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Vena was grinning ear to ear as the car that now held her ancient teacher drove back to skyone. it was astonishing really how long she'd been around after she had passed the grouch on to the next unlucky


really 4000 years? that was a long time to stick around helping people. need had also rebuilt the old soul bond that all her bearers had had,although why she still had all her magic vena didn't know she hadn't realized cars could use magic.

"so what do you think of the latest development in this excepted?" vena asked, need snorted and answered using the new link.

"i think that someone's interfering a little too much in my life." she said

giving the sky a pointed mental look. Vena just started laughing.

"what's so funny!?"

"when something unexpected happens and you automatically assume it was an act of god you know you have some big issues ...and you know your screwed when your right.


michael smiled as the new pair pulled back into the hanger,hearing vena going on about something called a mage war and the tactics used in it. he got up from kitt drivers seat were he'd been sitting and walked over to them.

"im glad to see you two getting along so well!" vena smiled at him.

"yes sir."

"if i didn't know any better id say you two had known each other for years. vena barley managed to keep a straight face at that.

"who knows sir maybe we meet in a past life?"need dissolved into

hysterical mental laughter at that.

"that's one way to put it!"



"keep this up and i'll find a way to though a car down a well!" need just started grumbled about insolent children.


"well team iv got a new mission for you." said michael cheerfully making every one look over at him, they'd been working on the cars, just

generally cleaning them up. with the exception of need who was getting some cool decals. So the hood was now adorned with a large image of a silver sword with a bright blue crystal on the hilt. Vena seemed to find this very funny for some reason though no one but the cars knew why. It was mainly the fact that the sword now painted onto needs hood was an

exact replica of the one she used to be. This resulted in much growling and grumbling from need who did NOT think it was funny.

"so were to now?" asked duke.

"you are going to retrieve what we think is a EMP gun from a group of terrorists."

"you think?" said erica disgusted.

"it shoots a beam of something that sorts out electrical equipment that's all we know." was the annoyed


"so you want us to drive up to people that can blast us too pieces with very little effort right?"grumbled beast, Michael smirked.

"no actually most of you will be covering vena for when she goes in to get it. kas has special shielding that we haven't had a chance to instal on the others yet."

"ME?" was Vena's startled response.

"yes you it shouldn't be too difficult there will only be four or five of them."

"famous last words." muttered need.


"so much for Michael's info on this job." said vena sarcastically as they stared around at the massive base around her, the moment they'd blasted thought the doors they had hit something of a cross between a gate and a trap spell. It had immediately transported them the mobius's base. They had appeared in a hanger of some kind and been instantly surrounded by dozens of people with the kind of guns that laughed at MBS armor,generally souped up bazookas for the most part along with some anti tank missiles. need was looking amused at the missiles.

"how long do you think it will take them to figure out they cant shoot those in doors?" she said dryly,

vena smirked.

"hopefully not until after they've blasted them selves with them by accident."

"now need you know were not that lucky." need was about to answer when a door at the other end of the room opened up and a wheel chair rolled in escorted by 10 more guy with REALLY big guns.

"hu! well what do you know it IS him!"

"is who?"


"oh..." vena frowned when she felt the evil grin that need only wore when she was about to torment someone coming from her.


"what dear?"

"i would just like too remind you i would like to live to see tomorrow." need just laughed.

"don't worry iv got our escape planed already i just want to yank his chain a bit."

"you would wouldn't you?"

"hay! its not often you get to taunt someone about having killed them!" by this time mobius was about

20 feet away and had stopped.

"well...not the car and driver i was after but you two will make excellent bait for kitt and Michael."

"what makes you think im gona let you use us for bait?" said need mockingly,mobeius frowned.

"you seem oddly familiar..." he finally said as he stared at need.

"that's not surprising ma'ar one usually remembers the person who killed them." mobiuse looked confused for a moment before his eyes widened them in realization.


"yes me, what i want too know though is, how you survived firesong! as he so eloquently put it when he ripped your soul apart, if he ever comes back again it will be as a cloud of gnats!".

"need?" asked vena.


"this isent going to turn into a bad horror movie were the persons really made out of bugs is it?"

"no vena he's not made out of bugs." A moment after vena turned her

attention from the screen need ran a scan of mobius, double checking that he indeed wasn't made out of thousands of bugs. personally she wouldn't put it past him to come back as a bunch of bugs and for once his form would mach his soul if anything. during this little side conversation mobius had stared to go red from rage at being ignored.

"i think were making him angry." said vera dryly across the link.

"i think your right perhaps a retreat is in order?

" and your planing get us out of here how?"

"that's easy! the same way we got here a gate."

"you can do that!?"

"yup and here's our ride!" exclaimed need cheerfully as a a gaping black void appeared under them causing need to drop straight down and into the wear house were they'd started. And shot out being peppered by lasers and small missals the whole way need however had put up a shield that was nearly invisible causing the bombs to explode about a foot from them and absorbed the shock.

"well that was a waste of time!"

"not completely." Answered need smugly as she out ran the guys with the guns and headed for the

rondavue point.

"oh? and why not?"

"I got to mock Ma'ar to his face and live to tell of it,the only other person to hold that particular honor

is skandrayon the black gryphon." vena sighed.

"your hopeless you know that right?"


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