Chapters 8

Why Alfea

"Flora, mabe I should drive." Helia said nervously, Flora was never scary, he thought she didn't know the meaning of scary, boy was he wrong.

"No if I get us there before she does we can save him" Flora screeched over the harsh winds blowing.

"What about the others."

"They will collect the leaves, this is more important."

"Who was that woman Flora." Helia said (Don't worry he is so not falling for her, just curious."

"That was Corral Bell." Flora screamed as she pulled up at the gates of Alfea. She then jumped off her bike and ran to the door.

"Why Flora dear what are you doing here." Said the familiar voice of Mrs Faragonda.

"No time to explain Mrs F," Flora said while twirling around as if she was looking for someone, "Helia hurry if he gets..." Flora was not able to finish her sentence for there was a loud Manly scream from inside the school.

"Professor Palaidum (Sorry if thats wrong.)"and with that Flora, Mrs Faragonda and Helia ran towards the class.

"Help someone help." they heard him scream, there was a loud boom and Corral Bell was standing behind them with the Prof levitating above her.

"One down three to go." She screeched as she disappeared

"Flora how did she escape."Mrs F said as she walked over to Flora.

"I don't know Mrs F." Flora said looking down

"Okay someone please tell me what just happened." Helia said as he walked to Flora

"Come to my office" Mrs. Faragonda said as she move towards her office door.

In the office

"So a few years ago Corral Bell was one of the best students Alfea had ever had, she was smart powerful and cunning, she was a perfect role model and had a hole group of friends, the one thing she lacked was love." Mrs Faragonda said looking at Flora, "You should continue Flora."

"Well first of all Corral is my older sister and has hated boys ever since we were kids,"

"Wait you two are sisters." Helia said shocked, his lover wife and a soon to be mother had a very evil sister who was nothing like Flora (He also hated her for calling him a hippie.)

"Yes Corral is my sister, she never had a boyfriend because she set the bar too high and no one was at her standards, until that is she met Brian, he was smart funny talented and a wizard but he was in love with her best friend Susan, so unable to get Brian she killed Susan earning her powers along the way." Flora finished and started to cry.

"Flora I will continue, Bell Bell as we called her was never caught at this act, but Brian being a rather hot item in the store started to date Christi another friend of Bells, the same thing happened she was not caught and Brian went with another of her friends. This same thing went on and on until Corral Bell had killed all her friends gaining their powers, Brian was the one that caught her in the final act, he told his closest friend Alexar Palaidum, who told the other friends they had and reported Corral Bell to the magic city police." Mrs Faragonda finished the tale of murder, lust, and a hint of passion and was about to say something else when...

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Chapter 9

The friends reunite

"Oh my god, she's back!" Mrs Faragonda screamed

"I bet you she's after professor Avalon." Flora said as she ran out of the room.

"Why does this have to happen." Helia said as he ran after her.

"YOU DIDN'T THINK I WOULD LET YOU ESCAPE ME DID YOU !"Coral Bell screamed as she shot at the professor. Helia noticed that she also had Cortatora levitating above her.

"How did you get him so fast." Flora said

"Little Sister you are so stupid." Corral screamed as she shot at the prof again.

"Christi's powers were speed."

"So you stole them." Helia roared

"Wow, and I thought that hippies were dumb."

"Helia is not a Hippie." Flora screamed as she shot a flower at Corral

"HA, you think that will stop me."Corral screamed and was shot down by the back

Standing behind her was a older man with long black hair in a style like Sulidene.

"Corral how did you get out." Said the older man as he looked down at Corral

"Brian, how how could you." Corral stammered

"You try to destroy my friends and you will pay."

"Well I have you all together now so." There was a jolt of lighting and Brian and the others (Excluding Flora and Helia) were strapped to chairs

"You either will love me or your friends will pay the price." Corral yelled at Brian.

"No, I did genially love you at one time Bell, I genially love you, but you saw me talking to Susan thinking I loved her, when when only I had my mind on you, but that all changed you killed all your friends my friends girlfriends, and that once beautiful love for you died with them."

"Brian I I I..."

"Get to business you slob"said a weird voice that look like it was in Corrals head, her eyes glowed purple and she shot Helia down and then she screamed

"I will never help you." And with that she broke away and fell to the ground

"Helia Noooo"Flora screamed as she suddenly turned into her enchantix.

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Chapter 10

Now a gift

"Flora, Helia." Mrs Faragonda screamed as she ran into the room.

"Helia please wake up, I I need you, we need you." Flora cried as her head fell on to his chest and she cried for all she was worth.

