Chapter Two

It had been a month since we last saw the winx and the boys and it is now at the time of Floras and Helias wedding reception.

All the girls were in rose pink dresses with tulips in their hair, Stella had a sunflower in her hair and a orange-yellow dress on. Flora was still in her wedding gown which was like her grad dress except it was white, she had a pearl necklace on, and a snow lily in her hair. Riven had a black tux on, the other boys were in their best suites and Helia was in a white tux. Musa was chosen to sing at the wedding so she had put a spell on her dress to make it shorter and a darker pink.

"Helia if you ever ever break Floras heart you will have five other pissed fairies coming after you,"

Musa saw that Helia looked scared by what she just said so she said to comfort him , "just kidding."

Musa then sung if I never knew love like this before by someone whose name I forget.


"Helia I love you so much right now." Flora said as Helia laid her down on his bed.

"I love you too Flora."

Now if you are under age and are not to read this story you are so lucky because I am not going to get too drastic in this scene. And I do feel for you. And to those of you who like scenes like this I am very sorry please don't flame me.


Flora walked into the T-mail room she was so happy she had to tell Helia if only he was not on a mission with some of his students. (Helia after the wedding went to collage and got a degree for red fountain training so he became a teacher at the school.) Oh well Flora thought she dilled the Solaroin place phone number Stella will be so pleased when she finds out. Flora then dilled all the other girls numbers so that it could be a six way T-mail chat. (T-mail is a type of mail that shows what you look like and who you are,(which I have invented for this story))

"Stella here,"

"Bloom on,"

"Tecna is present,"

"Musa chilling out here,"

a voice recording went on "Hi this is Queen Lalya of Tides I am currently surfing the waves call back later."

"Well that's sad," Stella said as the T-mail self gave a disappointed look

"ya but Flora what did you call us about," Musa said as the T-mail self looked rather curious

"Well Helia should have known first but I don't know what planet he is on at this moment, so you guys being my best friends should know thatiampregnant."

"What was that Flora." Tecna said

"Um I am going to have a baby." Flora said looking down.

"Cool a baby I love babys." Stella said as the T-mail self rocked air in her arms.

"Well we will have to come over and help decorate the room." Musa said as the T-mail self disappeared and reappeared beside Flora all the girls did the same.

"Um, how do we know what gender it is." Tecna said

"I think we should wait till Helia comes home he love painting."Flora said still looking down

None of the girls knew that their husbands were coming over to Floras and Helia house at that minute.

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Chapter Three

I'm a hero plays in the backround (I still love that song.)

"Look Riven is in the lead again," Timmy said, he never won

"Mabe Helia can turn the cement into gravel and we can win for a chance." Brandon said as he smirked evilly.

"Brandon I only have few powers and I only use them in drastic times." Helia said rather rashionly

"Dude please we bought the beer.."

"Not like I am going to drink any of it." Helia said giving a cold look at Sky

"Okay lets get Nabu to do it." Timmy said

"Totem oh tealou" Nabu said and suddenly the ground under Riven stuck to his bike and Timmy pulled through the gates

"Yes, Yes, Yes" Timmy screamed.

With the girls

"Did you hear that I think Timmy is out side." Tecna said with a look of wirrey on her face

"So it does not mean that helia would be with them in the middle of the day." Musa said

Flora then looked down at her watch.

"Goody goody gum drops, look at the time, none of you should be here." Flora said

"Why what time, Omg its two am in the morning."Stella screamed

"Girls since their our husbands we could read their minds and see what they are up too." Bloom said as she put two fingers to her forhead and her temple pulsed, all the girls did the same.

Tecna then put her fingers down and said.

"Girls when a faerie is pregnant they only have a tinsy bit of power so one of us should do the mind reading."

"Ya, any whey they are only celebrating Helias return."Stella said sadly.

"So if they are haveing a party we should be invited." Musa said

"Unless they think that just because we are older we are no more fun." Flora said

"Those bastards, we were and always will be more fun then they are." Bloom yelled. Just then Stella turned around and saw the boys standing there.

"Oh my god, how long have you been there." Stella screamed and the other girls turned around.

"Since miss Tecna spilt the beans." Riven said as he draged him self into the room.

"And of course you guys are still fun." Helia said as he walked up to Flora and kissed her on the cheek.

"And we are not bastards." Brandon said

"Then what are those for." Bloom screached at the sight of the beers in the king of Sparkses hands

"Oh um nothing but um um um..."

"Energy drinks." Nabu said

"Then why does it say bigger beer." Stella said tired enough to faint.

"Okay the lies stop now," Helia said and he continued, " The guys picked me up at the airport and when I got in the ship I saw a load of beer in the trunk and they said not to ask about it." He finished and kissed Flora again and wispered "You know I would never drink any of the crap." (Nice Helia I will never either.)

"Still stop blaming us which one of you are preggy." Riven said pointing to each of the girls.

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