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Edit 5/29/2013: Hello, everyone. It's been a year since I completed this story. Well, as I was uploading this story to my Deviantart page, because of all the stories I've written, this one is one of my favorites, I read the last few chapters and realized how awful the ending was.

Back in 2011 when I wrote the final two chapters I hesitated with writing my original ending for this story. I thought it was too frightening and too graphic for a story (and I didn't want to up the rating). I wasn't sure about publishing something like that so I changed the direction of the story to fit a much lighter ending. However, after reading and writing more horror stories, and actually writing a few graphic T setting stories and an M rated one, I now feel comfortable with uploading my original ending.

I'll go ahead and warn you, the last two chapters include graphic violence, horror, and a much different ending than the one I posted back in 2011. This however was the original ending, and after two years in the Static Shock fanfiction archive, I feel it's finally time to release it. That being said I hope everyone enjoys.

That cover art is my drawing. If you want to see it in its full format you can see it on my Deviantart page (same pen name) in the Static Shock folder. In that folder there is also the picture called Ghost Talon which I was originally going to use, but it was a bit too gruesome, and I didn't want my story deleted because of the picture. :(

Anyway, on with the story!


Static closed in on her, his metal disk picking up speed from every spark emitted by Static's body. Gear followed close behind his best friend. As they neared their target, the super-genius reached into his pocket for a zap cap. Grabbing hold of the small capsule, Gear slung the object towards the meta-human just ahead of him.

Talon turned around just in time to dodge Gear's zap cap. The two male heroes stared with gaping mouths as the young woman took higher to the sky. She hovered a good fifteen feet from the two heroes. Her mouth opened, her throat ready to force a wave of destruction towards her opponents.

She-Bang caught Talon from behind before the birdwoman had a chance to unleash her weapon. She-Bang pulled Talon in a full nelson. Talon wiggled and flailed in a futile attempt to free herself, yet She-Bang's grip proved to be stronger than the creature's body. She-Bang taunted Talon with remarks about how someone who talked so highly of themselves failed when put through fire.

Shiv threw an energized shuriken at She-Bang, nicking her cheek. Shocked at the sudden pain, She-Bang released Talon. Talon spun around and decked She-Bang in the nose. Blood spurted from She-Bang's nostril as she fell unconscious. Talon laughed while she watched the young woman plummet to her demise.

She-Bang's body fell victim to gravity's whims. Static swooped down in time to catch his fallen comrade before her body hit the pavement. He placed her in a dark alley and covered her with his jacket before returning to aid Gear.

He returned to the scene to find Gear pinned against the wall of a the nearby building by one of Shiv's hands. The other hand had transformed into a knife aimed at Gear's face.

"No one hurts Talon and gets away with it!" Shiv angrily stated. His usually cheerful eyes were replaced with dangerous, psychotic ones. Gear would be lying if he denied fear while staring into the current look occupying Shiv's face. He laughed then lunged the weapon towards Gear's mask.

Static suddenly dashed towards his friend. While the emotions gave him both motivation and strength, it blinded him to all his surroundings. That moment gave Talon the opportunity she needed to make her move. She dove into Static and ripped at his arm with her claw. Static cried out in pain. He glanced down against his better judgment to find the skin shredded with a stream of blood falling down towards his elbow.

Static powered up and sent the electricity straight for Talon. Talon fluttered away barely escaping the hazard gaining on her. Giving her undivided attention to Static, she never saw Gear throw a second zap cap at her foot, instantly binding her to a pole. Talon gasped as Static's electric power neared her.

Shiv jumped in the way and slashed Talon's bindings. His heroics were rewarded by receiving the jolts meant for the female. Shiv let out a shriek of pain before hitting the surface of the roof. Talon covered her ears, unable to bear the amount of agony in her friend's voice.

Talon narrowed her brow and flew to the edge of the building. She spread her wings and bared her teeth, getting ready for an attack on the heroic duo.

Static's eyes darted around for any possible outlet. He smiled the second he noticed the meta-human perched upon a metal bar. Static released another wave of energy, forcing the electricity into the bar. Talon glanced down a second too late. She screamed as the volts passed through her system, burning her hair. Smoke sizzled from her pores, her talons charred. In a moment of numbness her talons released from the bar, ending the torment. She lost her balance and fell from the roof. Her brain delayed the message meant for shaking wings. Talon lay motionless, her body unable to respond or feel anything save the stinging of her talons which sizzled and smelt of burnt flesh.

Static realized what he did while watching the meta-human fall. Static powered up his disk and flew after Talon hoping to catch her before she hit the ground. His hands were too slow as he heard a loud thump. His stomach twisted at the sight of Talon's limp body lying in an unnatural position on the tarmac.

Static landed beside Talon. He dropped his disk and knelt down beside the meta-human, one of his age group. Talon's head was tilted back, her lips slightly parted. Blood had splattered over her face to which Static could not discover the wound's origin. Gear followed after his friend. The blonde held his breath then placed his index and middle finger on Talon's neck hoping to locate a pulse.

"Is she…?" Static asked not wanting to know the answer.

"You killed her," Shiv said as he limped towards the others. They glanced up at the bang baby to find his clothes tattered and blackened from their recent encounter with Static's energy. Several burns and bruises covered his skin. He somehow twisted his ankle or worse.

"I didn't, she fell," Static tried to explain.

"You let her fall," Shiv angrily retorted. "You attacked and you didn't care what happened to her."

"How did…?"

"I saw what happened!" yelled Shiv. "I watched her fall. I only regret I couldn't save her myself." He turned so no one could see him cry. "I should have moved faster." Looking at his palms he growled, "I could have caught her. I should have caught her!"

"You what?" She-Bang asked limping over to the crowd, blood still pouring from her nose.

"No!" Static replied. "She fell! I didn't think…"

"Yeah, you didn't think!" Shiv growled as he lunged towards Static.

Shiv growled then tackled the hero to the ground. Static lifted his legs and kicked Shiv away with his knees. Shiv snarled then pinned Static, smashing the teen's face against the pavement in the process. Static charged up, the waves tossing Shiv on his back. Shiv stood up with his eyes set on the superhero. He transformed his hands into daggers. Static gulped the second he pulled himself to his feet. She-Bang moved into a defensive stance.

The sound of sirens echoed through the sky. Shiv's hands returned to normal.

"I won't forget this," Shiv growled. He glanced down at Talon as to apologize then took off running into the night.

She-Bang looked over at Gear. "Should we follow him?"

Gear shook his head. "We have more important things to worry about." She-Bang followed Gear's eyes to rest upon Talon's lifeless body.

Two police cars and an ambulance arrived on the scene. The cops piled out of the car and hurried over to the superhero trio. One policeman covered his mouth upon seeing the pool of red surrounding the birdwoman. Static never heard their questions as he watched the paramedics lift Talon onto a stretcher. He begged for his obnoxious alarm clock to wake him any second with news of Talon and the rest of the Meta-Breed wreaking havoc in town.

The ambulance drove off with the sirens blaring through the night as the vehicle became a blur in Static's eyes. It was a sound he was used to hearing after the sun set. However it was a rarity for the casualties of the ones inside the ambulance to be directly related to him.

"Please let Talon be alright," Static said quietly as he too began to cry for his enemy.