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"this is NOT going to work need"said kitt in a rather aggrieved tone of voice.

"yes it will! your just not trying!"


"you are being a big baby"

"Id like to see you try it!"snapped kitt in frustration.

"OK!"answered need cheerfully, only a moment later a shimmering white half spear of energy formed around her.

"...i hate you."

"you can do it you just have to try!"


"NO YOUR NOT! your too busy denying the fact that magic is real and that your can use it!"

"am not" said kitt somewhat sulkily.

"am to"

"am not"



"SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!"roared beast from a short distance away. they both shut up almost immediately. there was a protracted pauses then kitt said quietly.

" not"

"SHUT UP!" roared beast again chasing after kitt who had had the good seance to run the moment he'd spoken. need just sighed he was dam well going to learn to make a shield if it was the last thing she did! she thought as she watched beast try to catch the much faster and more agile trans-am witch was diving circles around him.

(AN/it may have been childish but tell me you did'nt crack up over it?)


""said kitt amazed as he stared at the dull reddish gold shield that surrounded him bands of color flickering across it. it was hardly strong enough to stop a pebble but he had still done had only taken a week or so of need diving him crazy until he did it out of sheer frustration to shut her up.

"there you go!i told you,you could do it!"said need happily

"um what now?"asked kitt as he eyed the shield warily, it was beginning to flicker like a dying flame as he became distracted.

"now you have to concentrate on pushing more power into it, if you can the color should even out as well as the pulsing witch will make it stronger as well."

"...right...and how do i do that?" if need could have she would have been banging her head on the table at that point.


"aright are you ready to really test that shield now?"said need evilly,kitt resisted the urge to back away and hide somewhere.

"i guess?"

"good good iv come up with a plan that will get you as good a test as getting shot at by the enemy."

"why do i suddenly have a feeling of impending doom?"kitt asked the world at large. kitt eyed his snickering teacher for a moment. "never mind its been there the whole time iv just been in denial."

"well do you want to hear the plan or not?"

"ok..."(insert secretive whispering) "...are you sure you the good guy?and not just some evil monster? because THAT is DIABOLICAL!" said kitt aghast at her plan

"im very please with it,i feel as though i may have out done myself this time."

"evil villains the world over applaud you"

"thank you thank you very much!no need for medals though i won the evil scheming award at 400."



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