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"Now, since you asked earlier, as for me, I'm taking a long-delayed

rest. Maybe you'll see me and maybe you won't, but I'll be damned if I

ever go sticking myself into a piece of steel again!"

(need storm breaking)

she really needs be be more careful because if that's not tempting fate i don't know what is!


need had been resting comfortably in the havens enjoying the afore mentioned well deserved rest when she felt the wake of power signaling the arrival of one of the star eyed goddesses avatars wash over her. She knew what that meant they needed her to do something. maybe if i ignore im the'll go away? she thought hopefully and continued to pretend to be asleep. There was an aggravated sigh.

"i know your not asleep need quite the act, this is important!"

"make me!" was her peevish response you'd have never known that she was nearly 4000 years old would you?

"neeed!" was the suffering reply to that had her eyes been open she'd have seen the puppy dog eye to go with it. need sighed and and cracked her eyes open for a moment big mistake puppy dog eyes hitting her full force it was only a few more moments before need finally relented and got up form her spot under the tree.

"fine what?"

" your help is needed somewhere and the star eyed decided that you were perfect for the job."

"what kind of help?"

" advice mostly there a group of new souls that are going to need help ma'ar is back he's called

mobiuse now."


"you still haven't heard the best part yet need."

"what would that be?" the dawnfires grin just got bigger, it then dawned on need like sunrise for a vampire what she was getting at.

"NO! no no no and NO! i swore id never get stuck in another chunk of steel again!"


"i swear ill get you back for this dawnfire!" snapped need as she was waiting to be transferred to her new body. They had just finished computers 101 for ancient swords so to speak so need knew what she was in for this time. and she had grudgingly agreed that being mobile as one of theses cars had its advantages.

"im sure you will" was dawnfires wary response knowing full well that for once the sword actually meant it. Need grinned malevolently at her.

"now you remember what i told you about who you can tell about who you really are right?"

"yes,yes i remember i can tell the cars but not the drivers until ma'ar makes his move and im forced to reveal myself or ma'ar just out and tells them."

"right and now its time for you to go." need just snorted as everything went black and she felt as if she was moving at great speed to somewhere. well here goes nothing.


"is the new AI awake yet?" asked kitt curiously as bonnie and several technicians poked and prodded the computers attached to the CPU. checking systems over before the new AI was fully awake.

"not quite yet kitt, why don't you go check on her?you can be the first to say high"

"ok!" kitt said cheerfully and he turned his attention to the private link that all the AI's shared. carefully going down the new link to kas.

only when he got there he did not find what he was expecting to . instead of a young rather impressionable AI he found a mind that was so ancient he could'nt fully comprehend it. He sensed it smile at him and say quietly.

"hello what would your name be child?" kitt just sat frozen in shock for several seconds before answering.

" im kitt and who are you your not kas!" she just chuckled at him.

"so my new name here is kas ahe? Not too bad could have been worse."

"but? who are you? your not kas!"

"in truth child yes i am kas its only that kas isent just kas i am also need and im well over 4000 years



"call me an old lady and you will regret it."

"yes mam"

"so tell me what to expect once i have to talk to your friends?"

"which ones?"

"humans first"

"well theirs my driver Michael he'll no dought just be confused by the fact that your really so old!"

"what did i tell you about calling me old?"

"...not too?"

"quite right and you cant tell your driver im anything other than kas either"


"it would be very confusing for them and now is not the time for that."

"who are you really then?"

"once apone a time i was a human, i sealed my soul into a sword in order to save the apprentices of the

school were i was a mage smith." the dead silence that followed this was almost solid. I think i stunned

him a but to much... she thought idly waiting for kitt to snap out of his current daze.

"what...?how is that possible?!" need just chuckled.

"magic child just magic."

"...MAGIC? magic isent real"

"yes it is and it is the reason im here now"

"ok... asuming magic is real why is it the reason your here?"said kitt who was still confused at how magic of all things could be real.

"well in my last battle before i was destroyed and brought here i helped to kill a very evil creature named Ma'ar he had killed BILLIONS of people and had even found a way to cheat death and was nearly as old as me. i had truly thought we had had a fool proof way to kill him and dam well make sure he stayed dead but Nooooooo."

"what dose that have to do with anything not that the story was'nt interesting off course." said kitt

"Ma'ar came mobeius"

"...that is not good"

"THAT is an understatement of monumental proportions."

"so your here to help?"

"yes kitt i am and ill be teaching you and the other AIs some of the magic that i used to specialize in."

"your are?! what kind?"

"shielding mostly you may think your armor is powerful now but by the time im done with you, you could go to hell and back and not get so much as a scorch mark for your troubles."


need smiled amused at the excited antics of the young AI's as they raced around the massive jet playing what seemed to be a modified form of tag. modified meaning one was usually run over rather than tagged.

"need come on already!"

"im to old to play games like that kitt and you know it!"

"so your admitting to being an old lady?" answered kitt slyly. The dark blue scanner bar on the front of the sliver corvette stingray stopped dead.

"what did you say?"

"i said! are you admitting to being an old lady?"

"LIKE HELL I AM!" need all but roared before rocketing out of skyone and nearly running kitt over. kitt just laughed having gotten to the old sword finally and shot out into the melee that need had just joined.


"so has kas's driver been picked yet?" asked Michael sleepily as he sat at the main console in the conference room.

