-1What The Future Holds

By wired2damoon

Chapter 6: Dinner And Vital Discussions

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"Hunny, I'm home!" Daniel Meade shouted as he opened the door to his home and stepped inside. No matter how many times he said it, or how cliché and cheesy it was, he never stopped getting a warm feeling in his heart at the thought of having someone to say it to.

"Hey Daniel…" smiled Betty, stepping out of the kitchen looking extremely cute with flour on her cheeks and a apron saying "Kiss The Cook" wrapped around her.

"And what do we have here Mrs Meade? Are you a professional chef now?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her gently. God he loved doing that!

"Very funny Mr Comedian…no I just decided to make us something a little more special tonight…Hilda has Rosa tonight so we've the whole house to our selves", Betty grinned widely and rolled her eyes at Daniel's suggestive smirk.

"Oh really? All to ourselves…well I like the sound of that…" Daniel replied, bending down and nibbling on her neck tenderly.

Betty giggled and squealed as he tickled her. "Daniel! The dinner will burn!" she exclaimed slapping him away lightly and pursing her lips, her hands on her hips sternly.

Daniel stood back and just looked down at her. She just looked so cute in her little apron he couldn't contain himself.

"Aww can't dinner wait Betty?" he asked, his puppy-dog eyes boring into her intensely.

"No dinner can't wait Daniel!" she replied, laughter in her voice but still enough sternness to get her point across.

"Okay, okay…I'll go get changed then…" Daniel replied, a little disappointedly but nevertheless started loosening his tie and climbing the stairs to their bedroom.

"Don't be too long, the soup's nearly done", Betty shouted after him before racing back into the kitchen to check on everything.

Daniel heard Betty's call as he made his way into the room but decided not to answer. He was too busy wondering about what Betty had said to him. She was making a special dinner, but what was so special about tonight? Was he forgetting something? Their anniversary? No…that was October 9th. Betty's birthday? What would Betty make herself dinner for her own birthday? His birthday? Okay…now he was being stupid…

But if it wasn't an anniversary or a birthday then what could it be?

And then it suddenly hit him…Betty went to see Dr Steinbeck today.

"Oh god…" he whispered as panic started to set in. What if it was bad news? What if Betty was really ill? He just couldn't imagine what life would be like without her.

"For Pete's sake Daniel get a grip!" he scolded himself. He was sure it was nothing, that everything was fine and Betty just wanted to celebrate her health, it was probably just a stomach bug just like she said. "That's all…" he reassured himself quietly as he changed and made his way down stairs and into the kitchen, stopping abruptly and gawking at the sight before him.

There, right in the middle of the kitchen was their small table laden with candles, the fancy linen and expensive silverware Alexis bought them for their engagement. The kitchen looked spotless and the food which lined the counters looked delicious, but it wasn't all this that took Daniel's breath away, it was Betty…

There, standing a merely six feet from him stood his wife, looking as beautiful as she did on her wedding day. She wore a simple dark green dress and the golden necklace that once belonged to her mother. Her red rimmed glasses shown against the dim light as the shadows bounced off her frizzy hair which was pulled back into a bun. To most she was just plain old Betty (she hadn't changed in appearance over the years, yet merely had her braces removed), but to Daniel she was amazing and he guessed she always was.

"H-How do I look?" Betty asked nervously twirling around, still maintaining slightly low self-esteem. "I-I didn't have a lot of time to get ready, it took all day to cook dinner and-"

"Betty…you look…wow…" Daniel gasped in awe as his eyes drank in her appearance lustfully.

Betty blushed deeply and kept her eyes downward. She really had to scoff at herself sometimes, I mean here she was, standing on front of the man she's been married to for six years and she still blushes at his compliments? Typical Betty!

"No Betty, I mean it! You always look amazing, you always did from the first time I met you…" Daniel continued, walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

Betty snorted as he said this. Typical Daniel, always the charmer.

