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Summery: Vince McMahon smiled smugly as he thought of his newest acquisitions each one more dangerous than the other in one way or another. They were all sure to put more fans in the arenas and put down any opposition that came their' way thus meaning more money in his pocket. And perhaps he would finally have a solution to his Stone cold/Undertaker/Kane problem.

Abeebah Johns stood silently staring at the man who brought her and her siblings to Madison Square garden a few weeks ago. At the time the offer was made, the only thing Abeebah was thinking about was getting her family as fast and as far from Philadelphia as she possibly could. The rich white boy sitting before her now had just wandered into a bad situation. More accurately, he wandered into Abeebah's bad situation which included thick headed idiots who fashioned themselves to be drug dealers.

And, it just so happened the said wannabe drug dealers had set their' sights on Abeebah's home for their' base of operations. Abeebah opposed the idea, violently. And one Vincent McMahon who just happened to be driving by got caught in the crossfire. The 'drug dealers' had cornered Abeebah in the middle of a deserted 56th and Greenway. Everyone born in southwest Philly knew that particular street belonged to the more 'liberal' characters of Philadelphia, and knew better than to stay out late. Unfortunately for Abeebah feeding three other mouths required late nights and she got into fights frequently enough to have a reputation.

And it didn't help that her parents were rumored to be involved with cultist. It was this reputation they planned on using to instill fear for their' gang, and normally Abeebah wouldn't care as long as she was paid off, however she was all too familiar with complications. Complications like getting arrested, social services, and dead bodies left and right was something Abeebah had already had an abundance of in her short twenty years of life. She had every intention of avoiding getting into that lifestyle again. The wannabes were not in the least bit understanding and cornered her, five of them all decidedly bigger than Abeebah.

Vince could remember honking his horn and yelling for the delinquents to get out of the way, thinking it was just a bunch of punks congregating in the middle of the street. Annoyed one of the boys walked right up to Vince's open window and punched the multimillionaire in the face. Livid, Vince began to insult and threaten the youths. However this served as a much needed distraction for Abeebah, who kneed one of her captures' and head butted the other, then proceeded to methodically brutalize the remaining three who cornered her. Immediately, Vince was on his cell phone and calling the police as he watched Abeebah fight.

Vince noticed how skilled the seemingly average girl was. Every step was calculated to do the most damage with the least amount of effort. Every strike scored viciously on the most sensitive areas, meant to incapacitate permanently. He watched with a practiced eye as a girl that could be no more than 5'7 punch a guy twice her size in the throat and reverse said same elbow into the assailant that tried to attack her from behind. She rounded on the last one, and kicked the boy in the family jewels with crushing force.

However she didn't stop when they were down, if anything the girl became more viscous and stomped the downed males. Vince now took a moment to park his car, not in the least put off by the way caramel skinned beauty beat the living shit out of the punks. In fact he sat back and watched the show with morbid fascination as Abeebah kicked them while they were down. And Abeebah continued to do so until the cops arrived pulled her off of them. When asked why she didn't stop or run when she had a chance, Abeebah merely said, "Just because they were down doesn't mean they're out." One of the officers glared fiercely at the dark skinned young woman, "you admitting to manslaughter Ms. Johns?"

The she-brawler looked up and right into the man's eyes. It was the first time Mr. McMahon actually saw Abeebah's face. She wasn't beautiful in the classical sense. Her face still clung to its last ounce of baby fat, and she had an impressive scar from above her right eye all the way down to her chin. However it were it were Abeebah's eyes that caught Vince's attention. Almost luminescent hazel depths regarded the man questioning her with chilling apathy. "In order to do that they'd have to be dead officer, and believe me if I were aiming to kill them they wouldn't be alive."

The owner of the WWF was impressed, not only did the look on her face scream that she was capable of doing what she said but her body language echoed her facial expression ominously. However the cop either was too blind or too stupid because he continued to sneer at her, secure in the assumption he had Abeebah by the throat, "Attempted man slaughter and obstruction of justice." Everyone was surprised when Abeebah merely cocked her head with a mildly amused quirk of her full lips. "Petty at best and perhaps the dumbest charges I've ever heard at worse and coming from me, now that's saying something."

