Aerrow: She's still ranting. If you want to know what we are talking about read Piper's bad news and. bad luck. You'll see in the second chapter.


Piper: SHUT UP!

Me: I do not own the storm hawks.

Piper: Finally.


Aerrow and Piper: Shit!

" Race you back to the condor!" Piper yelled jumping on her heliscooter. She raced Aerrow back as Finn and Junko just stared. Radar only barely managed to get on the skimmer before Aerrow speed off. Aerrow won. (Aerrow: DUH! Piper: Be nice. underbreath . Aerrow: I heard that)

" I won." Aerrow smirked as Piper glared.

" You are so stupid. We both lost. Stork won." Sure enough stork had been there hours before them.

" I hate it when you do that."

" Piper burst Aerrow's Bubble!" Finn called in a singsong voice. Aerrow and Piper glared at him.

" Shut up Finn." They called. Finn glared.

" Hey I was just talking to a hot gurl. She's throwing a huge Halloween party wit her twin sister and her cousin. We're invited. They didn't know we were on the terra until I came across her. Her name was topaz and you gotta love those gold eyes. Her sister's name is Emerald. " ( Yes I am using Emerald, Topaz, and Saphire from Tropica, where it all started)

" Cool. Who doesn't love a party?"

"Piper when was the last time you went to a party? Never?" Finn asked. Piper Face grew red from anger. She started to Jump At Finn.

"You !" Aerrow grabbed her around her waist before she could tackle Finn and beat him to a pulp.

" Calm down Piper. I'll deal with him. We don't need our wingman dead." Aerrow said holding on as Piper attempted to get out of his arms and beat Finn to a pulp.

" Let me kill him!" She screamed. Junko Came up and saw the sight. Piper jammed her heel in between Aerrow's legs making his vision vanish for a moment. His grip weakened and Piper got out of the grip. Junko grabbed Piper and threw her over his shoulder and took her to her room and shut the door before she could do anything.

" Geez. She kicks hard." Aerrow groaned slowly regaining his posture. IT wasn't long before Piper was Back and she kicked Finn even harder in between the legs too. Finn's were watering and he thought he was going to die from the pain.

" Ow." That was all he got out before he fell to his knees and onto his face. Piper stood there fists clenched at her sides.

"You were asking for it." And with that Piper stalked off.

"I'd kick her off the team for that!" Finn called lifting his arm before he rolled onto his back and tried to get up. He failed miserably. Piper banged her against the wall near the door just in the hallway. She lost her temper… again. Piper walked off toward her room silent tears running down her face. She was already annoyed with all the females staring at Aerrow like he was the hottest guy around and they knew him. She knew she would never get that title of Aerrow's girl. He'd take a blond like every other guy in the world. They wanted blonds because they are stupid and you… 'Stop it!' Piper's mind screamed. Aerrow was that one guy who could make Piper feel invincible to everyone but lately Aerrow had been looking around at all the girls and almost ignoring Piper.

'Nice. You'll be kicked off the squadron for sure. You just kicked your leader in the balls. You'll get in so much trouble when Finn and Aerrow finally manage to move. ing P.M.S!' Piper opened her door and closed it before picking up random objects and throwing them at something. She ended up picking up her diamond necklace she had set on the table earlier that day not trusting herself not to lose it on the beach. She pulled her Arm back about to throw it when she realized what was in her hand. She calmed down putting the necklace around her neck.

With that Piper sat down on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

Aerrow was the first between him and Finn to find the strength to stand. He heard the breaking objects coming from Piper's room. He had heard Piper bang her head against the metal wall of the condor. He knew from the moment Piper kicked him in the balls… that it was that time of month or soon to be.
After that time of month Piper would be like a happy butterfly and it would slowly go away and she'd be dead serious again. The end of her period was always chaos. He was willing to bet his life Piper would be that happy little butterfly tomorrow.

"Aerrow! Get rid of her. At least until she's learned to chill." Finn said pulling himself to his feet.

"You were asking for it. Never… ever pick on her during her period. Especially near the end. Ever notice she gets easily mad that one time of month and then she like that little giddy butterfly? Her words not mine. Well, My guess it's like that. I have never seen Piper this mad. Wednesday is Halloween; she gets edgy when Halloween's around the corner." Finn nodded his head.

"Piper tells you about that?"

"No, I over heard her talking to her friend on the phone. She was talking to Diamond."

"Your ex-girl friend?"


"I was kidding." Aerrow shook his head and walked down the halls of the condor looking for Piper. He opened the door to her room and saw Piper staring at a green crystal.

"What stone is that?" Aerrow asked making Piper jump.

"An emerald. I'm sorry I kicked you I'm just so… mad."

"Hey. It happens. You just got really moody. Halloween is Wednesday." Piper looked into Aerrow's emerald eyes.

" You have every right to kick me off the team for losing my temper." Piper looked at herr feet as she spoke.

"I'm not kicking you off the team. Every female gets mad during her period Piper. The guys just need to learn not to mess with them." Piper looked at Aerrow startled. ' How does he know it's my period?'

