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Chapter One: The Books have been chosen

"This popcorn has more of a buttery taste to it… not as salty as the other one… Wait.. Is this.. WHAT DID YOU GUYS PUT INTO THIS!?"

She heard laughter as she pouted.

"Not fair! what else is in here? Zit cream?!"

"No. Ino you can take off the blind fold now.." she heard a familiar voice. She pulled off the blind fold revealing her light blue eyes to the light of the room and to her four friends who were still smiling and laughing. She then looked down at the popcorn she was eating.. Yes, the popcorn had lots of butter topped on it, but it also had a dirty sock stuffed on the bottom. There was also zit cream and shampoo mixed with the butter. She looked away in disgust.

"Guys! You really could've killed me!" she whined as her friends laughed then frowned at that comment.

"We're sorry, but that was just too funny! You should have seen your face when you ate some of the zit cream!" her best friend, Sakura, who sat next her, said as she giggled.

"Come on, Hinata it's your turn." her other friend, Temari replied as she nudged the other girl next to her.

Ino had been sitting around with four of her best friends. They had been together since they were seven and went through many years of school together. They were having a sleepover, since it was Friday night, and were sitting in a circle in Sakura's bedroom taste testing popcorn. What Ino's other friends did, was unexpected to her at least.

Their sleeping bags lay beside them and popcorn was scattered all over the room. Makeup bags, clothes, and jewelry were also laying around. The circle started with Ino.

Ino had her light blue eyes and light blonde hair. Some of her hair was hanging on the left side of her pale face. She wore her favorite pajamas and slippers with her hair stuck up into a fast, yet neat ponytail which went down to her waist.

Sakura was the one who got everyone together for the party. She was sitting on the right side of Ino. She had strawberry pink hair that went down to her ears and light green eyes. She was a bit shorter than Ino, as a matter of fact, the shortest of the five girls. She had the second best scores in her school testing.

On Sakura's right sat TenTen. She had dark brown eyes with the same color hair that was rarely seen down because it was always in two buns on the top of her head. She was voted treasurer in high school 3 times in a row. She was a year older than Ino, Sakura, and Hinata and was in 11th grade. She had a passion for skating in the local Konaha skating rank. Although, if she told her parents, they would never accept it.

To TenTen's right sat the tomboy girl, Temari. Temari has two brothers. One older, and one younger. She is in the same grade as Tenten and has a firing personality. Who ever pissed her off would pay. She had a darker blond hair than Ino's with four different ponytails sticking out of each side. One on the left bottom one on the left top and the same for the right side. .Her turquoise eyes happened to match the pajama shirt and pants she was wearing.

Next to her was Hinata. She was a shy girl that was in the same grade as Ino and Sakura. She had blackish, purplish hair that came down to her shoulders with passion. Her eyes were wide, big and resembled, pearls so it looked like she has no pupils. She was the shyest girl of the five. But she did have a passion for fashion. That was the skill her and Ino shared.

"Ok… now make sure that you guys put stuff into this that is eatable! Or I'll sue you!" Hinata joked.

"I'll be our lawyer!" shouted TenTen as she shot her hand into the air.

"I don't think I want you as my lawyer." Ino joked. "You might screw everything up.." she and the other girls laughed.

"Fine.. Don't trust me.." Tenten said in mock-seriousness as she crossed her arms, turned away, and made a fake pout.

"No TenTen.. You don't get it. I trust you, but do you trust yourself?" Ino said mysteriously trying to confuse the hyper girl.

"Um….." she said.. There was a very long silence.. The other girls sweat dropped.

"I'm thinking.." she said after they didn't know how long.

"It's not a hard question!" cried Sakura.

"Well… how would you know! Smarty pants!" TenTen cried as she couldn't keep up the act anymore and fell backward laughing.

"I don't wanna play this game anymore.." said Sakura referring to the popcorn game as she whined out her last sentence.

