Be by my side forever

Disclaimer: This is a the third story in the Do You Believe In Life after love series, and the winx does not belong to me it is Inidigo Straffi's.

The winx's third year at alfea was about to be over, the girls were just packing up and talking about Flora's wedding to Helia which would take place in a months time.

"So what are you gonna wear on your wedding Flora." Said Rose (Floras sister.)

"Rosie you know what I am going to wear." Flora said while giggling, she was marring her love in a month and still she got butterflies when she thought about him.

"And gonna is slang, a proper lady would never say that." Tune said while showing a grimace to Rose.

"Flora show us the gown again." Stella said while crossing her fingers at the hope she would see the beautiful gown again.

"Stella Flor should be thinking about who will go where in the wedding party." Tecna said.

"Yes yes, alright, I am going to be maid of honour arrant I Flora." Bloom said while planning her dream wedding with Sky the ugly mop head that would never if the chicken never got the guts to ask.

"I was thinking about having Stella as my maid of honour." Flora said while blushing

"That is just the look you should have when we take wedding pictures," Layla said , "Besides all the wedding stuff is annoying, go chill out Flora talk stuff over they should be over in a couple minutes."

"Oh okay, I will see you then." Flora said as she took Roses hand and went to the alfea gardens where Helia proposed to her."

(I'm a hero plays in the background(I just love the song))

"Dude you might have won last time but not this time." Riven said as he yet again got that big head of his a tripped over the rock that got him last time and Helia won again.

"Crud I said for this darned rock to be removed."Riven screamed as Helia went through the gates.

The other boys pulled up before Riven and went to see their girls.

"Hi Honey bear." Brandon said as he pulled Stella into an embrace

"Hi shnooky." Stella said back.

"Hello Bloom." Sky said as he tried to kiss Bloom

"No ring," Bloom said holding out her hand, "No service."

And all the girls went to their boyfriends said hellos and talked

"Um, where is Flora ?" Helia said rather looking forward to seeing her

"Oh, she went to the garden with Rose, you know to cool down."


Helia then walks over to the garden to see Flora

"Hi Helia." Flora said as herself and Helia came closer about ready to kiss when.

"Hello I am still here." Rose said as she taped her foot on the ground rather hard showing that she was annoyed.

"Rose how bout you come with me," Chatta said, "I have a new cheer to teach you."

"Okay chatta." and with that Flora and Helia were alone.

"So I was thinking of having Stella as maid of honour and."

"Riven as my dude of honour."

"Yea that is exactly what I thought." Flora said

"Well the wedding is planned out so might as well kiss on it."

"Sounds lovely Helia." And With that the two were swept into a long passionate kiss.

"I will let you have your fun now but not for long." Said the same voice that almost killed Flora last time.

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