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"The sun will come out tomorrow!" Max sang as he ran into the street, right in front of a car, and died. Thus, the sun did not come out the next come, but the hail did. Everyone cried for the death of Max Evans.

"Max! My lover!" A distressed Liz screamed as she ran through the graveyard.

"Chica?" Maria asked, popping out of nowhere. "Where are you?"

"Maria? I'm over her… Ow!"



Liz had fallen into a grave.

"My LOVE I have found you!" Liz said happily as she hugged a clearly dead Max.

"Max? What? Is he alive? Do I need to call the pod people?" Maria questioned.

"No, he's still dead. But I love him nonetheless! I will live in the dirt with him!" Liz said passionately.

"Alight, if you really want to." Maria said. "I will send you food every weekend from the CrashDown, so you are going to have to ration it during the week."

"Sounds good." Liz said happily.

"Good luck living with Max!" Maria started to walk away. "Bye!" And she was gone.

One Week Later

"I'm back!" Maria exclaimed. "How are you?" She asked staring down at Liz, and a smelly Max.

"It rained." Liz stated. "I'm cold, and Max doesn't have any body heat. It sucks. Damn you Max. Damn you rain. Damn you damn."

"Sucks for you." Maria said.

"How's your life?" Liz asked.

"Well, Michael had twins."

"Really? Wow! That's great!"

"Yeah, then he died." Maria said.

"Oh, that's sad." Liz replied.

"I know, but I chopped off his man parts. I saved them."

"That's good, do you use them?"

"Every night!"

"GO girl!" Liz shouted.

"OH, YEAH!" Maria shouted. "Wow, you're right, it is cold here."

"I told you."

"Sorry, but I didn't bring you any food or blankets." Maria admitted.

"Why?" Liz asked horrified.

"Well, because it's not the end of the week." Maria said, and then walked away.

One Week Later


The end.

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