"I really can't believe you sometimes, Sakura, you act so mature when your around anyone at school or around Sasuke, but you always act like a baby around us!" Ino said laughing as she began to braid Hinata's hair.

"You guys are my best friends! I can be anything I want to be around you guys.." she mumbled the last few words as she opened a magazine, grabbed a pen, and began to do the crossword puzzle inside. There was a long silence. When they heard a groan from Temari.

"I'm hungry.. Can we go and get some ice cream from that shop down the street?" Temari asked as the other girl's eyes light up.

"Yeah!" they all said in unison as they grabbed some jeans to replace with there pajama pants. After that they did each other's make-up, their hair and look at each other's outfits.

"Wow.. We look pretty cute for going out in pajama shirts!" Ino replied as they all looked at their self and each other in the larger mirror in the Sakura's bathroom. They all giggled as they saw Sakura's younger sister, Taki, rush in.

"Sakura! Suki and his friend are trying to stick pudding up my nose and they're winning!" she cried as she rushed to her sister's side and hugged her leg.

Taki was the adorable youngest daughter in Sakura's family. She was five and acted just like Sakura when she was younger. Suki was her fraternal twin brother that annoyed her every day. The five always felt bad for the little girl and took her places with them. That was just what they were going to do. Take her out.

"Hey Taki, wanna come and get some ice cream with us? Sakura is buying!" said Ino as she bent down and ruffled up the girl's hair.

"Hey!" said Sakura as she pouted as she took out her wallet to see if she had enough money.

"Sure! Thanks Ino, everyone!" she said as she smiled.

They all got downstairs were they saw Suki and his friend Tai playing with pudding. They were rounding it around in their hands. That is when they saw Taki.

"Hey Taki! Come play with us!" Suki said evilly as Tai laughed.

"Sorry Suki, but Taki is coming with us. We're going out." said Sakura as she grinned at her younger brother.

"Meany!" he yelled as he and Tai stormed out of the room.

"Mom! We're going out! And, we are taking Taki!" yelled Sakura to her mother who was cooking in the kitchen. Her mother's job involved cooking for parties. She could make anything. Her father was a doctor. In fact, he was one of the best doctors in the country. He would have to go on long business trips because celebrities would pay millions of dollars for plastic surgery or whatever it was. Sakura's grandparents also lived in their house. Along her great aunts and uncles. And her twice removed cousin. Yes, her house was a very busy place.

"Have a good time girls!" her mom called back as they headed out the door.

"Hey Sakura, what time does the ice cream shop close anyway?" asked Hinata as they walked down the side walk. It was beginning to get very late. The moon shone brightly in the sky and light poles hanged over the street side walks. Letting them see through the night. Cars zoomed by with their headlights beaming.

"It closes at.. 11.." mumbled Sakura.

"What time is it now then?" Temari asked before anyone else had the chance to.

"It's around…" said Ino as she looked at her watched. She had a scared look on her face as she began to run.

"Ino! What time is it!" the other girls cried she they ran a couple of yards behind her.

"10:45!" run!" she cried as she heard her friends paces getting faster.

"Are we going to make it?" Taki said out of breathe as the six girls huffed and puffed while running it had been about 10 minutes since they last talked and concentrated on running.

"Just…one…more block…." Ino said as she tried to catch her breath.

They all finally saw the ice cream shop in view. The fake vanilla ice cream cone sat on the top of the small roof.. Tempting…Just so tempting..

Anyway, they all quickened their paces. Ino was the first to reached the room as she rushed in. That's when, she saw something.. Or someone in her way.

"Watch out!" she cried as she tried to stop. But she slammed into the other person's chest. They both were sent backwards and fell onto the tiled floor.

"Hey! Watch where you are going!" cried the other person.

"I'm so sorry!" she said as she rubbed her eyes and looked up at the person who she had ran into. He was sitting on the floor with her and was staring back at her. He had dark brown hair that was pulled up into a ponytail at the top of his head. Oh yeah, he was the cute guy who sat behind her in geography class. His name was Shikamaru Nara. She had to admit, she had a major crush on him. Sakura and the other girls ran in after the accident.

