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Sleep is very important in our everyday lives. Sleep allows your mind to shut down for a while so that when you wake up the next day, you're better rested for the day ahead of you.

But, unfortunately, some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee-


Except to shut the dumb alarm off and wish you could kill it for disturbing your wonderful dream.

I opened one eye to stare at the blurry clock as it read 6:15 am. I had forgotten to turn off the alarm…again.

My name is Lauren, but my friends call me Mauka. Some of them do, anyway. I'm just a typical 17 year old teenage girl with dark blond hair, hazel eyes with mixes of some colors here and there, pale skin, and a very vivid imagination. You see, unlike other girls in my age group, I don't like make-up, dresses or skirts, or dancing. I'm not that good at it. Heck, a chicken with its head cut off could dance better than me, and they can't even see their own feet!


Anyway, the subject of my ability to dance aside, I'm just a teenager with a vivid imagination like that of a child's. Some people find it strange, but I don't care. That's their opinion, not my problem.

But there are times I wonder: just who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why am I even here if I don't even fit in with everyone? Just why am I so different?

I shook my head against the pillow as I tried to bury myself further into the warm covers, not wanting to get up right now. It was Saturday morning. Why would anyone want to get up this early in the first place?

But, after tossing and turning for a good fifteen minutes in an attempt to fall asleep, I gave up trying and sat up. Something was buzzing in the back of my mind, a ringing sound going off in my ears as I turned to stare at the blinds that covered my window. The sun wasn't out yet and it was still dark, like there were rain clouds out or something.

Something was going to happen. I don't know how I could tell. It was just a feeling in my heart that, somewhere, somehow, something was about to happen. But why? What was about to happen?

Suppressing a sudden shudder that went up my spine, I got out and started to get dressed. I grabbed a white shirt with dark blue sleeves that had a tiger on the front with the elements of fire and air surrounding said tiger, a pair of dark blue pants, white socks with gray tips on the heel and toes, and one other article of clothing before I went into my two room bathroom (the sink and mirror in one room and the shower and other bathroom furniture in a smaller room) to get dressed. My shoes were in there already, so I wouldn't have to try to find them somewhere in the house.

Once all that was done and I walked out, I noticed something strange: my dog. She wasn't woofing at all. This was kind of strange since my door made a lot of squeaks when I opened and closed it. So why didn't she start woofing or come investigate?

Then again, she could be outside or something, so I guess there's really nothing to worry about. But I still couldn't get rid of that feeling; like something was wrong. Something was definitely going to happen.

I walked down the hallway toward the staircase, walking quietly so as to not disturb my parents as I stepped down the steps with cat-like grace and stealth. Nothing but silence greeted me. It wasn't really that strange since it was still early, but I would have thought that my dog would have come in already.


I froze. We didn't have any wind-chimes outside, nor did we have any bells that made that sound. It wasn't even windy outside!

A small, glowing orb of light suddenly appeared, bobbing up and down in the air. It must have noticed me standing at the foot of the staircase, because it made a sound I've never heard before as it as it floated toward me.

I had to duck to avoid getting hit in the head by the happily…squeaking orb (that's the closest I can get to describing the sound). The orb swung back around and hovered in front of me, making a strange noise that sounded suspiciously like "Umi". I stared nervously at the orb as it continued making the same sound over and over again. "H-Hello?" I asked uncertainly.

'Umi! Umi!' it responded, seeming to glow brighter when I spoke.

I relaxed a bit and watched the thing float around my head, curious as to what it was and how it got here. "Hey there," I said softly as I reached a hand up to it, which it happily danced around. This caused me to smile happily as I watched it. "What are you doing here?"

I don't know why, but I felt pretty calm about this strange thing. Normally people would probably have already run up to their room and locked their door before ducking under the covers, cowering like a newborn puppy.

Or I could very well have lost my mind. Hard to tell sometimes.

Without warning, the orb stopped dancing and shot forward, slamming into my chest as it knocked the breath from my lungs. To anyone that had been watching, the event only took a few seconds, but to me, the whole ordeal seemed to last forever. When the orb slammed into my chest, it began to sink into my body, like a ghost going through a wall, only, I could feel it moving forward.

