I am so sorry for the really long update I lost my grandpa to cancer in November and since then I have not had time to write till now so here it is the Second chapter

Chapter 2

While Hagi lingers on in his mind, it's nice to have Saya's head resting on my shoulder. He raises his hand and rests it on her head.

"Hey Kai Riku"cries allowed a few hours later startling Kai and Saya who where napping just a second ago.

"What is it" Kai utters sleepily and angrily at Riku.

"There it is land right there oh I can't wait to land, it will be awesome"

"Yeah I guess but you know we will have to go to school while Saya and every one else looks for clues to the where about of the Chiropterans, Diva and her chevaliers." Kai expelled from his lips solemnly, in his worry for his sister.

Announcement from the captain

"OK everyone time to fasten those seat belts and stay seated till we come to a complete landing and we are stopped"


"Yahoo I can't wait" Riku excitedly buckling up.

"Finally" Kai says under his breath to him self.

Saya and Hagi both sigh in relief that the flight is almost over and they can truly relax for a while, at least till Julia and David, Lewis get over there.

+ The plane lands at the Airport +

"It is now OK to release your belts and take your thing and UN bored in an orderly fashion."

"YES" Riku shouts as he unbuckles and grabs his things and then calms down quickly.

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