OK, well I'm sorry for not updating on this story. My break is taking longer than it was expected and I REALLY am sorry for that.


1.Ok, my first reason why I am not updating this story frequently is because I still need to edit my chapters.

2.Reason 2 is because my school is coming up againso I won't have time to update it.

3.REASON 3 is because I have major writers block.

4.And my last reason is because I don't think this story is worth putting up. I mean what's the point of having a story up, if it's: boring, stupid, not well done, or just plain BAD?

Anyways, I won't delete this story, nor am I updating it until I'm out of writers block and finished with the editing.

I'm sorry to those who want this story on update but I just can't write now. I'll probably write some short stories or just one- shots but not this story right now.

Sorry again,

Serenitysoilder ( it was suppose to be serenitySOLDIER)