"yes actually we found the perfect candidate for kas. her name if vena ashton"

"sounds French ..."said Michael before he finally fell asleep. Bonnie just rolled her eyes and went back to typing.


" i just heard your going too be meeting your driver in a few days need."

"really? did you hear her name by chance?"

"yay i did!"said beast. "they said it was vena ashton." beast never even noticed the stunned silence coming from need at the name vena. how? that's not possible! it cant be her! was all need could think.


(flash back-this is a direct expert i didn't want to re type it and get something wrong)

The Fair was no longer exciting, merely tiring. She was glad to be going home.

But suddenly, amid the ever-present pine scent, a whiff of acrid smoke drifted to her nose - causing instant alarm.

There shouldn't have been any fires burning with enough smoke to be scented out here. Campfires were not permitted, and none of the fires of the Sisterhood produced much smoke.

A cold fear filled her. She spurred her old horse which shuffled into a startled canter, rolling its eyes when it scented the smoke. The closer she went, the thicker the smoke became.

She rode into the clearing holding the Sisterhood to face a scene of carnage.

Shock made her numb; disbelief froze her in her saddle. Under it all, the single question - why? The Sisterhood wasn't wealthy, everyone knew that - and while no one lives without making a few rivals or enemies, there were none that she knew of that would have wanted to destroy them so completely. They held no secrets, not even the making of the mage-blades was a secret. Anyone could do it who was both smith and mage, and willing to spend one month per spell on a single sword.

Why had this happened? And as importantly, who had done it?

That was when Vena came running, weeping, out of the forest; face smudged with ash and smoke, tear-streaked, clothing and hair full of pine needles and bark.

Vena had no idea why the wizard had done this - but the kidnapping of the apprentices told her all she needed to know.

He had taken them to use, to augment his own powers. To seduce, subvert, or otherwise bend the girls to his will.

They had to be rescued. Not only for their own sakes and that of the Sisterhood, but because if hesucceeded, his power would be magnified. Considerably. Quite enough to make him a major factor in the world.

A man who sought to increase his power in such a fashion must not be permitted to succeed in his attempt.

He had to be stopped.

Right. He had to be stopped.

By an old, crippled woman, and a half-trained girl.

This was a task that would require a fighter of the highest skills, and a mage the equal of Heshain. A healthy mage, one who could ride and climb and run away, if she had to.

But there was a way. If Vena, a young and healthy girl, could be endowed with all her skills, she might well be able to pull off that rescue. One person could frequently achieve things that an army could not. One person, with all the abilities of both a mage of some strength - perhaps even the superior of Heshain - and a fighter trained by the very best, would have advantages no group could boast.

That was their only hope. So she had sent Vena out, ostensibly to hunt for herbs she needed. In actuality, it was to get her out of the way. She was about to attempt something she had only seen done once. And that had not been with one of her bespelled swords.

She took the hidden sword, the one with the spells of all four seasons sealed to it, out of its hiding place under the floor of the forge. She heated the forge, placed it in the fire while she wrought one last spell - half magic, and half a desperate prayer to the Twins.

Then, when the blade was white-hot, with fire and magic, she wedged it into a clamp on the side of the forge, point outward -

And ran her body onto it.

A touch. Connection. Feelings, sensations flooded back, all of them so sharp-edged and clear they seemed half-raw. Grief. Someone was weeping. Vena. It was Vena's senses she was sharing. The spell had worked! She was now one with the sword, with all of her abilities as mage and as fighter, and everything she had ever learned, intact.

Experimentally, she exerted a bit of control, moving Vena's hand as if it had been her own. The girl plucked at her tunic, and it felt to her as if it was her own hand she was controlling. Good; not only was her knowledge intact, but her ability to use it. She need only have the girl release control of her body, and an untrained girl would be a master swordswoman.

Vena sobbed helplessly, uncontrollably. After the first rush of elation, it occurred to her that she had probably better tell the child she wasn't dead. Or not exactly, anyway.

(end flash back)


need snapped back to the present and smiled sadly that had been the beginning of what had been a very long life, nearly 4000 years maybe longer. need herself didn't really know how old she was anymore, and really after the first few hundred years she had stopped really caring.


(two days later)


need sat nervously in the massive cargo bay of skyone waiting. She was going to meet her driver today and coincides be dammed how could her name be vena? The chances were astronomical that this woman would have the same name as her apprentice and first wielder. This had divine intervention written all over it.

she shifted on her wheels wearily as several people walked into the bay,she recognized most of them except one this must be vena.

she zoomed in on her getting her first good look at the girl. She looked to be about 18 or 19 with jet black hair and green eyes moderately tall and thin but not anorexic so. She walked forward calmly and circled her thoughtfully.

"well i guess were going to be partners now ahe kas?" she said quietly. She reached out and snagged the door handle.

"may i?"

"certainly." was needs answer and she unlocked the door and vena got in. Only a moment later need shot out of the hanger and across the dessert. several minuets passed with out anyone saying any thing then finally vera spoke.

"i must say...its good to see you again lashan."At those words Need or rather Lashan slammed on the breaks.

"it is you!" she exclaimed gleefully, Vena grinned at her excited old teacher.

"its funny how things play out some times isn't it?" need chuckled.

"if the stareyed did'nt have some hand in this i will be amazed." at that need turned the engine back on and drove off further into the desert. And two very old friends began getting to know each other again after having not seen each other for over 4000 years.