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He lifted his head to look at the red neon numbers, 4:03. He slowly lifted himself out of the bed, trying not to wake his partner. He ran a hand through his hair before collecting his discarded clothes. As he slowly slid his cloths on, he looked at the girl in bed, trying to remember her name. He was not surprised when he saw blond hair, the rest, was a blur. He remembered a party and drinks; the rest was lost with time. He slowly edged out of the room, into darkness.

As he reached ground level, he shook his head at the mess. Beer, cups, chips, salsa, furniture, curtains, and bodies littered the floor. This was the reason he rarely threw parties at his house, the aftermath. No way in hell he would want to clean this place up, stupid son of a bitch, he mused as he made his way to the front door.

He pulled his keys out of his pocket and made his way towards his car. This was his life, like it or hate; this was his life, no way around that. He pushed the key into the ignition, wishing it would not start. If it started, it would mean his life was the same. Go to parties, get trashed, sleep with some bimbo, wake up, go home and do it all over again next week.

Alas, it did start, just like all the previous nights. He sighed and pushed his fingers through his tousled hair. He shook his head as he slowly stepped on the gas peddle. This was his life. Some people killed to have parents that do not care what time you crawl into to bed after being out all night. They do not question you when you say you're going out, they stay out of your way and let you live your life, with no the parental guidance. They let you fuck up and when you do, they tell you to do better next time, no punishment, no yelling, no nothing.

Hell, if teens wanted parents like that then they could happily have his. Let them learn how lonely it is, only having parents around when it suits them. Knowing that the people that brought you into this world could give a rat's ass about you. When they did pay attention to you, it was to use you, to make themselves look better. This was the payment for living the life you want. Just like in Bedazzled, every wish has strings attached to it.

He slowly pressed on the brakes and came to a rolling stop outside his house. It is one thing to say you are going to change your life; it is another to have the courage to do so. He lost count of how many times he promised himself he was going to change the life he hated, but like just as his parents do, he kept breaking that promise. Therefore, he slowly stopped promising himself he was going to change and started wishing for the courage to do so.

He closed his eyes and ran his hand over his face. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down at the clock, four-twenty. He rubbed his eyes and slowly opened the door, leaving the keys in the ignition, hoping someone might come along and see them. The loud 'thump' of his door closing rang through the quiet neighborhood. He leaned back against the door and looked toward the sky, the stars were not out, and it was cloudy, that much he could tell. He closed his eyes and inhaled the night air. It was going to rain; he could smell the humidity in the air. He could hear the low rumble of the thunder in a distance.

If there was one thing he loved, it was rain. It was like a cleansing, ridding the earth of peoples sins. When it rained, he felt an eerie calm wash over him and for once in his life, felt ok. He did not feel like shit, as if he was worthless. He forgot about all of his life worries, forgot about his reputation. He forgot about how meaningless his life was. When it rained, he was at peace and was the person he wanted to be. But as soon as it stopped, his worries and reputation came back.

At that thought, he broke out of his thoughts and opened his eyes. He sighed before pushing off the car and making his way down the path of his pre-planned life.