Chapter 4: Sweet Seduction

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"So Mr. Xemnas walked in and saw me on top of Axel. And as you can imagine, he totally got the wrong idea."

"Oh no. You have to admit though, it IS pretty funny."

"Marluxia!" she protested. Then she too burst into laughter. "I guess you're right. Still, now Mr. Xemnas think we're doing IT all day instead of work. That can't be good."

"I'll bet you didn't mind today half as much as you say you did."

"Well, it was a interesting. Ah screw it. I'm gonna eat ice cream and watch TV."

"You'll get fat, ya know," he said. She threw the nearest blunt object at him.

"All right, I'll see you when you get back from your designing...thing," Larxene said the next morning.

"Are you really wearing that to work?" asked Marluxia, eyeing her outfit.

"Yeah, what's wrong with it?"

"Well, I kinda wanted you to test one of my latest desgins by wearing it to work."

"Oh no no no. Last time I let you dress me, ten guys asked me out, three guys told me they'd pay me to…" she broke off with a shudder.

"Get some of what Axel gets for free?" he asked with a wink. She blushed.

"That's not even funny," she pouted.

"Come on. We wouldn't want Axel posting any more embarrasing pictures of you at work, would we?"

"Are you blackmailing me?"

"I wouldn't say no," he said. She sighed.

"Marluxia, what is the name of the range?" Larxene asked cautiously, determined to get back on subject as she was going to end up late to work if this whole situation wasn't resolved swiftly.

"What, are you hoping I'll say 'innocent'?" Marluxia asked with a roll of his eyes. Larxene put her hands on her hips and gave him the look.

"It's 'sweet seduction'," Marluxia answered with a sigh. Larxene immediately looked even more horrified, if that were possible.

"Oh Dear God NO!" she wined.

"Oh yes. Now, let me lead you to your dressing room," Marluxia said with a smile that he probably intended to be innocent, but made him look like someone who liked to kill puppies for fun, as she walked up the stairs. And all Larxene could do was follow him, and hope that 'sweet seduction' was tamer than it sounded.

Or not...

"Marluxia, there is no way in HELL," Larxene said as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror that adorned one of the walls of Marluxia's bedroom.

"Oh, yes, there is, Larxene, because I've blackmailed you so well there's no way you can possibly get out of it. Besides you look so cute, and fetch!" Marluxia said.

"I don't want to know what fetch is. Besides, you are such an AWFUL liar. I look the OPPOSITE of cute, because 'cute' means 'innocent'. And I look like a hooker," Larxene said.

"No you don't!" Marluxia insisted, sounding horrified.

"Marluxia, wake up! Look at this skirt- it barely covers my butt! And this blouse is the sluttiest I have ever seen! It's so clingy and low-cut… If I lean over too far then my breasts will fall out! And don't you think the knee-high, high-heeled boots were a little too much?" Larxene asked, her nose screwed up as she twirled to look at her reflection in the mirror.

"I look like… Axel's version of a secretary!" Larxene finally realised and laughed heartily.

"What?" Marluxia asked, looking rather confused.

"When I came to work with Axel, he said he wished he had got a secretary, and knowing him he'd make them wear something like this!" Larxene continued to laugh.

"Well, there you go! You get to fulfill a fantasy for Axel AND do product research for me!" Marluxia exclaimed, totally unable to resist the opportunity to make another reference to Larxene and Axel's make-believe 'affair'.Larxene turned and glared daggers at her friend.

"Marluxia, did I mention lately that I hate you?" Larxene asked.

"Yes, I knew you'd see it my way in the end!" Marluxia exclaimed. Larxene just looked at her reflection and wondered what on earth she had got herself into.

Marluxia had told Larxene that all she needed to do was observe people's reactions when they saw her, or, indeed, ask them what they thought if she was feeling particularly adventurous. Larxene, still in her car which was parked outside the building, took a deep, steadying breath. She could do this. She could so do this.

She got out of her car and locked it then walked up to the doors looking a million times more confident than she actually felt. The security guard's eyes widened when she went past and she heard the distinct sound of a mug breaking against a floor. She… couldn't do this.

She'd only been in work for five minutes and already she was tempted to go home. Male colleagues everywhere had had tendencies to drop things, choke on nothing, and assume that her new look suddenly meant that she was blind, as they openly looked her up and down before choking again. Female colleagues on the most part eyed her with distaste; a lot of them with wrinkled noses, obviously thinking that she were a slut.

She had only just reached her office but felt like the walk up there had taken an hour and not five minutes. She hated all the attention and felt the most self-conscious she had ever felt.

