Chapter 6 and 7

"Helia, can we tell my parents." Flora said with a puppy dog look in her eyes

"Of course." Helia said and then thought I can never resist those eyes.

"Come on." Flora said as she grabbed Helia hand and they ran to the T-mail room.

"Is this a good idea Flora." Helia said with a look of wiry in his eyes.

"Your not still afraid of my dad are you Helia." flora said as she giggled

"Um, yes."

"Okay I will call them by my self." Flora said as she dialled the number and Rose appeared on the screen

"Flora, what's wrong." Rose said as she gave her sister a look.

"Um Rosie can I talk to mummy." Flora said

"ya, mommy Floras on the T-mail"

"Oh Flora dear how are you." Floras mom Jasmin said as she gave her daughter a T-mail hug

"Oh mum I fine so is Helia." Flora said as she gave Helia a motion to come forward

"Oh let me get Jeffery." Floras mum said

"Miss we wanted to talk to you."Helia said as he walked up

" Okay, what is it honey?" Jasmin asked

"Mum your going to be a Nunna."

"Oh darling that's wonderful."

"Miss can you tell Floras dad." Helia said

" Oh yes your still afraid of him, well I will tell him myself."

And with that the T-mail chat was over.

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Now for my fun, Mu ha ha ha.

"Guys have you heard that a wizards child needs flower of life tea along with milk to feed them."

Tecna said

"Well I guess we are off to alfea" Stella said

"We can go off the ship of we can transport there."Helia said

"Lets go the old way." Flora said her eyes gleaming.

On the ship

"Okay get ready for the jump" Timmy said

"Bloom and Sky, Stella and Brandon your clear." Tecna said as the two leva bikes zoomed out of the ship

"Layla Nabu Musa Riven you can go."

The other two bikes zoomed out.

"Flora hold on tight" Helia said as Flora grabbed his waist.

"Wait, sitting like this might hurt the twins." Flora said as she shot out a vein and strapped herself to the seat.

With that they were soaring, suddenly a bolt of lighting burnt the rope that had held Flora to the seat and Flora fell on the ground.

"Coral Bell come face me your self."Flora said worry in her voice.

"Fine Flora." A voice said as a lighting bolt fell to the ground and transformed into a tall girl with white hair and yellow eyes.

"Oh what's this," Coral Bell said as she lifted Flora in the air and turned her slowly, "Whose the daddy young sister."

"Step away from Flora." Helia said as he ran and levitate Flora to the ground and kissed her.

"What a dirty girl, sleeping with a hippie." Said Coral as she smiled an evil smile and shot at Flora and disappeared from sight

"Flora are you okay." Helia said as he got to his knees and picked Flora up.

"I'm fine Helia, we have to get to alfea now." Flora said as she tried to activate her winx.

"Darn oh well." Flora said as she sat on the front seat of the bike, Helia got on and they zoomed to Alfea.

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