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"Miles?Miley?"The voice sounded so faint that Miley couldn't figure it knew it was a man,but it still sounded so faint. He was slapping her gently on her face.

"Oh a simple spell would do just the !"Another man said older,but still faint voice.A sudden sensation in Miley's chest cause her eyes to flutter and saw 3 people looking at dad,the man named Albus,and the other old woman.

"Who are you people?!"She shouted laying her eyes on both Albus and the woman.

"Oh how awfully rude of name is Albus Dumbledore,but you can call me Professor this is Minerva McGonagal,but you can call her Professor McGonagal."he finished.

As soon he was finshed,Miley was sitting on the couch with emotions swimming through her because nobody told her that she was a witch and that she had to leave everything and everyone behind,and plus she had to cancel her North A. and confusion were also silence filled the room.

"Umm,can I ask a question?"she said breaking the silence.

"Of course Miss Stewart."Professor Dumbledore said while smiling.

His smile calmed her didn't know why,but it did.

"Well,several questions all of a sudden?Why would you keep this from me?"she said looking directly at her father."And why are YOU guys here?"

"Baby girl,I'll answer your 2nd question"Her dad started off."We didn't tell you because,well because we wanted you to have a normal life,not dealing on fighting,or anything else."He sighed."It was the best for you and your brother."

"Does Jackson know?"she asked hoping that he didn't because if he did,her whole family lied to thought went through her mind and it felt like a thousand cold daggers had hit her everywhere.

"Yeah,but i told him yesterday."At least it's somehow better than the one I thought.
"So you're telling me,that you lied to me almost part of my life."

"Mostly"her dad said not sounding matter-of-factly.

"I why at my age right now?"she asked.

"Well,I can answer that actually."Dumbledore seemed to have steppped in the talk."You see,your mother and father felt best not to do anything with the Wizarding world,but you are a witch and you are suppose to attend to a school where witches and wizards -"he was cut by her dad.

"-so we made a deal with them."

"Oh yeah?What deal is that?"Miley asked.

"The deal was that when you were around turning 16,which is in a couple of days, you would attend at Hogwarts,which is where your mother and father went too."Dumbledore said stepping in again."And Professor McGonagal and I are here so that we can give you the basics of what's going to happen while you are at the school and we will also sort you into your house."he said calmly.

"Whaddya mean by "house"?"sounding curious than ever.

"Well,lets put it this way,into your group or sorting, based on how you on personality."he said again smiling.

"Right now?"He nodded.

"Minerva,if you please."he said while gesturing her to Miley,who was still sitting on the couch.

"Now this won't hurt.I'm just putting this on your head."Miley saw a witch's hat.

"Why?What so scary about a hat?"When McGonagal put it on Miley it started talking.

"Woah!"she said while looking up at it.

"Ah,I see you have to most of your friends.I also see a great singing can be mischevious but that won't be a be,GRYFFINDOR!"the hat shouted.

"Wooohh!I'm in Gryffindor!"she yelled while standing up and jumping up and then realized she had no idea on what she was excited about,so she then stopped jumping."What's Gryffindor?"

"Gryffindor is the house where loyal,courageous,and full of heart students house was found by Godric Gryffinddor."he said softly.

"Cool!Where is Hogwarts anyway?"she asked.

"All the way in England Miss Stewart."

"ENGLAND?!But that's so far!"she said.

"Yes,well,there are schools here in America,but your mother and father went there so you are bound to be there."he chuckled.

Wait,I have to leave my friends?This is totally unfair!I'll miss them!I'll miss my fans!I'll miss my family...And at that point she started to get tears in her another quickly wiped away the tears left on her cheeks.

"Now,now Miss 's no need for tears."he said calmly and was somehow very comforting to her so the tears stopped.

"Ah,now Miss Stewart we will show you what your schedule for classes and the rules in Hogwarts 's sit on the couch now."he said while gesturing for her to sit on the couch.

He then started talking.


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