The light was blinding.

" Carter…"

No one could see, but they could all hear.

" What is that?" Pogue whispered.

Caleb shook his head. " I don't know."

Then the light began to fade to a dull glimmer and, after everyone had lowered their hands from their eyes, they all gaped at what the light revealed.

A beautiful girl around their age stood in front of them. She had long, wavy blonde hair and she wore a simple yet elegant white dress. No shoes.

Though Caleb, Pogue, Reid, and Tyler could only stare at the sight, Carter seemed to be doing more then just staring; he seemed to recognize her. Then he spoke. " A-Amanda?" There was disbelief in his voice.

The girl smiled and nodded. " Yes Carter. It's me." Her voice was amazing; it seemed to echo all around them, but it wasn't a loud echo…it was more like she was speaking through a microphone, but of course she wasn't.

" But h-how? You're d-dead."

Again she smiled and walked over to him. She was very graceful as she moved.

He stood up from Tyler's nearly motionless body as she reached him. She touched his face and he closed his eyes. " I've missed you so much Amanda."

" I know; I've missed you too."

Caleb looked at Pogue, who looked at Reid and back again. Reid swallowed. " What…what the hell is going on?"

Amanda looked at him and smiled. " Perhaps I should explain who I am."

" That would help."

" My name is Amanda Sallow. I was a childhood friend with Chase and Carter. We grew up together and Carter and I took a liking to each other. He told me about the Powers. I was scared at first, as I'm sure Sarah, Kate, Taylor, and Grace was, but then I wasn't. I loved Carter and wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that." She paused, letting them take it all in.

A few seconds later she continued. " I always had a feeling that Chase was going to end up using his Powers for bad. Carter did too. Then when he killed their father we knew we were right."

" I didn't want to be like him," Carter said, more to Amanda then to the others.

" You didn't need to. I told you that." She turned back to the three boys. " He always wanted to hang out with you. Did you know that? But after Chase did what he did, he became afraid. He didn't think you'd accept him because of what his brother did."

" I promised myself-and you-that I'd never be like that."

" That's right."

" Really? Well look at you now!" Reid shouted. Caleb smacked the back of his head.

" Shut up!"

Carter went on. " But then you died…I was so lost…"

" I know." She turned to them again. " I was killed in a car crash. Carter's life turned around after that. That's why he's like this; he's not truly bad. Chase was. Carter was just heartbroken."

" That's why?" Caleb asked.

" Yes."

" Whoa. That's awful."

Reid looked at Caleb in disbelief. " What? Are you serious Caleb? You're forgiving him? After all that he's done? Un-fucking-believable!"

" I didn't say that I forgave him. I'm just saying that he's had it rough."

Amanda nodded. " Exactly. I'm not asking you to forgive Carter, though I'd like that very much. Just understand that he really didn't mean any of this. Did you Carter?"

He shook his head. " No." He looked at them and there was genuine sadness in his eyes. " No I didn't. I'm sorry."

" Bullshit!" Reid snapped.

Pogue looked at the blonde. " Reid, how would you feel if your brother turned psycho and then the love of your life was killed? Imagine Tyler going bad and then Grace dying."

Reid said nothing.

Pogue nodded. " That's what I thought."

Carter turned back to Amanda. " Why did you come here? Why now?"

" Because I've been watching you Carter. And I've been sad. I hated seeing you like this. And I noticed that, unlike Chase, you were only going after Tyler. And I couldn't let that happen."

" Why?"

" I know his destiny. Him and Taylor are destined to be together. They will get married, have a son and have a wonderful life with Caleb, Pogue, Reid, Sarah, Kate, and Grace, and all their children as well. I couldn't let that be taken form them like it was taken from us." She caressed his face again. " We will be together again…I promise."

Carter smiled through his tears and touched her cheek too.

She smiled wistfully. " I must go now. I love you." She faced Caleb, Pogue and Reid. " Take care." She turned to go, then stopped.

Tyler had let out a small cry as a fresh wave of pain washed over him. Amanda's face saddened as she witnessed his pain and she bent down. She touched his face just as his eyes began to role in the back of his head. Amanda stroked his cheek and placed her hand on his forehead. His eyes came back.

She smiled reassuringly. " You'll be okay dear one. Taylor is waiting for you." She paused and looked up at the sky, smiled, and looked back down. " Your father says he's proud of you and he loves you." She stood back up, gave one last love-filled gaze at Carter and faded away.

The silence was deafening. Carter faced them. " I'm sorry for everything I've done. For all the pain I've caused. I'm not asking to be forgiven; just to be understood." He looked down at Tyler. " I'm sorry. You won't ever hear from me again." Without another word his eyes darkened and he was gone.

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