"Now I know that's not true, I mean remember that horrible leather ensemble? Ya know, when you forced me to do that photo shoot so I'd quit?" Betty smirked, unravelling herself and transferring goods to the table.

Daniel sighed when he heard her response. She really did torture him with his past dealings at the oddest of moments.

"Well I happened to think it was very…sexy…but not Bettyish enough", he replied walking over to the table and proceeding to wrap his arms around her and waist from behind.

He frowned slightly as he did so and noticed that she was a little more padded then he remembered. Oh well…more of her for him to love.

"Haha, Daniel, I'm only kidding. What's done is done and I've forgiven you, you know that silly", she replied swatting her hand over her shoulder and connecting with his cheek.

"Ya I know. So, let's get down to dinner shall we? I mean the quicker we eat the quicker we can-"

- "Daniel Meade! Is that all you ever think about. Geez…" Betty murmured but couldn't wipe off the soft smile that was now gracing her face.

Daniel beamed from ear to ear and kissed her softly before sitting down.

Betty, now having all requirements on front of her, sat down opposite him.

They chattered softly for a good thirty minutes about everything and nothing, from work to family. It was when this topic arose Betty began to get nervous.

"Daniel…you know the way we had a difficult birth with Rosa?" Betty asked timidly, not looking her husband in the eye for the first time since they began eating.

"Uh-huh…" Daniel replied sceptically, wondering where she was going with this and also trying to block out the horrid memories of Betty losing so much blood and his daughter nearly dying several times.

"Well…we…I…" Betty didn't know what to say. The whole night had been leading up to this moment, and when she finally sat down here with her husband's eyes staring gently at her she was suddenly at a loss for words.

It was only when Daniel went to pour her a glass of wine things started to fall into place.

"Betty you're nervous, here have a glass of wine it will calm you down", Daniel said softly as he began to fill her glass.

"Oh no I really shouldn't-" Betty stopped abruptly as realization dawned on her.

Daniel's eyes widened as Betty moved the glass away from her.

It all made perfect sense now, a small smile crept onto his face.

"Betty…" he said gently, "what did the doctor have to tell you today?"

Betty began fumbling with the hem of her dress nervously. Well, it was now or never.

"Uh…well…I am…she told me that…I'm…we're…uh…going to have a baby…" she replied, her hands shaking a little as a little gasp of relief at saying it out loud escaped her body.

The words echoed in Daniel's ears. Baby. We're going to have a baby.

He sat back in his chair a little and blew out a puff of air he didn't realize he was holding in. Suddenly he made a snap decision and bolted out of his chair at the speed of light and around to Betty's side of the table and proceeded to lift her up and spin her around heartily.

"Oh Betty! This is wonderful! I'm going to be a dad…again!" he laughed as he swung her around in circles.

Betty giggled as relief flooded her. She scolded herself for ever being foolish enough to be nervous about telling him, Daniel, the love of her life.

As he set her down, Betty pulled him into a bone-crushing hug and buried her face in his chest.

"Oh Daniel, you've no idea how happy this makes me!" she sobbed, truly bewildered at how and when she had started to cry.

Daniel stroked her hair softly and muttered words of reassurance.

"Betty…you are the most wonderful person I have ever met. You have made me the man that I am proudly today. You have made me the happiest husband and father to Rosa and now to our new baby. I love you so much", he said softly, not caring that it sounded really mushy and knowing that his wife would appreciate it all the same.

Betty just gripped him tighter and managed to choke out a solitary word. "Ditto".

Daniel laughed heartily at the "Bettyness" that was Betty Suarez-Meade. It was good to know that after all these years she never truly changed.

Daniel Meade right there in his kitchen vowed that he was going to make this loving woman and his family as happy as they have made him for the rest of their lives as he was truly the happiest man in the world, that much he knew. And to think it was all down to that oddly-dressed so-called "ugly" girl from Queens that made his life as it is today.

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