Summary and Title

A Glimpse at Life

Rated M for Mature content

Written 10/17/07

Author: Amiko-Gabriel

It was a cold evening when Usagi entered the coffee shop, looking to either side for an open table. Spotting one near the window she sat, blowing on her hands. Her eyes scanned over the other late night coffee patrons. She wasn't much of a coffee regular, but it was cold and she'd managed to lock her keys in her car. She'd called her insurance's roadside assistance services. Now all she had to do was keep warm while she waited for them to arrive and take her to her car that was parked a couple blocks down.

A waitperson quickly came by with a menu. Usagi just wanted a plain, half-caf. coffee, black, no sugar. The waitperson jotted down her order, taking it to the counter to hand off to their barista. The waitperson picked up two mugs and headed towards the other end of the small coffee bar.

Usagi heard the shop door open and close. She casually glanced up to observe the newcomer. Snow caked boots squeaked on the tile entryway. The person looked to be a slightly older man, probably not more than 5 years her senior. His hair was jet black and what looked to be lean shoulders hid under a wool coat. Her practiced eyes assessed him. He was clearly working class from the looks of his clothing and the two days of stubble growing on his cheeks.

Usagi "hmm'd" as she turned back to receive her coffee from the returned waitperson. She tested the coffee for temperature before settling in to sip it slowly. She expected the road-side assistance to arrive soon. She occupied herself thinking of her upcoming vacation time. Meanwhile the stranger collected his coffee at the counter and took a seat two tables in front of her, his back to her table.

Usagi busied herself watching the movements of the waitperson, going between the tables and the barista. She casually observed some of the other customers. This dingy little place was cozy. She would be glad when she could return home and get some rest before tomorrow. For a moment, she tried to envision herself coming to a place like this on a regular basis.

She shook her head, chuckling slightly. This place was just a few steps below her on the economic ladder. She was glad that life afforded her more luxury than this. She felt bad for poor saps like that guy in front of her. She knew he'd probably never have much better than this. She'd even pondered if this might be a bit out of his budget, considering the condition his shoes were in.

Usagi's phone buzzed and she checked the number on it. Yup, they were here to let her into her car. Finally. She thought to herself. She motioned for the waitperson to bring the bill.

Usagi approached the register and they swiped her visa twice, once for her and once for the unfortunate looking fella who'd been sitting in front of her. She pulled her coat tighter around her before pushing the door open and heading back out into the cold.

This is the end of the fic, because unlike in the movies, and so many of the Sailor Moon fics I've read, class divides often run deep, as do gender expectations that would-except in less common occasions—require Mamoru to hold an occupation of prestige, to have inherited wealth, and have been socialized into different class culture than the one he occupies within this fic.

I will say, that two weeks after this scene, Usagi's plane safely lands safely in Australia and she has a great time as a tourist, enjoying the change in weather and fine dining. We don't really know where Mamoru is at this time though. He's faded into obscurity, his world taken far from our own.