What The Future Holds

By wired2damoon

Chapter 1: Hilda and Hangovers

A/N: Hello! I'm wired2damoon, this is my first Ugly Betty fic, I've written other Harry Potter ones on a different website so I'm excited to start something new. Please bare in mind that I'm from Ireland so I'm trying my best to keep everyone in character and sounding as they should be, using American slang, spelling etc. I really hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think! Thankies wired2damoon Xx

"Aye Rosa! Why do you have to be so loud eh?" came the irritated groan of Hilda Suarez, holding her drooping head in her hands.

"Are you alright Mom?" asked her son, Justin who was frailing about in a panic as he saw smoke raising from the kitchen stove.

"Aunt Hilda has a hang over!" sang an over-excited five year old, Rosa, jumping up and down with glee.

Justin laughed and patted his cousin on the head affectionately. "Rosa, why don't you go into grandpa and show him that pretty little dance you learned huh?" he smiled gently pushing her out of the kitchen.

"Okie dokie…" she chirped and bounced out of the room and onto an unsuspecting Ignacio.

"Hola mija", came the soft voice of Hilda's father as the little girl jumped up beside him and began talking adamantly at him.

Hilda sighed as Justin ran over to the stove and began fixing things up.

"I'm sorry hunny, I just, couldn't-"

"Mom its ok…really…everyone's had hangovers", Justin interrupted his mother before she could finish.

Hilda pursed her lips at him. He was right. He was always right.

"Aye I no! But I mean I'm supposed to be looking after Rosa when Betty's away and I'm supposed to cook breakfast because Pappy is sick and…well I'm not doin' a very good job", she muttered, obviously frustrated at herself.

"Mom, you're doing fine!" Justin reassured her, kissing her cheek and placing an oddly-colored drink in front of her. "Now drink up!" he ordered, inwardly grimacing at the glass that contained egg, bacon grease and god knows what else.

"I thought you didn't approve of my hang-over fat-filled shake?" smirked Hilda bringing her lips to the glass and drinking deeply from it.

Just as Justin looked like he was going to throw up, she was done, and let out a heavy sigh of satisfaction.

"Oh Mom, I so don't! I mean eggs and bacon? Eww its like blending up an English breakfast and pouring into a glass", he retched, taking the empty glass from her and putting it into the dish washer.

"Ya well its what got me through High School and expecting you…" she replied matter-of-factly, before attempting to stand up.

"Woah Mom!" Justin exclaimed seeing her sway violently before grabbing her arm and pulling her back down into her seat. "I guess I shouldn't have brought you partying with me last night after all…" he said as an after-thought.

"Hey! Don't you get all motherly on me you hear? I'm perfectly fine to party with my 24 year old son! I'm still young you know!" spat Hilda, glaring at Justin who had now thrown his hands up in defence.

"Yeah I know Mom, I know," he reassured her, hiding his grin behind his hand.

"Aunt Hilda, when's Mommy and Daddy getting home?" asked Rosa who had now appeared at her side and was tugging at her pyjama sleeve.

"They'll be home soon sweetie…" Hilda smiled, lifting her niece up and giving her a hug.

Ignacio Suarez leaned against the wall looking into his kitchen. He smiled as he saw his daughter and two grandchildren sitting around the kitchen table.

It was times like this that made him so grateful for everything he had.

Just one thing was missing, his other daughter Betty.

He felt a little saddened by her absence but he reminded himself that she would be back soon and she was okay. He just hoped she had a good time away with her husband.

Just as that last thought entered Ignacio's mind he heard the front door open.

"We're home", called the familiar voice of his youngest daughter as she and a man stepped into the hall.

"MOMMY! DADDY!" yelled his grand-daughter leaping down from Hilda's lap, racing past Ignacio and straight into her mother's arms.

"Oh Rosa sweetheart", Betty beamed as she hugged her daughter tight. "Were you good for Aunt Hilda and Grandpa Suarez?"

The little girl nodded her little head vigorously, her frizzy brown hair bouncing about her shoulders.

"How my little butterfly?" asked Rosa's father, grinning from ear to ear as he picked her up and swung her around.

"Daddy stop!" she giggled as he twirled around with her.

"Okay, okay you're the boss", he sighed stopping twirling and placing her back down on the ground.

"Thank you!" she muttered glancing up at her father, her hands on her hips.

Everyone laughed at the little girl's attitude. She was really her mother's child, but really Daddy's little girl.

Ignacio looked to his daughter, his grand-daughter and then to his son-in-law before stating quietly, "she's an odd one that Rosa Meade…"

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