Title: When I grow up

Summary: Sasuke regretted it the moment it left his mouth, he thought this might happen, but he was expecting it to be this embarrassing.

this is like a high school one shot, I've never done anything High school so I thought I'd give it a shot..

"I didn't do my homework." Sasuke stated, miserably.

Sakura grinned devilishly,"you do know what that means Sasuke, right?"

Naruto felt an evil grin spread across his face.

Kakashi Looked out at his eager young student, all of them bursting with life. He smiled behind his mask, soon all that lively teenage energy would be put to better use. He watched as they chattered. Sakura Haruno was giggling madly at Sasuke she seemed to be plotting soemthing the young Uchiha didn't agree on. Naruto was shouting at Sakura to do it, what ever it was. Kakshi had put those three on a group assignment at the beginning of the year and they had been grouped ever since. This time the assignment had been simple. Work with your group and decide what they wanted to be when they grew up. Kakshi smiled, he knew those three had once again forgotten all about the assignment and Sakura was more than likely the only one who completed it.

Kakashi cough audibly and let his students know it was time for the next groups presentation. "Team Seven! Uzumaki Naruto!"

Naruto stood up and bowed to the class. "My essay on what I'd like to be when I grow up..., by Naruto Uzumaki, When I grow up I want to be the greatest Hoka-"

"Thank you Naruto, we know full well your ambitions. Haruno Sakura!"

Naruto sat down, a glum look on his face.

Sakura stood up cheerily, straightened out her papers and looked out at the "eager" faces of her classmates. "What I will be when I grow up, By Sakura Haruno. My desire to be what I wish to be all started in kindergarten. I recall the day quite clearly. I had been skipping happily through the sandy playground of Konoha Elementary school. I remember dreamily playing in the sand I had stopped my gleeful skipping to begin building a sand Castle. I remember my failing attempts at building the home of my dreams, each time it seemed to collapse on it's self. I frowned angrily at the annoyance that was, sand. That is when it all happened. Sand came flying at me wildly from all directions. I shielded myself with my arms, hoping it would not enter my already sandy eyes. I looked through the gaps between my tiny little fingers to see my assailants it was none other than Garra. He continued to fling sand at me with such happiness. Enjoying my pain. Suddenly from nowhere my saviour jumped in. He yelled in anger at Garra to leave me be, to leave the pink freak alone, that he and he alone could cause me pain...and no one else. Garra glared in heated anger at my protector and ran at him. He shoved my friend into the ground, I was sure he had had enough. Nevertheless he triumphantly rose from the sand and gave garra looks that could kill. He then helped me to my feet and brushed the sand out of my hair. I remember the warm and tender gaze he gave me. From that day forward I knew what I wanted to be...an Uchiha."

Sasuke sighed. "Dear god!"

Sakura smiled down at him and then looked back at her papers. "I knew that in order for Sasuke to choose me as his bride I needed to become stronger, so from that day forth I continued in my efforts to be faster, stronger, smarter, and more clever than even Sasuke himself. I continued to let my love and friendship for Sasuke grow as we did, moving on from small children, to big kids, to teenagers. This si where we stand, together, best friends. But I wished to be more... I truly want to- no I will be Sasuke's bride, that I am sure."

The entire class had their eyes glued on the two of them. No one dared utter a word. Kakshi grinned to himself.

"Haruno," Kakshi began. "Do you not think that Sasuke has some say in the matter?"

All eyes flew to Sasuke who had his head buried in his arms, trying to hide his blush from the world.

"Ah, no Kakashi" Sakura said, grinning. "Sasuke was the one who originally suggested it, I was going to do my report on becoming an ER doctor. I liked Sasuke-kuns Idea much better."

Kakshi raised an eyebrow. "Thank you Haruno. Uchiha Sasuke!"

Sakura smiled at her best friend, he glared at her with such hatred and malice and she mouthed to him.

"You know you love me."

He gave her an "Eat Shit and die" looked.

She smirked and then hastily whispered. "I told you I'd do this is you didn't do your homework."

He gave her one last death glare and looked at the rest of the class room. "Sensei, I don't think there is a need to explain what I wish to be when I grow up, I really don't think I'll live through this."