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Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Dane County Memorial Hospital

"Dean, I don't have time for this. Get your head out of the gutter so we can get some work done," Sam said with a sigh as he led his brother down the hospital corridors to where they needed to be instead of where Dean was chatting up a cute nurse.

The eldest Winchester brother shot him a look that said he'd be there in a minute and Sam rolled his eyes. He sighed and started for where they were originally headed before Dean got distracted. Glancing around the room behind glass where all the affected children were, his eyes suddenly became glued to a young woman he recognized but from where, he didn't know, and his mind immediately started swimming with questions.

She was leaving the room with a nurse as she was barely holding herself together. The nurse sat her down in a nearby chair and let her be. At a moment's glance, Sam thought she was almost overreacting, but looked again at the situation at hand. As she looked too young to have a kid, he thought possibly a sibling was the one with their life in danger. He thought wrong.

The young man suddenly realized where he knew her from. 'Isabelle…'

With a soft sigh, Sam took a seat next to the young brunette and, unsure of how to treat her, decided to atleast wait to see if she recognized him. "You okay…?" He asked gently.

Isabelle looked up quickly, but soon avoided his gaze again, a slight sob escaping her lips. "How okay would you be if your daughter was in the hospital?" She snapped, furiously wiping tears from her flushed cheeks.

Sam was surprised by this, yet didn't speak any less gentle. "Iz," he started, but he couldn't find anywhere to continue.

"Don't call me that; there's only one person in the world who's ever called me that and he's not here. So just…don't." The second she glanced up at his big brown eyes, she knew who he was and immediately regretted snapping at him like that. "Sam…"

"Hey, Belle," He said, softly. "…Why wait this long to not ignore me…?"

"Sammy, I…" Isabelle paused. "I just couldn't face you and I can't explain why, atleast not now… There's just too much going on with my family and… Just not now. Can you just try to understand that…?"

Sam sighed, staying silent for a moment. He was about to say something when Dean called him.


The younger Winchester brother turned to face him, questioning look in place.

"We've got work to do, dude!" Dean said as if he was stating something his brother didn't know.

Sam glanced to Isabelle, hesitating to leave her alone like this.

"Sam, just go. You've got shit to do, apparently, and I should get back to Cayden…" She said, her voice coming off as annoyed.

Without a second thought, he pulled her into a hug that she didn't bother trying to resist because she didn't want to. It was comforting and, truth be told, she wished he hadn't let go, but she also knew he had a job to do.

"I'll catch up with you later so I can get that explanation," Sam whispered before walking over to Dean.

"Was that who I think it was…?" Dean asked, his voice hushed so Isabelle couldn't hear him.

"Yeah, but don't…jump to conclusions just yet, Dean, I think there's more to her leaving that I thought there was…" His brother sighed.

"Alright, whatever, dude… Back to the reason we're actually here… We've got some talking to do."

"Oh joy…" Sam said sarcastically with a chuckle.

"Okay, so… I'm thinkin' that guy might not be home for a little while…" Dean said, hinting at the fact that they could investigate easier when no one was home.

"We might not have to, Dean… Isabelle's daughter's here, too," Sam stated.

"Ah, so did you find out who the lucky guy is?" Dean smirked.

"I didn't really get an explanation for anything, but just… Don't be all hostile and bitchy towards her, alright? She doesn't need it."

"Whatever, Sammy," The older sighed. He followed baby brother to where he'd supposedly left his high school sweetheart not too long ago.

Sam glanced through the glass to where Isabelle was sitting next to a little girl, only appearing to be around five years old, with brown hair and an obviously sickly look about her comatose form. He got the young brunette's attention and waved her over. He saw her sigh and greeted her as she left the room.

"Hey," Isabelle said softly. "What do you need, Sam?"

"You said your daughter's name was Cayden, right?"

She nodded. "What about her?"

"I know it sounds kinda pushy, but we're workin' a job and we've gotta check out her room… You know, for anything…out of the ordinary…" Sam said, quietly, knowing she'd catch the hint. She'd known his family secret since freshman year in high school.

Isabelle glanced around for a second before leaning in. "You're hunting? Are you kidding me?" She whispered.

"No, I'm not kidding; we're pretty sure it's something supernatural that's causing the kids' illness, but we're not sure what."

The brunette paused for a moment. "I'm coming with you, but I don't want to leave her alone for long," She stated reluctantly.

Sam nodded, signaling that he understood and waited for her while she grabbed her purse, then followed her downstairs and out of the hospital; Dean not far behind.

"You gonna ride with us or…?" Dean asked.

"Uh, yeah… If you don't mind," Isabelle said, unsurely.

He just opened the door to the backseat and gestured for her to get in.

Sam was in the passenger's seat; Dean got in the driver's side and started the car before peeling out of the lot.


After letting them return to their motel to change out of the uncomfortable suits, Isabelle directed them to a reasonably small, but beautiful two story house on a street called Oaks Street. She got out and let the two men into her home. "Just don't break anything, Dean," She said, giving him a look before leading them upstairs to Cayden's room.

"I'll be down the hall in my room if you need me," The brunette stated before disappearing through the door.

Sam's eyes followed her until she was out of sight; he pulled out his EMF meter from his coat pocket and flipped it on. While inspecting the doorframe of the room, a picture on the nightstand caught his attention. He walked over and picked up the picture frame, surprised at the photograph inside it; him and Isabelle the week before she left. They were goofing around at a bonfire in her backyard, about a month before they were supposedly starting their senior year in high school together. In the picture, he had his arms wrapped around Isabelle's waist from behind and was giving her a kiss on the cheek, both of them smiling. Sam couldn't help but smile sadly at the memory before his brother pulled him back to the present.

"Sammy, you with me?"

"What?" Sam looked up at him, confused for a moment before registering what he had said. "Oh yeah, what were you saying?"

Dean gave his brother a weird look. "Man, what's with you? Ever since you ran into Izzy, you've been kinda out of it. Just, go talk to her!"

Sam took the framed photograph down the hall to a decently bigger bedroom where the young mother was standing next to her bed, folding towels.

"You kept this?" He asked.

She looked at what he was referring to and nonchalantly said, "Well, I wasn't going to burn it. I left you, remember?"

"Right, so if you left then why was this on Cayden's nightstand?" Sam inquired, his voice a bit snappy.

Isabelle, on the other hand, kept her tone steady and calm despite the tears threatening to spill down her cheeks. "Because she wanted to know what her father looked like…" She stated, her soft voice breaking before she could stop it.

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