"Ino! Are you ok?" said Temari as they all helped her up. Then Ino walked over to Shikamaru. Lending out a hand for him to take so he could get up. He got up and ignore Ino's hand muttering out the word "Troublesome" and walked back over to his friends who stood over on the other side of the room.

"Hm…What a jerk!" cried Ino as she dusted herself off. She looked over at Shikamaru's friends. There stood Naruto Uzmazaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Neji Hyugga, which was Hinata's cousin, some other kid who she had never seen before, and of course, Shikamaru.

"Oh well, ice cream time!" said Ino as she skipped over to the counter. The group of guys looked at the six girls. Naruto reacted quickly.

"Sakura! Hey whats up?" he cried as he walked over to Sakura.

"Hey Naruto! Just hang out with my friends and little sister, you know everyone right?"

"Yeah I know them. Hey girls!" He said and they all waved. The two began to talk about school and other stuff that the other girls didn't feel like listening to. So, they began to order.

"So.. You know everyone right?" Naruto said as he pointed to his friends.

"No.. not all of them.." she said referring to the other guy none of the girls had seen before.

"That's Riku. He's Shikamaru's cousin. His family moved here a couple days ago." he said.

"Hey.." Riku replied.

"Hi.. I'm Sakura Haruno and these are my friends. InoYamaka, Hinata Hyugga, TenTen, and Temari no Sabaku. That's my sister Taki." said Sakura happily shaking Riku's hand.

"Oh yeah your Naruto's lab partner? And your friend is related to Neji?" he asked.

"Yeah.. They are cousins.." Ino interrupted putting an arm around Hinata's shoulder and grinning.

"So, anyways you know everyone else. Shikamaru, Neji, and Sasuke." Naruto said as Sakura blushed at the last name.

"Well…I will see you at work Sakura! By girls!" said Naruto as he dragged his friends out of the ice cream place.

"Bye Naruto! By everyone!" called the six girls in unison.

There was a moment of silence. Then Ino interrupted the silence.

"Being friends with Naruto has there advantages, Sakura" Ino said as she winked and elbowed Sakura in the rib. They got their ice cream and began to walk to the park. There was only a few people there since it was around midnight. Ino, Tenten, Hinata, and Taki sat on a bench as Sakura and Temari began to pace next to the bench. They all happily licked their ice creams.

"So, Ino, I saw you looking at Shikamaru at the ice cream shop!" giggle Sakura as she then burst into laughter as she saw Ino's face. She was bright red. Blushing.

"I-I.. was not!" she said turning redder by the second. She tried to defend herself. But failed and sighed.

"We all know you have had a crush on him since pre-school!" said Temari. She had to admit, when she was younger, she had a crush on him too. She soon got over it when she realized her was too lazy. Ino could have him.

"Hey! Don't be acting all innocent! We saw you checking the new kid Riku out!" said Tenten bursting into laughter with Sakura. Temari glared. She had a little blush across her cheeks.

"Tenten! I saw you checking out my cousin!" said Hinata pointing at Tenten. Sakura almost had ice-cream coming out of her noise.

"But, Hinata, It's so obvious you have a crush on my first guy best friend!" Sakura said still laughing. She was referring to Naruto. Hinata's head could have exploded from embarrassment. She was as red as a red crayon. Everyone glared at Sakura as she laughed and laughed. Taki decided not to listen to the teens and licked her ice-cream happily.

"You have a crush on Sasuke!" they all shouted. Sakura's face turned pink. She shook her head.

"Of course I don't! That guy? Pft. No way." she said waving her hands in front of her face trying to stop her blush. She only got redder.

"Yeah right, whenever he walks by, you look like your going to faint!" said Hinata in her soft voice. They all laughed at Sakura and began to head home. Finishing their ice creams.

"Hey, you wanna listen to my grandma's scary stories when we get home?" asked Sakura. All the girls nodded. Hinata shivered.

