Title: Toxic

Chapter one: Re-written prologue

Fierce winds riped through the city streets, sending objects in all scattered directions. Rain angrily hit against the windows of the sleeping villagers, trying to wake them from their dreams. All but two people slept soundly, praying that in their progress of sleep this storm would wash away their sins and bring hope of a better day. The streets were barren for no one dared step foot into the tormented winds to brave the was unusually quiet, terrifyingly quiet.

Inside a small apartment a young woman sat up, tears pouring down her delicate porcelain face. She stood from her pull out bed in the couch and made her way to the small box that sat, covered by a table cloth, in the corner of the small living room in her two bedroom apartment. She cautiously ripped the table cloth from the top of the box, fearing that, in the many months she had left it unattended, it had disappeared. Part of her was relieved to see it seeing there, where she had left it. The other wanted to cry, to yell, to kick the box. It held such dangerous memories of a life she longed to live, and a life she wished she had never given up. She picked up the box, heavy with memories, and brought it to her couch in the front room where she had been sleeping. She pulled open the lid and looked away, fearing the memories would overwhelm her. Slowly her emerald eyes made contact with the box. A single crystal tear slid down her pale skin and landed on a soft pink lock of hair. She reached in and picked up an item.

It was a wedding invitation. Two people sat happily on the front, both had happy smiles and and eyes. The man had his arms wrapped tightly around the woman he loved and the woman leaned into him. The invite read the date and time, as well as the lovebirds names. She smiled sadly and placed the invite to her brothers wedding back into the box. She pulled out another trinket and sighed.

It was a pair of black diamond earrings. She smiled sadly at the drops of black tears. He had given them to her as a gift. She placed them back in the box, she really had to give them back. She hadn't known what compelled her to keep them. She just had. She reached back into the box and pulled out a flyer.

She placed it back, a warm smile cast towards her abandoned business venture.

She sifted through the rubble of her lost life, passing over dresses, and jewelry, a few trinkets an keepsakes from days gone. That is when she found what she had been looking for. She picked it up with great care and placed it on her bedside table. Within the expensive silver frame there stood two adults. She smiled at this picture before lying back down in her makeshift bed. It was times like this, when it rained, that she hoped the world would wash away her sins and let her have her life back. Each time it rained, the sun would come up, and she'd still be covered by her sins.

As her head hit the pillow and her back hit the mattress her mind contained only one fading thoughts before she reached the dreamless oblivion of sleep. She allowed this fatal word to leave her lips, hoping that god would remember what sin she wanted washed from her shoulders. "Sasuke."


Another citizen still roamed in the early hours of this stormy night. He Sat gloomily at the bar in his forlorn and empty apartment.
The rain hit against his window, reminding him of the many nights he had spent in good company. He sighed deeply the essence of regret in his tone. He looked deeply into the glass of scotch and tried to fight off the memories that threatened to reawaken. He poured another glass, as soon as the contents of his first glass had made there way safely down his throat. The sensation was warm and welcoming to his cold lifeless body. He took another deep drink and slammed the glass onto the bar. Only thoughts of regret lived in his mind since that fateful day not so long ago. He wondered if there was still time to make things right.

He turned his head and looked at his apartment. Naruto slept silently on his couch, snoring gently. The blonde idiot had been locked out of his own house. Sasuke sighed and went back to his drinking. The glass was empty once again. He poured a third glass and downed it quickly. Another glass was filled. He took another long swig and hit the glass on the bar. It was half empty.

The words she would've said filled his mind. "Sasuke, silly, the glass is half full, remember that, and what are you doing drinking anyway, we'll have plenty of time to drink later."

He smirked at the cup. Who did she think she was, getting into his head all the time. He drank what was left and threw the cup aside, not caring when it shattered across the back wall. He took the bottle and drank from it, hoping the alcohol would drown his sorrow. It seemed as if the world wanted him dead. The rain against the windows, the dark wind blowing sad tunes against old buildings, the woman he loved lingering in his every thought. He finished the bottle and threw it in anger against the wall.

"stupid bitch." He hissed. He wanted so badly to crawl into her arms. He wanted to feel whole again. He growled as her smiling face filled his mind. He stood up and knocked over the stool. "who does she think she is." He swung his hand over the bar, knocking off the glasses from the drinking Naruto and he had done earlier that evening. The glass shattered across the floor catching the dim light of the bar. "She never leaves me alone!" He punched the wall sending a photo to the ground. The frame cracked and the glass shattered across the smiling faces. A man and a woman, who were once madly in love. He bent down and picked up the shattered photo. His eyes clouded over as the played over the smiling faces. then his mind brought him to where he was now. Miserable. He ran a thumb down the face of the woman, not caring as it sliced through his finger.

He walked to his room and placed the picture at his bedside table. The glass shattered and stained with blood. He climbed into bed and looked at it one more time before falling asleep. "Good night... Sakura."

As the night wore on and the sun rose into the heavens the storm calmed. The two only hoped at one day their hearts would calm as well. Maybe then they could finally move on with their interrupted lives.