The man's partner grabbed his fellow officer's shoulder. "Come on Green back off already, it was self defense." Mr. McMahon wondered idly if steam could actually blow out of someone's ears. "You haven't been here long Mitchell so I'll let go," he turned his belligerent gaze on to Abeebah, "this time." Abeebah shrugged off his glare without comment and turned to leave. "Wait", Vince knew potential when he saw it and wasn't about to let it pass, "Ms. Johns was it? Vince McMahon, I have a business proposition for you if you'll give me a moment of your time?" Recognition flashed across those beautifully hard eyes, "alright but perhaps we should speak in my home."

The old man smiled charmingly and nodding his assent followed her to the smallest house on the block. Abeebah's house was slightly intimidating with only the light of the moon casting long and complicated patterned shadows across its green and gray surface. Nevertheless he followed her inside and was surprised by what he seen. The living room was alight with minimal candle light spread throughout the entire room and was tastefully decorated with a modest couch and a trunk that doubled as a coffee table. Abeebah moved further into the living room and shrugged off her coat without so much as a backward glance toward Vince revealing the corded muscles of her forearms.

Sitting down on the couch Abeebah finally looks at the businessman in the eye and silently points to the love seat across from her. Vince smiled charmingly at her and sat down. "Abeebah?" Vince raised an eyebrow at the sight of a young man entering the living room from the open kitchen area. He was tall, not incredibly so but just scraping the six foot mark. Pale golden skin glowed in the candle light over heavily set muscles. Green/brown eyes looked down at Vince appraisingly with such barely leashed intensity he was painfully reminded of one of his newer wrestlers. "He's cool, Mr. McMahon this is my brother Brandon, Brandon get Delia and Evan please."

Brandon looked surprised, but didn't question his sister as he went up the steps to do as his sister said. Abeebah turned her attention back to the businessman before her. She had a limited knowledge of the man whom sat before her; just what her youngest brother had said as he was the only one of them that watched wrestling. And Evan's descriptions of the man was not flattering, to put it politely the description started with f and ended in f. Abeebah quirked an amused half smile thinking about the vehement aversion Evan had toward the world wrestling federation's owner. "I don't mean to be intrusive but you seem to be very young-

"I'm twenty years old Mr. McMahon my parents died four years ago." The owner of the WWF noticed that her voice was not at all defensive, no anger, no sorrow, not even out right flatness, just commenting on fact. Not for the first time Vince was chilled. "So, what is this proposition you were talking about earlier, I seriously doubt you want me as an employee," Abeebah reclined further into the couch. Mimicking her posture Vince again put on a disarming smile, "actually I think you'd make an excellent addition to the WWF." "WHAT?!" They both looked up only to see Brandon had returned and he wasn't alone.

Accompanying the burley young man, was a tall willowy girl and an equally slender boy. The disbelieving yell came from the boy whose hazel eyes were so much like Abeebah's it was almost eerie. "Mr. McMahon may I introduce you to my other siblings Delia and Evan," Abeebah pointedly looked toward her youngest brother. Seeing the look Evan cast his eyes downward, knowing better than to argue with Abeebah when she gave him that look. Vince nodded in acknowledgement to the two new arrivals and studied both in turn.

Evan was obviously the youngest and the smallest of the four siblings. However, Vince could tell that the boy's stature couldn't hide his inner strength which was made prominent by the way he held himself. This one was proud and watched him hostility through lowered lashes. Delia, like Brandon, watched with wary curiosity, her dark eyes swung between her sister and him. Delia like her sister could be no more than 5'7 in height, but while Abeebah wasn't classically beautiful, her sister was. Delia's caramel skin was unmarred and unblemished in any way. Her figure was a perfect slender hour-glass, that was being displayed perfectly by the feminine nightgown she wore.

Delia held herself with the easy confidence of knowing she was beautiful, and knowing how to use that beauty to her own ends. Vince ran his eyes the length of Delia from head to toe and back, a new proposition quickly coming to mind. "Ms. Johns, the confrontation in which you were involved earlier brought something to my attention you have potential, and I would like to see that potential cultivated in the world wrestling federation," smoothly as Thai silk Vince laid out his offer before Abeebah.

They would start as soon as possible with training and getting her used to fighting in front of crowds, traveling, and doing publicity events. And steadily he watched as one by one each of the siblings became more interested until they started to interact with him and ask questions. However Abeebah remained silent throughout the entire conversation, and Vince began to worry that the one he came for in the first place had lost interest. "So do you have any question Ms. Johns?" He knew calling her on her silence was a gamble, but Vince recognized long before he entered Abeebah's house, that dealing with the woman would be a gamble.

