A/N: I find it difficult to resist a challenge, so when I heard about this one from Nadia, I dashed this off. Please check out my long story, Blue Moon Over Manka's.

It was another rainy day in Forks, no big surprise, but it made us late getting to the cafeteria. Mike and Tyler were already sitting with Lauren at our regular table when Jessica and I arrived.

We rushed into the line to pick up some food and I noticed I was standing behind that new boy from my Spanish class. What was his name? Edward, that was it. Our Spanish teacher had already called on him and he spoke perfect Spanish, so either he was really smart or the class at his previous school had been way ahead of ours.

He was over six feet tall and had beautiful reddish brown hair. It was messy, though, and he looked like he had been caught in the rain, too. Even though we didn't get a lot of sun here in Forks, this guy was seriously pale. He looked like a model though, in that tan leather jacket. Way nicer clothes than most of the boys here wore.

He also seemed a little stuck up. I'm not getting a friendly vibe from him, but maybe he's like me, just a little shy. Although why someone that attractive should ever be shy I don't know. I hope he doesn't turn around and say something to me; I wouldn't have the slightest idea of what to reply. He's really too good-looking.

Jessica had already spotted him in the hallway earlier and told me he belonged to a new family in town, the Cullens. I supposed I would hear more about him when we sat down, Jess was usually up on all the gossip. Too bad she was no help with our math homework.

I was counting out the change to pay for my grilled cheese sandwich when my attention was attracted by overly loud laughter coming from the table where Mike was sitting with Tyler and Lauren. One of them must have said something funny and Lauren was tossing her hair over her shoulder as she turned an enormous smile on Tyler.

Looking at Lauren, the handsome boy in front of me picked up his tray of food and seemed disgusted as he whispered to the small, dark-haired girl with him, "We've lived in houses with less closet space."

I took another look at Lauren. He was right; she did have a big mouth. I stifled a giggle. I didn't want to do anything to make him turn around and look at me.

He was not only handsome; he was clever. Where did these Cullens come from? There was no one else in Forks even remotely like them.

I wondered how he was going to find a suitable girlfriend. As good looking as he was, I knew Lauren would want to go after him, but he had already made it clear what he thought of her. She would totally be wasting her time. She was about the best looking girl in our class, so what chance did anyone else have?

I certainly had no interest in dating him; I would never know what to say. I already had my eye on Ben, but so far he paid no attention to me. Mother said that's because girls mature so much faster than boys.

Somehow I didn't think this Edward could be compared with the other boys in our class. He carried himself with much more confidence than even Mike Newton. And he's already ahead of us in Spanish, probably in his other classes, too, so he's smart. I don't believe there are any girls in our school he will find interesting. He's going to be bored to death here.