"How'd you figure it out?" She asked speaking her mind.

" Simple, I put the clues together and the last time you kicked me there was…. When you were 13. 4 years ago. When you first got your period. Every since I took every possible hint of it and learned to avoid your bad side. Finn on the other hand is a little idotic." Piper gave him a look that screamed ' a little?' " Okay a lot." Piper smiled and shook her head.

"Good shooter, good aim, big idiot."

" Sound like him." Aerrow said laughing. Stork ran down the hallway with radar chasing him. Finn chased after radar screaming for his hair gel. Finn stopped in front of Piper's door next to Aerrow.

"She okay? She looks like she's gonna cry."

"She heard your comment." Aerrow stated glaring.

" Oh shit." Finn ran this time away from Piper even if she wasn't chasing him.

"Finn is the biggest idiot ever. Oh, are we going to Halloween Party?" Piper looked at Aerrow as she spoke.

"Yeah. Costumes are required though. We can put something together."

" You mean I'll put something together."

" We can buy it."

"No we are not. I will make the costumes. Only because I want to. Besides I at least owe you for losing my temper."

"If you really want. Stork and Finn are bond not to trust you with a needle. Stork we know dislikes needles and Parties. He might not go."

"Well I'll ask him. But first, I'll go make dinner." Piper stood and walked out of her room. Aerrow stared after her wondering how many more times her would have to watch her from afar and wonder when he'll be able to tell her how he really feels.

"Radar! Give me back my hair gel!" Finn screamed from down the hallway as he chase the little blue thing up the hallway. Aerrow smiled and went off to find Stork. Stork was on the bridge walking around in circles.

"Stork what are you doing?" Aerrow asked.

" N-nothing. We are not going to that party are we?" Stork eye twitched as he thought about what might happen at the party.

"Yeah we are. Why?"

"We…. are… DOOM!" Stork screamed.

"You don't want to go? Am I right?"

"Right? More than right. I will not go."

"Okay, well, no one is making you go." Stork looked at Aerrow for a moment before he went back to flying the ship. Aerrow walked off to tell Piper she had one less costume to make. He found Piper in kitchen Bobing her head to the music playing on her MP3 player. DJ Basti, whenever, wherever. Piper had a thing for DJs and their music and Shaggy. She some how managed to get her hands on every single one of Shaggy's songs. She even had tons of DJs. DJ Boonie, DJ explode, DJ Basti, DJ Khaled, and a bunch of other DJs Aerrow had never heard of. Piper loved a lot of musical artists.

" What's up Aerrow?" Piper asked as she twirled across the room to the fridge where she opened the door and glared at the sight before her. 'How the hell am I going to find the hot dogs in this mess?' The fridge was really disorganized.

" UM… aren't we supposed to be going to the restaurant down the street?"

"No. Stork found an article that they are being shut down. Food was poisoned. Many people have almost died. 4 did." Aerrow looked at Piper funny. " Articles on the counter if you don't believe me." Aerrow walked over to the counter listening to 'wasn't me' by DJ Basti.

' Hallow's newest, Fanciest restaurant gone up in flames with bad reputation!' was the Article title in bold print. Below it in a smaller print 'responsible for 4 deaths and illnesses for many people' Aerrow continued to read the article.

"Wow. 50 people sick. Just under."

"I know. That's probably part of the reason Stork doesn't want to go to the party. I'm still making a costume for him. Whither he's going or not. I told him that and he said I shouldn't. He's not going to go."

Later at dinner

Piper left before desert. She let Finn fetch the pie off the counter in the kitchen. Instead she tried to rid herself of the energy that wouldn't stop rushing through her veins.

"I hate the end of my period." She murmured as she did a few flips down the hallway. She flipped right into the wall.

"OW!" she almost screamed causing the guys in the dining room look out of the door and wander down the hallway and stare at Piper who had her head against the wall.

"Never again." She growled pulling herself to her Feet before flipping back up the hallway causing the boys to stare at her.

"Told you." Aerrow stated before going back for his pie.

"Told us what?" Finn asked following him.

"Piper's period just ended. Energy overload. She starts flipping up and down hallways, doing cartwheel handstands whatever takes skill and balance. And Energy." Finn stared out the door as piper walked by on her hands. Junko ate what was left of the pie. Stork wandered off to his room.

"He Piper! I'll fight you!" Finn yelled.

"I'll win! There's no point!" Piper called back.

"Fine you can fight Aerrow!"

" And he'll win wasting no energy! No point!" She called back flipping up the hallway and stopping in front of him.

" Come on! Fine go sky diving." Piper's eye's widened in fear.

"Sk-sky diving?" Piper ran up the hallway and to her room slamming the door shut.

"What's with her?" Finn asked.

"Piper's cousin Died Sky diving. Three day before Piper's birthday. Her 13th birthday to be true. Piper and her cousin were skydiving and someone trashed the parachutes and only Piper's was untouched.

Me: Done.

Piper: you are too strange.

Me: Look who's talking.

Piper: how am I strange?

Me: your hair. If you left it down that'd be normal.

Piper: shut up.