Abeebah shrugged her shoulders, "my siblings are doing fine by themselves, and I didn't want to interrupt." There it was again, Abeebah's quiet humor, that seemed to have no end as if she knew something that no one else did, and wasn't about to share. Vince had to force himself to smile back as his annoyance raised. Suddenly, Abeebah's eyes narrowed, and her lips no longer held the slightly teasing half smirk. Her posture was still non-threatening; however the look on her face was enough to put him on edge.

"Now let's get down to the niddy gritty, I see how you look at my brother and sister and if they want to join than so be it," she glanced at Brandon and Delia, "that is they're decision to make." Again she turned her attention to McMahon, "As for me I'm honored by this opportunity and will gladly take you up on your offer so long as Evan is allowed to come with me." Vince held back the urge to smile smugly and made it a point to hold out his hand in a clear show of sealing the deal, "meet me at the Lincoln memorial stadium a week from now, we headed for New Jersey."

Slowly Abeebah sat forward and grasped the McMahon's hand in a firm grip. "See you then." Vince left soon after with a few more details of their' deal being worked out. Numbers were exchanged, along with general information and the millionaire was on his way. And as soon as he was gone Abeebah's siblings rounded on her, questions clear as day on their' faces. Abeebah merely gave them her customary amused half grin and waited to see who would crack first.

"Beebs, what the fuck?!" It figured Delia would break before Evan. Abeebah shrugged, "our 'little problem' became a big problem, we need to get the hell out of dodge," lazily she rolled her head to the side to look at Evan, "so, his deal good or what?" Evan grimaced, "from what I know the deal's solid but McMahon is full of shit." Abeebah let out a harsh bark of laughter, "nothing new then." Brandon sighed and grasped a lock of Abeebah's long hair and gave it an affectionate yank. "What happened to 'liking' the boredom of a normal life?"

"If boredom includes a bullet in the ass then I think its time to move on," she informed Brandon wryly. Her three younger siblings looked at each other over Abeebah's relaxed form. "Point," they conceded simultaneously. "Ok then, since were all in agreement go to bed," Abeebah hauled herself off the sofa, "we have a lot to do tomorrow." And a week later the Johns' siblings found themselves at the Lincoln memorial stadium with the few possessions they didn't want to give up, being introduced to Vince McMahon's technical staff as well as his wife Linda. Their' things were loaded into the bus they would be traveling to New York with the crew in.

And then they were introduced to their' trainers, a one Adam Copeland also known as Edge and one Joan Laurer otherwise known as Chyna. Abeebah knew even less about these people than she did of their' boss and wasn't particularly impressed by either. 'Edge' was a classic California blond with his thousand watt smile, and excitable tendency to be overly chatty. Chyna was polite but distinctly flexing her overly developed muscles at them, a clear show of territorial dominance. Abeebah didn't care but she could see Delia silently fuming.

She sighed and cast a sidelong look toward Brandon silently asking him to speak so she didn't have to. Brandon caught the look and held back the urge to roll his eyes, it was always like this, Abeebah rarely liked to deal with other people's personal problems. Emotions weren't her forte', so if there were so much as a hint of emotional issues, she'd usually pass if off on him. Normally, he didn't mind, but after a week of dealing with his own issues, plus saying goodbye to everything he ever knew was putting a strain on him. So Brandon gave her glance that clearly stated she was on her own this time. Abeebah couldn't bring herself to be anything but mildly annoyed with her brother.

Chyna looked at the newest arrivals, and her eyes were immediately drawn to the eldest. The girl wasn't overly tall or muscled, for that matter in fact the only think really different about that the ninth wonder of the world could see was the prominent scar down the right side of her face. Yet Chyna couldn't help but be angered by the way the brat looked at her dismissively. She smiled nastily, "Abeebah is a bit of a mouthful mind if I call you Scarface?" Evan, Brandon, and Delia were insulted on their' sister's behalf but said nothing as they saw the absolutely feral grin on Abeebah's face and amused glint in her eyes.

