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From atop the mausoleum a shadow figure smirked. He was barely able to control his laughter at the sight of Dakota's greatest hero being forced into a straitjacket. The paramedics led him to the ambulance. It was hardly a feat for he continued to mutter about being trapped in a world of darkness. A sheet was placed over Gear's head before he too was loaded in a different ambulance. The crime scene investigators stood around the wreckage left from the false seance.

"The plan was too perfect," Ebon said with a laugh.

"Perhaps we should pursue theatrics instead," Hotstreak jested as he watched his old foes leave his life forever. One would be stored in a metal box and the other in a padded room.

"How long did it take you to control your powers?" Kangor asked.

Hotstreak shrugged. "It's something I do in my spare time." His smile widened as he recalled the moment he accidentally set Gear ablaze. It was not in the original plan, in fact Gear was not to be involved at all. They all figured that once Static fell it was only a matter of time before the rest followed in his steps. Now with Gear out of the way and She-Bang injured, they were one step closer to their master plan.

"Don't forget our lead actors," Kangor said as he nodded to Ferret.

The rodent laughed at the mention.

"You almost screwed things up!" Ebon barked.

He ran a hand through his hair then stated, "I was worried when I got caught, but hey I fixed it, didn't I?"

Even Ebon had to give him credit for his quick thinking. The possession story worked perfectly in their favor. Luckily Ebon had watched the exchange and was able to instruct the others on the changes. Talon smiled for it was time for her to make her debut appearance.

"Still I should get the Oscar," Talon said as she stepped forward. The costume makeup still decorated her face. She had to admit it was fun to have her chance to tear Static apart. After all the boy had been nothing but a pain to her from the beginning. Now he was gone for good and she had herself to pat on the back.

"What about your fake medium skit," Shiv mentioned.

"It's not fake," Kangor replied. "I really can see them. It's just best I don't let them know."

Kangor leaned against the mausoleum wall with crossed arms. The others stared for a short wall, none of them wanting to inquire further. Kangor's family had history with the supernatural and his teammates respected him enough to leave it at that. It would remain yet another detail about their dark colleague that was best to remain a mystery.

The Meta Breed awaited the moment the authorities left the scene so that they could begin their real celebration. The city of Dakota had no idea of the changes in store for it.

"Please, can I go now?" a small voice asked. The group all stared down at young Mirage. She had her arms wrapped about herself and tried to keep herself from trembling.

"Did you have fun, Sweetie?" Shiv asked with a chuckle.

Mirage looked away from him. She had tear stains on her cheeks that were lazily wiped away. She felt disgusting like a traitor, especially after what Static did for her a few years ago. However, for her brother she had no other choice. He needed the medicine that Ebon vowed to provide in exchange for her illusions.

The girl took a deep breath then looked into the white eyes of the shadowman. "You made a promise," she said boldly. "You better not go back on it."

"I'll keep my word, girl," Ebon said. He mockingly patted her on the head and then in a false kind voice added, "This never would've happened without your help."

Again Mirage had to keep herself from crying. Were her brother's life not on the line she would have never consented to such an act. She only hoped that someday Static would break free from that world she helped to trap him in, and when that day came she prayed he would find it in his heart to forgive her.

"Come on, we're not finished yet," Ebon said as he formed a portal in the ground. The rest of the Meta Breed followed leaving Mirage alone in the cemetery.

The little girl walked over to where the she had forced her hero to witness those gruesome sights. She ducked beneath the crime scene tape and planted her feet where Static had once stood. The nightmare fuel Ebon made her look at for inspiration for her illusions would haunt her nightmares for years to come. She knelt down in the grass where that fake talisman had fallen. Why the investigators had overlooked it was a mystery. She brought the costume necklace to her chest and wept.

"Forgive me," she whispered hoping the words would somehow reach his ears.

There you have it, the original ending to the story. It's not too different from the other one, but it is much darker. I didn't know how to do the whole Static goes insane without making it cheesy. I still think it's kind of cheesy, but I feel that I found a way to make it seem plausible.

I hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for reading.