"Her stories are so scary. They are almost as scary as Ino's face." she said jokingly as Ino hit on the arm lightly. They all laughed.

"I've never heard grandma's stories!" said Taki pouting. Sakura ruffed her hair.

"And you will not hear them anytime soon cuz mom will not allow it." said Sakura. Taki began to whine.

"Aw, come on Sakura-niichan! I wanna hear it! You gotta be the cool sister!" said Taki tugging on Sakura's pants a little. Sakura sighed.

"I would let you, but the last time you saw that scary movie we all watched you have nightmares for a week. Don't worry. Tomorrow I will make it up to you." Sakura said looking down at her little sister smiling. They finally arrived back at Sakura's house. When they got in, Sakura and Taki's mom sent Taki to bed. The five teens walked into the living room where Sakura's grandma sat in her rocking chair. She rocked back and forth staring into the now started fire.

(A/n: There's no such thing as ghosts. There's no such thing as ghosts. There's no such thing as ghosts. She gets the mental award though!)

They all sat down on the floor next to her rocking chair like a bunch of little kids. Sakura's grandma's head turned.

"Grandma Ruka, what story are you going to tell us today?" asked Sakura. They all leaned in eagerly. Grandma Ruka rolled her eyes.

"Stop acting like two year olds and sit on the bunches of couches in the room!" said Grandma Ruki as they all laughed and sat on the couches. She began to talk again.

"It's not a scary story, but it is a true story." said Grandma Ruka. She cleared her throat and started the story.

"Once upon a time, there lived six teenagers. They were best friends. One day, they were walking along the street when they saw a bookshop. Since one of the girls loved books, they all went into the shop. They looked all over book shop, but there were only six books there."

"Wait.. Six books?" asked Tenten interrupting. Grandma Ruki continued.

"Yes, so they bought them all. They each had a book. When they got back to one of the girl's houses, They opened the books. And something… happened."

"What happened?" asked Tenten again. Grandma Ruka sighed.

"If you shut up I will tell you!" she said.

"Anyway, when they opened the books, there was a story in each. And they would turn into the main characters for whoever had what story." she said.

"That's seems a little stupid." said Ino. "What do you think we are, five?"

"Well, you acted like your five!"


"These were not just any ordinary books, no they were much more than that. The main characters were princesses!"

"What kind of princesses?"

"The Disney movie kind."

"Hey I love those movies!"

"Well, there was Bell, from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, from well.. Cinderella, Jasmine from Aladdin, Rapunzel, Aerial from the Little Mermaid, and Snow White." she said.

"Was this after the movies were made?" asked Hinata.

"No, It was before. Those books were made from centuries and centuries ago. I'll get back to that. But, at night, around 11, the girls would turn back into the princesses. I remind you, this book is not allowed in sunlight or else the person who is turned into that princess for every night will turn into dust. They could also not tell a soul beside the other princesses. They had three warnings to get back to their book on time. They first warning was that their mood would change completely. If they were sad before, they would be happy during the spell. You know what I mean. The second sign is that they start to turn back. They could feel themselves turning back. The third sign is that they would see everything in green."



"Is there a consequence if they do not get back to the book on time?"

"The person or people with that person is with will pay." she said in a scary voice. The girls screamed.

"So what about that part with the book were made centuries and centuries ago?" asked Hinata.

"Oh yes, those books were made millions of years before the six teenagers girls ran across them. There were many other girls before them that felt the same experience. And some that just didn't make it. And turned into dust. Those girls that turned into them around 50 years ago changed it completely." she paused as the girls leaned in closer.

"One of the girls, got so greedy that she took the books and wrote down their story. Returning them to their spots before the girls could notice. She took these stories and handed them to animation producers around the world. She got millions and they were turned into children movies. The other girls got made at her for this deed. And they all separated. Never seeing each other again."

"So did the spell ever come off of them?"