"Three syllables too much for ya? It's alright Chyna just call me Morte." Edge laughed loudly at Triple H's bodyguard, "damn Chyna that was one hell of a burn you need some ice for that?" The strong woman glared at the brood member, and rounded on Mr. McMahon, saying that she would never train such an egotistical child, and stormed off without so much as another word. Vince looked furious for a moment. However Linda put her hand on his shoulder saying that it was probably for the best, and that she would find another to take Chyna's place.

Vince visibly calmed down, and thanked his wife before turning his attention back to the Johns siblings. "Morte?" Abeebah shrugged, "My family always had a bit of a reputation superstitious neighbors did the rest." Vince looked mildly interested, as he had seen mention of the nickname when he went to do a background check on the Johns siblings, however there was no mention as to why Abeebah was christened Death. Mercifully Linda interrupted him from asking 'why' she was given the nickname. "Alright if your death what does that make you," Mrs. McMahon asked with a raised eyebrow toward Abeebah's younger siblings.

Delia gave the CEO a grin that echoed Abeebah's earlier expression almost perfectly, "Viluppo." Brandon crossed his arms with a sigh; "Guerra and short stuff over here is Lue." Evan glared at his brother but said nothing. "Those are perfect ring names, if you all would consider it." Delia stared at Linda, "no offense to Evan," she nodded to her little brother, "but he won't be wrestling or getting involved in the ring in any way." Brandon and Abeebah nodded in agreement, and though he was annoyed Evan understood that he was still pretty much a kid, and more likely to get hurt no matter how skilled he was. Wrestling wasn't street brawling. He knew that even better than his older siblings. But then he got an idea, "I can be your assistant."

Incredulous Edge looked down at the boy, "aren't you a bit young for that." Evan's eyes ignited with scorching distain, "I'm old enough." Abeebah watched the blond back down in what she was sure was a rare sign of intelligence. Linda smiled, "I think that could work out fine, do you agree Vince." Her husband nodded, "now that, that's out of the way here's your' contracts." Vince handed Abeebah, Brandon, and Delia each a contract respectively, and gave them a few minutes to read it over to see if they were satisfied before the siblings signed.

Linda and Vince welcomed them to the WWF, using their' new ring names and shaking their' hands. Afterward, Edge ushered them onto the bus they were taking to New York, and talked to each of them for most of the trip. Edge wanted to get a feel for his three new students, and Evan turned out to be a great source of information on each of their' fighting styles, and how it could be translated into wrestling moves. It turned out that each of his new students were all very aggressive fighters, with a wide array of dirty moves that would put some of the worst in the WWF to shame. Delia for instance, made it a habit to always wear at least three heavy rings, bracelets and spiked heels for good measure to add more force behind her blows.

She wasn't above pulling out hair or going for the eyes either. Brandon while not quite as colorful with his brand of fighting was just as brutal his style being focused on either damaging the head, back, or both permanently if possible. However, Abeebah was the most methodical out of the three. Evan described her fighting style as more like a wild animal hunting rather than an actual style. Abeebah could spot even the most well hidden opening, and would go at like a hyena to a fresh kill.

Her arsenal ranged from moves from classical martial arts to down and dirty street fighting. Edge flinched when the youngest Johns went on to explain his sister's 'signature move'. The nutcracker was a technique where Abeebah would soccer kick a male opponent so hard in the groin that they would be lifted off the ground. "Usually I do it with steel-toed boots," Abeebah added with a shrug. That was another thing that the conversation between the Canadian superstar and the Johns siblings was made abundantly clear.

All of them even the youngest had a level of sadism that Edge had only seen among the darker crowd in the locker room. And he felt slightly ill thinking about what could have caused such a trait to emerge in ones so young. One thing for sure it was going to be one hell of a ride training them. Three weeks and countless sessions later, and Edge couldn't have been more right. It had been a long and hard journey, to turn the no holds bard brawling the three siblings had used all their' lives into wrestling moves that though harmful were not lethal.

Most of the time the Johns' would use each other to demonstrate to Edge what 'legal' moves they did know, while Evan helped edit the moves that were not. Between the two of them they managed to tailor a sizable arsenal for Abeebah, Brandon, and Delia. Some of the superstars even stopped to watch them. This was especially true when Mankind Maguire had wondered past, just in time to see Brandon perform his newly invented move, T.N.P. The T.N.P was a variation of the infamous torture rack, but instead of grabbing an arm and a leg across the shoulders, Brandon grabbed the arms right under the armpits and flexed his shoulders, so that the arms would bend backwards in an unnatural angle.