Gratefully she pushed open the door to her and Axel's office, stumbling in and flopping down at her desk. She was even more relieved to see that Axel hadn't yet made it in, as the last thing she wanted was to have to deal with him right now. She sat and started her computer, immersing herself in yet more typing.

She pressed the button to print but groaned when she realised there was no paper in the feed tray. So she got up and fetched some paper from the huge mound on Axel's desk. She didn't hear the office door open, but she did hear Axel's surprise.

"Larxene, what in hell are you wearing?"

"Hello, Axel," Larxene replied, still bent over Axel's desk assembling paper into a pile, not even bothering to look around at him.

"You really shouldn't bend over like that, Larxene," Axel said, still in the same spot.

"Why, can you see my panties?" Larxene asked, sounding as if she didn't care less, still with her back to him. Axel tried desperately not to think about Larxene's panties.

"No, if you're not too busy being a slut to remember to put them back on."

"Very funny. And if you can't see them, then it's alright," she replied, forgetting her paper as she stood up and turned around, leaning gently against the desk. Axel's green eyes widened and he didn't seem to know where to look. He immediately averted his gaze to stare around the room, his hand on the back of his neck.

"Oh, it's okay to look," Larxene purred seductively as she walked over to stand right in front of him, "I wore it for you, after all…"

Axel wished desperately that he could think of something to say that wouldn't make him sound ridiculous.

"You're still not looking…" she whispered, or rather, almost panted, one hand on his chest now, standing on her tiptoes to whisper just below his ear. She took a step backward.

"What, don't you like it?" she pouted and twirled. He did like it. Perhaps a little too much. He let himself glance at her, but was immediately ashamed of himself and quickly looked away again before backing up. He realised he was against a wall with no hope of escape. She giggled and pressed herself against him as he flushed superbly.

"I knew you'd like it," she murmured, straining her legs to reach further up to him, "Now tell me, aren't I better than a secretary?"

Their noses were mere centimetres apart and Axel's eyes were crossed as they focused on her face. He looked a combination of horrified, surprised and well… appreciative. Larxene's arms wrapped around his neck and he leaned down to kiss her when…

"I was wondering if-" Saix, vice president, began before stopping dead in the doorway.

"What is going on here? I hope that you are not seducing Axel, Larxene!" Axel and Larxene looked at each other, knowing that this must look bad. Really, really bad. Larxene thought that her simple joke to make a fool out of Axel had gone horribly, disastrously wrong. Larxene's arms unwrapped from her colleague's neck and she held up her hands in a gesture of pleading peace.

"Listen, Mr. Saix, I know this looks bad, but-" Larxene began.

"You're right it looks bad! Give me one reason why I shouldn't fire you two right on the spot!" Saix yelled.

"Listen, just hear me out, okay? The outfit- I was blackmailed into wearing it today. And I wasn't really seducing Axel- I was playing a trick on him! Just to embarrass him, you see…" Larxene said quickly, trying to get her side of the story out before Saix lost his temper. He'd been known to do that.

"You were only messing around with me!" Axel asked, sounding furious.

"Hey, one angry male at a time, please! Besides, of course I was only messing with you! Like you would ever stand a chance!" Larxene joked.

"Mr. Saix, you're not going to fire the owner of those legs, are you? And that cleavage… Okay, Larxene, you really have to change your clothes!" Axel had, in the beginning of his statement, been desperately trying to convince Saix not to fire them, but it sort of turned into him just being perverted about Larxene. Sounding exasperated, he turned deliberately away from Larxene, as if just looking at her turned him into a major pervert. Which it did, really.

"So you two… Don't like each other?" Saix asked, looking so enlightened it was as if he had discovered the meaning of life.

"No!" the two said together, looking disgusted.

"And you're not having an affair?" Saix questioned further.

"Believe me when I say I'd rather vomit!" Larxene chirped cheerfully. Axel scowled at her.

"I'm not deaf, you know," he said. Larxene chose to ignore him.

"Right! Okay, that's great! I can tell Mr. Xemnas to rest easily now!" he exclaimed, looking and sounding euphoric as he closed the door and left them. Larxene jumped up and down and clapped her hands.

"Did you hear that, Axel? Now Mr. Xemnas won't think we do IT all the time in here."

She looked so delighted and so much like a child that Axel had to smile, but he felt the need to warn her of something first…

"Don't jump up and down like that. It makes your skirt flare up and I can see…"

Larxene sweatdropped. "Let me guess. My…"

"Oh yeah. White cotton suits you," Axel replied.

"You are such a pervert," Larxene said. "If I were a violent woman, you would have bee slapped so many times by now…" she continued with a little shake of her head, wishing that she were a violent woman.

Axel laughed as he sat down, "Okay, but you have got to tell me the whole story behind that outfit!"

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