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My life has been quite hectic since the day my mother found out about me. Two days later, she left my father. She didn't tell me why but I suppose it was pretty bad. I can see it in her eyes that she still loves him. Anyway, nine months later I came in to the world and my father's family never even knew it. And for a while, it was just me, my mom, Grandma Renee and Phil.

When I was five years old, my mom and I moved to New York City. There my mother finished medical school and I was passed from daycare to daycare and babysitter to babysitter after kindergarten. My mom graduated from medical school on my sixth birthday. A week later she got a job at New York General Hospital. She met her best friend, Carly, there. She happened to be a doctor and a patient there at the time. My mom was one of the doctors who looked in on her during her stay. She had breast cancer but she's alright now. Along with Carly came my best friends, Ryan and Cassie. They're twins and my age.

And for nearly fifteen years, that's how my life was. I lived with my mother and had a father who never knew about me. All I knew of my father was that his name was Edward Cullen. I have a whole family that I don't even know about. My mother has no idea where my father is located but she assumes he's somewhere in Washington, possibly Forks or Seattle. Since hearing about my father and his love for my mother, I have wanted to meet this man and his family. So how do I go about this without hurting Mom's feelings?

It's simple.

I don't tell her.

My name is Hope Cullen. I'm fourteen years old and on a mission to find my father.