"Only one got her spell off. The spell could only be broken if you found your prince charming and had your first true love's first kiss. She found him and the spell came off. As for the others girls, they all turned old and got sick and died. Somehow. And every time they would leave the book in their will to give to the girl who broke the spell. She still has the books to this very day."

"Wow, she's still alive?"

"Yes, and she still tells this story to her grandchildren. She told it to me." she said.

"Does she live around here?"

"I don't know, I have not talked to her in forever."

"That's so cool!"

"Yep.. Now go away! Granny is tried." she said shooing the girls out of the room. Sakura's grandfather came into the room and sat down on the rocking chair next to her. He smiled.

"If only they knew." he said. They held hands in silence. Watching the fire.

(A/n: Aw! Old people love!)


The girls laughed after a game of twister. They sat down in the middle of Sakura's room again and talked.

"Your grandma's story was so cool!"

"You think it's true?"


"Well,…..I do."


"Yeah think about it!"

"Hey, now I am in the mood to read a fairytale!"

"Let's go see if my grandma has anything in the attic."

"Aren't we not suppose to be up there?"

"It's ok! We'll just not get caught!"

"Good plan."

They snuck out of Sakura's room and into the hallway. They opened the door to the attic and climb the stairs quietly. Shutting the door behind them. They finally got up to the top as Sakura switched on the lights. The room was just like any ordinary attic. It had spider webs and all. They ducked and dodged them as they came to a old book case. On it sat six books.

"Oh! Let's get these ones!" said Tenten. She picked up the brown book with a gold lining. Ino nodded and picked up the pink one before Sakura could snatch it. Sakura pouted and grabbed the green book with a red lining. Temari grabbed the light blue book and Hinata grabbed white with black lining book. There was one book left sitting on the bookshelf. They heard a noise from downstairs.

"Quickly! Back to my room!" said Sakura as they snuck back out of the attic and into Sakura's room. Luckily, no one spotted them. They sat down on the floor once again and looked at their books.

"Wow.. They look so old."

"Well, their only old because their my grandma's. And you know my grandma."

They all nodded and began to open the books. They shrieked as they felt themselves changing.

"Whats happening to us?!"

"I don't know! But I feel weird!"

The large light that surround them finally disappeared. They all shrieked again as they saw each other.

"You have a dress on!"

"You do too!"

"Oh. My. GOD! This can't be happening! I have fins!" wailed Sakura. The other girls all looked at Sakura from where they stood. She had a long green tail and red hair. She only had two sea shells covering up her-

"Get me to water! I think I am drying out!" she cried again. With difficulty, they lifted her up and carrying her ungracefully to the bathroom. Wow. And still no one spotted them. They filled up the huge tube and dropped Sakura in. She sighed in relief as they shut the door behind them. They all looked at themselves in the mirror.

"You look like Snow White, Hinata!" said Ino. Hinata twirled and smiled.

"Thanks.. I guess.." Hinata wore a dress that had a blue top and yellow bottom. Her hair was it's usual black color but it was shorter than her very long hair. It went up to her ear lope. She had skin as white as snow and lips as red as a rose. (A/n: Is that how it goes… I don't know…)

"Do you think that my grandma's story was real?" asked Temari. Ino glared at her.

"Obviously!" she said. Angrily. She was Rapunzel .She had long blond hair was held up in a very long wrapped bun so I did not touch the ground. She has a beautiful long pink dress that had sparkles covering it.

The other girls stood in shock. How could this be happening?

"Should we go to your grandma?" asked Temari. She was Cinderella. Her hair was much shorter and not in it's normal four ponytails. It was up in a bun style on the top of her head with a little toppling down onto the left of her face. She wore a light blue long dress with glass slippers.

"No way! She will totally yell at us! We will figure this out." said Sakura. She was Aerial.

"Maybe this is all just a prank." exclaimed Tenten. She was Bell. AKA, Beauty. She had her usual dark brown hair hanging down to her shoulder and the largest dress out of all the girls. It was a golden yellow and poofed out. When she turned around, she could make someone fall over.

"What do we do?"



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