"Flora we need to get you to a hospital." Mrs F said as she tried to get Flora off of Helia's slowly dying body.

"No, not with out him." Flora screamed as she nesseled her head in his long blue hair.

"Flora you have to go or or."

"Only if they help Helia."

With that said Mrs Faragonda nodded her head and they were in the magic hospital.

"Oh My Goddess," cried a nurse, "We need two stretchers one for the birthing the other for emergency."

As Flora was put on to a stretcher and carried off in the apposite direction of her love she cried even more then she ever had in her life.

"Mrs. You have to push." The doctor yelled at Flora. Flora did as she was told and hoped that it was a boy so that she would be at least able to see an image of what her love looked like. Suddenly there was a cry and the doctor said.

"Congrats Mrs you have a healthy baby girl." suddenly there was a voice over the P.E and

"We have a patient crashing." Flora screamed in agony for she knew that it was Helia that they were talking about

"If we bring him in here mabe she would be comforted."A nurse said as she left out the door and walked back in with Helia in a weel chair. Helia turned to Flora put his hand out and Flora grasped it. Suddenly she felt power returning to her, Oh no she thought, Helia was giving her his power. She suddenly shoved the power back at him and he stood. and kissed Flora the forehead.

"I love you, " He whispered to her , "nothing would ever break us apart."

There was another cry and

"Congrats yet another healthy baby girl." with that Flora fell back into her bad and slept.

Chapter 11

The naming

Flora awoke to the sound of birds chirping a breeze in the room and then a cry of a baby.

"Hush baby, mommy is trying to sleep." Helia whispered to the first born baby.

"Hi Helia "Flora said as she lifted her self up into a sitting position.

"Do you want to hold her."

"Of course I do." Flora said as she took hold of her daughter.

"She has your eyes Helia." Flora said as the girl batted her lashes.

"She has your mothers hair." They said at the same time referring to the blond curly fuzz on top the little ones head.

"Would you like to hold the other one." A nurse asked Flora.

"She has not opened her eyes yet," Helia said, "I've tried every thing." A little girl with Flora hair colour was passed to Flora as she passed the other one to Helia.

"She looks just like you Flora." He said

"She does." and then the second born opened her eyes and they were the same leaf green as Flora's.

There was a loud scream from outside and a person saying.

"What do you mean I cant go in, do you know which people we are, we defeated the army of decay, lord Darker and Baltor, and we did it in style." They need listen no more they knew that the entire winx club was outside. Suddenly a nurse ran in and said,

"Should I let them in."

"I think we can handle going out." Flora said as Helia lifted her into a well chair.

"Is this the best idea Flora."

"Of course it is Helia." Flora said as she grabbed her daughters and was weeled outside the room.

"Flora." The girls cried in unison, as they ran to get a look at the twins.

"They are so cute." Musa said

"I love babies." Stella said as she tried to grab the blond baby.

"I could just eat them up." Layla said as everyone looked at her, "Not really."

"Flora you are so lucky." Bloom said

"Stella would you like to hold her." Flora said a giggle in her voice, as she watched Stella try to steal her baby for the 6th time.

"Well du." Stella said as she grabbed the baby and ran over to Brandon who was chatting with Helia.

"Shoonkie we should have a baby as cute as this one." She yelled to get his attention.

"Yes Stella she is very cute but no shoonkie in a public place."

"Okay."she said as the others helped Flora over to where the boys where.

"So do they have names yet." Riven asked

"Are you really fascinated in this Riven."Musa was able to say just before she broke down in laughter.

"Yes I am Musa."

"Well um they don't but this one I think should be named Winter." Flora said as she pointed to the blond baby."

"This one is so peaceful, so logicly her name should be Peace."Tecna and Timmy chirped up.

"Peace I like it."Helia said and looked at Flora, she nodded her head. Tecna passed Peace over to Bloom and Sky.

"Sky she is so cute."

"Not really, we could have a cuter baby."

"Sky can you pass Peace back to Bloom." Helia said as he walked over to Bloom and Sky.

"Shure but.." Sky was never able to finish his sentence because Helia punched him in the face and looked down.

"Sorry Flora." He said, Flora then got up walked very slowly over to Sky's hunched body, and both punched and slapped him in the face.

"That is for calling my Daughter ugly, you fat lemon sucking ugly not prince."

Everyone laughed at this because Flora and Helia were very hard to make mad like that, and Sky who I diced upon Sky being what he is did it to both of them in a minute.

As we leave this story there is one last line from Sky.

"Now I have to eat through a tube for the rest of my life.

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