As the orb vanished into my body, my knees gave out from underneath me, my vision began to fade as I fell toward the ground. Before I blacked out, I noticed the ground faded from wooden floor boards to a sky color, the ground far off below me as I continued to fall.

Darkness welcomed me with open arms.

'Oh man, my head!'

That was the first coherent thought I had as I came back from the land of the dead (hopefully not literally). A headache pounded at my head like a jackhammer, almost making it impossible to think clearly. I took my time trying to get rid of my headache, mostly because my chest was sore and that made it hard for me to breathe correctly without gasping in pain.

It took a few minutes, but my brain was finally able to focus long enough to register something tickling my face. It reminded me of the times that my cat tickled my face whenever he sniffed it. It also sounded like something was sniffing me…something big.

Despite the screams of my instinct telling me to keep still, I couldn't help but open my eyes slowly, the sunlight nearly blinding me as a fuzzy form appeared in my line of sight. The form began to clear up as my sight slowly returned, a muzzle being the first thing to appear. The more my vision began to clear, the more detail I saw.

My heart stopped.

Have you ever been face-to-face with a wolf? Or something closely related to a wolf? Well, take the head of a wolf and enlarge it to a certain degree, then add the large fangs of a dragon (European, most likely) and scales that went from the edge of its nose to the forehead, where it disappeared underneath a long mane of fur that extended from the head and neck all the way down the back. Also, add a pair of dragon wings, claws, and a dragon tail in place of some normal body parts. And instead of gray (or black) fur, it was white with bits of sky blue here and there.

That is what I'm seeing right now. That is what's scaring me out of my wits.

Now, if you will all excuse me for a moment…



The first scream was me, while the second scream came from the creature itself. Kind of hard to believe, but it was screaming in a human-like voice.

Of course, my brain was so focused on the thought 'I'm gonna die!' that I didn't really notice that little detail.

The screaming continued for a few moments before we scrambled away from each other. I got up and ran behind a large rock while the wolf-dragon-thing scrambled up a tree. I leaned against the stone like it was an impenetrable shield, my heart pounding away at my ribcage like a bird trapped in a very small cage.

Besides the blood pounding in my ears, everything was pretty much silent. I'm pretty sure that any birds that had been singing a while ago had stopped when we started screaming our lungs out.

'What in Mata Nui's name was that?' I wondered as I panted like a dog. Screaming always took a lot out of me. Don't know why, really.

After catching my breath, I poked my head over the stone to get a glimpse of…whatever it was. I could see it, but barely. A pair of long, muscular arms and thin legs gripped the tree-branch like it was a life-line, ice-burg-blue eyes stared at me through the green leaves, and long fur waved gently in the breeze that passed by as the leaves whistled a soft song.

We just stayed still for a while, watching each other as we mostly kept hidden behind our safe spots. Suddenly, as if by some unknown signal, we moved away from our hiding spots as slowly as slowly as possible, the creature climbing down from the tree and me stepping around the stone shelter. I can't really explain how, but for some very odd reason, it felt like I knew it from somewhere. Like I had seen it once before.


The answer never came as we walked carefully toward one another, neither of us taking our eyes off of each other. It walked on all four legs like an animal, and I walked on two, like a person walking up to the neighbor's dog on its leash.

Except this was not a dog, and there was nobody to keep it from attacking me.

When we were several feet away from each other, we stopped. Just stopped. Hazel eyes staring into ice-blue, almost human eyes, both of us curious about the other.

"Who are you?" I asked before I realized what I was doing.

The silence that ensued was almost deafening, only broken by the wind blowing by. Then, just as I was about to ask again (just for the sake of sanity), the creature stood up from its crouched position, towering over me by two inches. It opened its mouth and said in a girl's voice, "My name is Ben. Who are you?"

I stared up at Ben, completely calm, and said, "I'm Lauren."


I turned my head around by instinct and gasped.

Standing a few feet away from us, a gauntlet on his left hand crackling with electricity pointed at us, was a 7 foot tall being with gray, black, and purple armor and orange-violet eyes glaring at us.

"Don't move," he said in a dangerous tone.

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