

" Except you," Caleb said.

Ian shrugged. " Yeah, well he thought that I should know more about my fellow classmates. Oh," he added. " And Reid? I really didn't appreciate that little stunt you pulled in class."

" You were going to tell. I had no choice." Reid smirked; he had enjoyed doing that to him.

Ian rolled his eyes. " Are you guys complete idiots? I wasn't going to say anything!"

" Then what were you going to say?" Pogue snapped.

" Nothing."

" Nothing?" Caleb repeated. " So you were just going to take the heat for it?"

" Hey, I'm used to it. Whenever something goes wrong, always blame Ian. I'm stereotyped." He looked up at the stars, then climbed down a tree that was standing right beside the mausoleum. He jumped out of the tree and stood in front of the boys. " And for your information, I don't do crack. I just smoke cigarettes."

Caleb eyed him. " So you weren't going to tell?"

" Nope."

He nodded. " Alright then. Come on guys Nicky's is waiting." He turned to go.

Reid stopped him. " Whoa whoa whoa! Caleb, that's it? We find out that McKinley knows our secret, and that's it? You trust him?" He looked shocked and angry that their leader could be so trusting.

" Yeah Reid, I do. Look Ian's kept our secret this long. Why would he tell now? Sometimes you've just got to take someone's word for it." He turned to Ian. " But if you do say anything, we'll kick your ass."

Ian grinned. " Hey I got no problem."

" Okay then we'll let you get back to whatever it is that you do here. See you tomorrow."

As they turned to leave Tyler was struck with a sudden thought. He stopped and looked at Caleb, a disbelieving look creeping onto his face.

The boys realized that Tyler wasn't following and turned around. " Tyler?" Caleb said, aware of the anger and hurt in the youngest' eyes.

" We just learn that Ian, whom we've never spoken to before in our lives, knows our secret and it's all good. But when I tell Taylor, whom I love, you flip out!"

No one said anything, except for Ian, who stood behind Tyler, chuckling to himself. " Wow you guys are in deep shit now."

" Shut it McKinley!" Reid yelled.

Caleb widened his eyes at Tyler. " Tyler, I…I'm sorry. I just didn't think."

Tyler made a sarcastic sound. " There's a shocker."

" What?"

" You never think things through Caleb! When I was telling you about those feelings I was getting…"

" Don't go digging up the past Tyler!"

" …You just said it was because of my birthday! You never once thought more about it! Take the easy way out! That's always been you Caleb!"

" Stop it Tyler! That's not true! How could I have possibly known that Chase was causing it?"

" Someone call me?"

The boys turned their attention to the mausoleum that Ian had been sitting on. Chase stood on top of it, grinning evilly. He turned to Tyler. " Hello Tyler."

Tyler paled and fear formed in his eyes. A few days ago he had faced the warlock and had blown him out of his window. Now he was afraid; Chase looked furious behind his smile.

Reid stepped in front of him. " You stay the hell away from him!"

Chase laughed, but Ian spoke first. " This is Chase Collins?" He faced the man, looking him up and down. " Yeah my father definitely told me about you. Descendant of Goody Pope's bastard son eh?"

Pogue grabbed his arm. " Ian don't."

He ignored him. " Yeah and you killed your adoptive parents, got your father's power, and now want theirs?" He pointed to the Sons.

Chase eyed him. " You know a lot. Who are you?"

" Ian McKinley and yes I do know a lot. Man were your ancestors a disgrace to the Covenant or what?"

He'd gone too far. The boys could see it in Chase's eyes.

He scowled at Ian. " So you think my ancestors were a disgrace do you?"

" Definitely. If I'd ever known them I'd probably hand them over to the gallows like that." He snapped his fingers.

Caleb grabbed Ian this time. " Ian shut up!" he hissed.

But Chase had already made up his mind. " Well maybe you'd like to meet them now?"

Ian frowned, his eyes growing wide. Chase's eyes went black and Ian disappeared.

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