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WARNING: Rory is slightly different in this story then she is in the show! So, please don't tell me that i'm writing her wrong, she needs to be like this...i swear i have my reason!

She sighed as she rolled onto her back. She had been tossing and turning for the past sixty-minuets, trying to find a comfortable position. She lifted her head to try to look at her clock but discovered she had to roll over, again. She flopped around on her bed until she was lying on her tummy. 4:03. She buried her head in her pillow; she had to be up in two hours. She did not know why she was so restless to night. Maybe it was because she was starting Chilton tomorrow – or this morning. Once again, she flipped over until she was back on her back. She sighed once more before throwing the covers off her legs. Immediately regretting it as the cold night air hit her skin. She sat up, wrapping her arms around her stomach, trying to keep from shivering.

She threw her legs over the edge, letting her toes explore the ground before getting up and trying to kind a pair of night pants to throw over her boxers. She blindly felt along the ground, knowing her pants she had on earlier were on the ground. At the feel of something cotton in her hand she wrapped her fingers around it and stood up, pulling her pants over her legs. She walked over to her desk chair and picked up the jacket that was hanging off the chair. She walked toward her door and grasped her hand around the doorknob. She paused as she shuffled her feet into her house shoes before opening the door.

She silently walked over to the back door, unlocking the dead bolt. She gently nudged the door open with her shoulder. Tears stung her eyes as the cold night air blew into her face. She released the knob, as she made sure the door was shut. She walked around the porch until she reached the swing in the front. She sat down on the swing, tucking her feet under her as she looked up at the night sky. She let out a deep breath – she was starting Chilton this morning. Wow, she thought, never thought this was going to happen.

She pulled her jacket tighter as the wind kicked up. She watched as the wind blew the stack of leafs her and her mother raked up earlier that day – after they played in them, of course. She smiled at the memory. She looked up at the tree that was by the garage, the top branches swayed side to side as the wind blew through them. She listened; one could hear the wind howling. She listened to the comforting sound, knowing a storm was in the works.

She was going to her dream school in the matter of hours, she mused. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the back of the swing. She always liked coming out here when she could not sleep, even when it was raining. There was something calm and relaxing about coming out in the middle of the night, it was like stepping into another universe. To her, it brought calm – somewhat of an eerie calm, like all her problems and worries vanished. No one – not even her mother knew she loved the weather, especially watching a storm develop. It helped her clear her mind and think straight if she was ever in a bind.

When she was out here, no one could touch her – this was her world. She welcomed the sound of thunder in a distance. When she walked back through that front door, she had to be the perfect daughter again. She never allowed her mother to know this side of her; this was a side of her she wanted to keep a secret. She did feel a little guilty about it; her mother was her best friend. But some times, instead of a best friend, she wanted a mother. Some one who would ground her if she said or did something wrong, some one who would not put up with her princess attitude.

Her mother knew no one was perfect but she could not help the pressure that she felt from her, to be the perfect daughter. Then throw her grandparents into the mix, they treated her better then they did their own daughter. Like they were re-living Lorelai through Rory.

She loved the relationship she had with both her mother and grandparents she just wanted room to be herself. To feel like she did not have to live up to their expectations.

She felt her cell phone through the material of her jacket. She pulled it out and flipped it up, to look at the time, 4:20. She sighed, she could set out here for an hour and it felt two. She was tired, not because she got very little sleep but tired of her life. She knew what she wanted and knew how to change it; she just did not have the courage too. She sighed as she stood, hoping the storm would bring her something. She took one last look at the dark sky as thunder rolled through.

She smiled to herself before frowning and making her way back into her life that was in the progress of being planned.

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