On Piper's foot was a hand, no body attached, the bone sticking out of the bloody mass

On Piper's foot was a hand, no body attached, the bone sticking out of the bloody mass.

"AHHHHHHH!" Finn screamed, jumping up into Junko's arms. Aerrow kicked the hand off Piper's ankle. It took all of Piper's will power not to scream as the 'bumps' on the ground slowly rose up from the bround and took a more human shape. A low moaning noise was heard as Piper figured out what they were.

"They're living corpuses!" Piper squeaked, her fear caught in her throat, making it hard to speak, as she took a step back, right into Aerrow. The light on the side of the house came on as the door slammed open as an angery looking girl came into view.

"EMERALD! PUT THEM BACK ON LEVEL ONE!" The girl yelled as she pulled the storm hawks into the house. " Sorry 'bout that. They're robots. My stupid sister wants to scare before they arrive. They are suppose to just lay their and grab your ankles when you get too close. I'm Topaz."

"What's up?" Another girl who looked just like Topaz came into the room. Both girls had long black hair. Topaz had yellow eyes where as he sister, the girl who just walked into the room had red ends of her hair and emerald eyes.

"Emerald, give me the remote." Topaz demanded, holding her hand out to her sister.

"Geez. You are such a party pooper." Emerald whined.

"This is my twin Emerald." Topaz exclaimed, gesturing to her sister. Booth girls who a long dress with empress waist band and empress sleeves, only Topaz in black, and Emerald in a very dark green. Another girl with long brown hair and blue eyes in a matching dress only a very dark blue came into the room.

"Piper?" the girl asked.

"SAPHIRE! OMG!" Piper squealed running to Saphire and hugging her.

"OMG! It's been what, a year since we last saw each other?" Saphire asked.

"11 months." Piper answered.

"Close enough." Saphire exclaimed. " 'cause it is still too long."

"Exactly." Piper exclaimed as she Saphire seprated from their hug. Saphire smiled and went to hug each of the guys.

"HEY you guys!" She greeted them. " These as are my cousins Topaz and Emerald. Emerald, topaz, These are the storm hawks. Piper, Aerrow, Junko ,and Finn. Stork deiced to stay on condor?"

"Yeap. Radar is with him, driving him up the all by this point." Aerrow exclaimed.

"cool. Come on, the party is this way." Saphire exclaimed. She lead the storm hawks into a larger room. Once there Topaz leaned over to Piper.

"Why is Finn dressed up like a clown?" She asked in a whispher.

"He thinks they're scary." Piper answered with a gentle laugh. Topaz snorted andwalked away shaking her head. Junko wandered over to a table with carmel apples, a mask in the middle of the table. Piper knew the mask was actually a person under the table with a whole in the table. It proved to be true when Junko reached for one of the apples and it jumped at him. Piper giggled as she walked over to another table with a large pile of candy. She picked up a milky way only for a disembodied hand to grab her wrist. Topaz was next to her.

"You know, that is starting to get old." Piper told her.

"Yeah well, it scared people. You had a worse case so it's gonna be old for you. Some people won't get it so it'll be fun." Topaz told her as she took the hand tucked it back in the candy pile. Piper looked around the room and saw a few signs, a few pointing to bathrooms, another pointing to a maze. Piper deiced to follow the one to the maze. Aerrow chose to follow her. Piper suddenly found herself in front of a tall Hedge, three feet above her head. Daringly she walked into it, not realizing Aerrow was right behind her. She jumped with Aerrow made a noise behind her when she reached the center of the maze.

"Hi." Aerrow greeted her when she turned around.

"Hi." She greeted back.

"Sorry for starling you."

"It's okay." She replies as a gentle breeze blew, making her shiver. ( she had left her cape inside)

"Here." Aerrow took off his cape and placed it over her shoulders.

"Thanks." She exclaimed with a gentle smile as she stared off into his eyes, not even realizing how close they were. Aerrow stared at her eyes, noticing that they just seemed to pop out at you in her dark outfit. Neither did realize they were leaning toward each other until they were mere centimeters from kissing. Both started to blush slightly when they realized what was going on.

'Kiss them!" Their brains screamed. Aerrow finally closed the gap between their lips. Neither realized that they slide their arms around each other, Aerrow's arms around her waist and her arms around his neck. They separated some time later for air.

"Wow…" Piper murmured.

"I think I felt a spark there." Aerrow whispered.

"You like me." Piper teased."

"You like me tooo." He teased back.

"I admit it. I like you a lot more then you realize." Piper responded.

"Is that a challenge?" Aerrow asked, leaning toward her.

"It could be." Piper replied as she leaned as well for another kiss. They were both interrupted as the sound of Finn's shriek came toward them. They leaned away from each other as Finn came running through the clearing, being chased by bats. He ran right through it, not even noticing they were even there.

"I'm not sure I wanna know." Piper exclaimed.

"Who does? "Aerrow asked leaning toward her.

"Not me." She answered as she kissed him again.