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Chapter 18-Monogamy is furniture wood, right?

"How come you never told me about Estelle?" Jeff asked me, his face illuminated by the candles on the table. I drank some of my wine and chewed a piece of steak;

"Because she's my estranged sister."

"How come?" he frowned and took a sip of his wine. I laughed

"Jeff, some Internet source isn't sat around the corner watching you drink, you know. But I'd be careful with that twitch your right shoulder seems to be doing" Jeff's face relaxed and laughed along with me. Thank God he'd forgotten his previous unanswered question. Estelle is not going to ruin this dinner.


"Mmmhmm?" I looked up at him from my plate. He smiled and got hold of my hand

"I love you."

Did he just? Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. This is not happening. I cannot fall in love whilst she is here. My reasoning however, is far too late.

"I love you too, Jeffy."

"He told me he loved me!" I grabbed hold of Mel's hand and screamed

"Oh Ams! You're in love!" She had barely said these three words before her face crumpled into tears. Dave. It had to be because of Dave.

"What's he done now?" I asked, pulling my Sidekick towards me from the edge of the bed.

"It's all this stuff with his ex wife" she sobbed "him constantly bringing her into things, saying he still loves her and that he's not over her"

"And then saying he loves you to death?" I finished. She nodded;

"I was so stupid, Amber. I thought he wanted me for me"

"Not for...a rebound?" I guessed and she nodded. I'll kill him when I see him next. She's such a sweet person...how dare he do this to her? "Wait here. I have a visit to make"

"Amber!" Mel called after me as I stormed out of the room "You're still in your evening gown!"

"I don't care!" I yelled back, furiously dialling Paul's cell as I waited for the elevator

"Hey Ams. To whom do I owe the pleasure of you calling me?" He sounded amused, like he knew what I was ringing for

"What room are you in?"

"209. I have company"

"Good. I've found him then" I ended the call and hit the '2' button in the elevator. It stopped on the 4th floor to pick somebody up.

"Oh Jesus, Estelle. I cannot handle you right now" I groaned

"You look good. Off somewhere with Jeff?" she ignored my statement with a smile

"Been somewhere with Jeff. Am now off to ki-nevermind. I hate you, remember? You cost me my job, again."

She rolled her eyes "It was a joke. God, Amber, lighten up."

"When you weren't here I was the epitome of 'light'. I was also Queen Bee"

"Queen Bitch more like." Estelle laughed. I turned to her and laughed. My sister and I truly are two peas in a pod.

The elevator stopped on the 2nd floor "This is me. I'll see you later kid." I kissed her on the cheek and walked onto the corridor. As the doors shut, I swear I heard her mutter 'But you won't see him'.

Estelle's mutterings never bode well for anyone.

As soon as Paul opened his door, I flew into the room and prepared myself for one hell of a slanging match.

"Ahh, Amber. How nice of you to join us" Dave smiled. It seriously took all of my willpower not to crack him in the face right then. Instead, I ignored him.

"You bastard. Do you have any idea what you're doing to Mel? Save your innuendo's too, Dave."

He looked surprised "I love Melina."

"You also love your ex wife, which you make painfully obvious eveytime you open your damn mouth!" I screamed "How the hell do you think that makes Melina feel? You saying you love Angie all the time? That she's the love of your life? You know full well what Mel sacrificed to be with you. You treat her like dirt"

His face darkened "I love Mel to death. You have no idea how I treat her"

I just rolled my eyes "Think about everything I've said to you, Dave. We used to be 'close', didn't we? I know you pretty well. Just trust me"

I kissed Paul on the cheek and hugged him on my way out of the room. As I was walking back to the elevator, I bumped into Randy.

"You look beautiful" he smiled. If it was possible for a human being to melt from a mere smile, I would've been a puddle right then.

I smiled back "Thank you." Oh Lord, I am not a commitment girl. Don't they make furniture out of monogamy?

He took my arm and walked wordlessly down the corridor with me; stopping outside his room. He opened the door "Shall we?"