Foley was impressed by the move, but was even more impressed with his sister's counter. While Delia still dangled precariously from her brother's back, she wrapped her arms around Brandon's throat, and pulled down with all her weight into a neck breaker. The counter worked well, making the six foot boy drop to his knees and allowing Delia to slide off his back with a gasp. After both of them caught their' breath, and regained their' footing, they stood glaring at each other. "Was that really necessary?" Delia smirked as she always did when she was in the mood to cause total carnage, "necessary, no, satisfying, most definitely." Mick Foley shook his head and went on his way.

Brandon smirked right back and they went back to using each other as test dummies for their' new moves, while Edge worked with Abeebah to perfect hers. However Edge couldn't train with the three of them all the time, because of his position as a member of the brood, and being a wrestler in general so when he was attending to his other duties Sable, Chyna's replacement took over. The diva was wary of all four of them especially when she found out what their' ring names meant. But after spending hours talking with surprisingly Delia, while the WWF roster traveled from New Jersey to New York, the blond haired bombshell warmed up to the other three Johns siblings.

She even helped them with designing their' ring gear. And on their' sixth week of training, Evan ran into the temporary gym that had just been set up back stage the night before. Abeebah, Brandon, and Delia were already there and warming up. He dropped the three packages he'd been carrying on the mat catching their' attention immediately. They instantly took notice of the outfit he was wearing. Their' little brother was wearing a suite. Evan was dressed suavely in gray button up shirt with white pin stripes with an Asian cut black jacket over it.

Abeebah raised an eyebrow when she caught sight of a dapple gray horse patch sewn on his sleeve. Abeebah's eyebrow swiftly elevated even further when she spotted the crisp white sneakers peaking out from under the pant legs of his black dress pants. Over all, the entire outfit made Evan look very mature while still being physically functional as well. Delia and Brandon were on their' feet in a blink of the eye, and congratulating the youngest of them on his new attire. Abeebah hung back; even with no one there to witness it she wasn't comfortable with public displays of affection, so instead she waited for Brandon and Delia to give Evan hugs before moving forward herself and popping his collar.

Evan gave his eldest sister one of his rare heart stopping smiles at the small gesture of approval. Then he pointed to the boxes he dropped on the mat just moments ago. "Those are yours' take a look." Almost in sync Abeebah, Brandon, and Delia rolled their' eyes and did as they were told. Written on each of the boxes in bold letters were their' ring names, and each of them opened their' package respectively. Delia squealed at the sight of her ring attire and immediately ran off without saying a word.

Abeebah didn't know whether she should be annoyed, or not since they all knew that Delia was just going to try her stuff on. She looked down at her own outfit and felt a minute smile spreading across her lips. The steel gray cotton of her new gi was surprisingly soft against her calloused fingers tips. And stitched into the collar was a beautiful white horse. Looking up Abeebah could see Brandon raise his navy blue pants, which had a golden stallion sewn on the right knee. He smirked, "you think somebody is trying to tell us something."

She snorted, "they want a gimmick, and what better gimmick than the legendary four horsemen of the Apocalypse." Brandon rolled his massive shoulders and sighed. "The shoe fits, why not just wear it?" "Because the shoe is a ratty, raggedy, worn out piece of shit," she quipped back. Hoarse laughter answered her. Simultaneously all three of them looked up just in time to see Sable stumble and faint right onto the unforgiving concrete floor. She was bleeding from the mouth.

Brandon dropped his new ring attire and swiftly made his way to Sable's side, Abeebah right behind him. Kneeling down he checked the blonds pulse, and sighed in relief when he felt a weak but steady rhythm. The burly teenager glanced at his sister, "she's going to need a doctor." Abeebah shot her brother an amused look, "I'm supposed to be the manipulative one," and a hint of worry crept in her voice. There was no telling who was Sable's attacker and if said attacker was still in the vicinity, and there was no way in hell she would let Evan leave either of their' sights.

Brandon's eyes softened, when his sister was like this he felt like doing anything she said. Brandon looked down quickly avoiding eye contact. "I learned from the best," he gazed steadily down at Sable's broken form; "she needs a doctor." Abeebah stood with a sigh, "don't go anywhere," and without a backwards glance she went to find help. The dark haired brawler stalked down the halls of Madison square garden carefully. There were few people who would show up this early in the morning and Abeebah wasn't too keen on getting caught off guard. She glanced around a corner to see one of Vince's personal assistants coming her way.

"Hey," the mousy looking assistant jumped and Abeebah quickly relaxed her stance so as not to scare the little man anymore as she had already done. But before Abeebah could say anything he spoke, "M- Ms. Morte M- McMa- McMahon would like t- to see y- you in his o- office." Abeebah wanted to snarl, "Fine, can you do me a favor," at the terrified man's hasty nod she continued, "Call 911 my brothers are in the gym with Sable, she's been attacked." Abeebah never seen anyone move so fast, in the time it took her to blink the assistant was already down the hall and running toward the makeshift gym.

For a moment Abeebah seriously considered going back to the gym and ignoring Mr. McMahon's summons but common sense kicked in telling her she was not that valuable to the pompous businessman yet. Tilting her head back, Abeebah forcibly relaxed her muscles once more and walked to where Vince's 'office' was set up. The door was already open and Vince and someone else were inside waiting for her. Vince stood from his seat with a sly smile that she was quickly finding annoying.

"Ah, there you are come in, Morte there is someone I'd like you to meet," Vince beckoned the dark haired youth to enter and she did so with a small smile on her lips. She didn't even bother looking at the person sitting in front of McMahon's desk, as she plopped down in the seat next to them. "Sorry I took so long Mr. McMahon Sable has been attacked". Immediately a worried frown crossed the owner of the WWF's face. Abeebah wondered if he was worried about Sable, or the matches he has to cancel now that the blond haired diva was taken out. "Is she alright?"

She shrugged empathically, "Sable was bleeding from the mouth when I left her with Guerra and Lue, and the assistant you sent after me should be calling 911." Vince sat right back in his seat and laced his fingers together, "I'll see to whoever did this is punished severely you have my word." Now Abeebah was truly amused and let her smile widen minutely. "Whatever happens to Sable's attacker is none of my business Mr. McMahon, please save your assurances for Sable." Now the man who was sitting silently next to her actually looked her way.

Acid green eyes stared holes in the side of her head, but Abeebah has been glared at by worse, namely her father. "Now who is it that you wanted to introduce me to?" Vince cleared his throat uncomfortably, "Morte this is the Undertaker he'll be your tag team partner for your debut tonight." Finally Abeebah glanced at the man sitting next her. He was a giant just as Evan had described with hair that was a dark auburn and eyes an impossible shade of green. And when she met that calculating gaze with her own, Abeebah felt a slow warming in the pit of her stomach and fought the feeling of shock that wanted slither up her spine. She only felt this level of awareness with three other human beings all of them were her siblings.

Abeebah didn't like it, not one bit but hid it well with her smile and easy grace as she stood from her seat, "until tonight then." She left without another word. Vince let her go without saying 'whom' she and the Undertaker were going up against. He turned his gaze to the man still sitting before him. Taker was staring after the dark skinned female an intense look in his eyes. Immediately another scheme came to mind and Vince cleared his throat to get his employee's attention. It worked; the dead man swung his gaze toward his boss an indistinguishable look on his face. "Who is she," Undertaker's voice finally rumbled throughout his office.

Vince smirked, "Morte is one of Sable's protégées. She is the oldest." "And the others?" "Guerra, Viluppo, and Lue are her younger siblings," Vince searched the younger man's face for any hint of emotion, "she is impressive to watch." A flash of 'something' crossed the normally stoic visage, but it was gone as quickly as it came. "She is a child." Vince's answering smirk was not reassuring, "Morte is a remarkable wrestler, and I'm sure she will live up to her name and perhaps meet even your high expectations." The McMahon was just answered by Undertaker's blank stare. Slowly the red head stood to his feet, the entire weight of his stare focused on Vince McMahon from the lofty height of the Undertaker's 6'10 frame.

"She better or her suffering will be compared nothing to yours." And with that he left. As soon as he was out of earshot Vince laughed in triumph, finally he had a way to manipulate the Undertaker further into his grasp. Morte had down well without even knowing it. Vince McMahon smiled smugly as he thought of his newest acquisitions, each one more dangerous than the other in one way or another. They were all sure to put more fans in the arenas, and put down any opposition that came their' way, thus meaning more money in his pocket. And perhaps he would finally have a solution to his Stone cold/Undertaker/Kane problem.