Regained Hope

A Fate/ Stay Night Fafic

A Sequel to story The End

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Silently he said goodbye to all the people he loved. He apologized to those he let down, to those he wasn't able to save. Finally, to the person he was trying to protect and failed to do so, he said the three forbidden words...

I love you.

Slowly he entered endless sleep and darkness. He succumbed to his fate. He started to fall into emptiness and cold of the abyss. His eyes were slowly closing. Life was starting to leave him.

The end has come. All hope is lost. Servant and master have gone separate ways. Failed in their plans and oaths to save lives. The lovers broke the promises they have made to each other...

Never to meet again.

Regained Hope

His body was rigid. He couldn't move an inch. He can't even open his eyes and he was numb. He remembered what happened and whispered to himself, Am I dead?

He saw the pictures of the horrible fire and how vulnerable he and Saber became. He heard the crackling of fire, the sound of colliding swords and the voices of Gilgamesh and Rin. Worse, the felt the tears that came from Arturia Pendragon's eyes and the pain he endured as she slowly disappeared.

He started hearing voices calling out to him. He couldn't reply because of the looming fear that it could be any of his murderers. Until he heard a voice so familiar that almost all his fears went away.

It was a man's voice. A voice he heard from a distant dream. It calmed him to have heard a voice he knew was not lying. Therefore, he asked everything in his mind. He spoke of how he yearns to see his love again and inquired on how to come back or at least go back in time to redo the mistakes he has done.

The man said that in able to go back he must sacrifice a very vital part of his life. Of course, he agreed at once, feeling hope once again in his heart but after the man said that he must give up all the memory he has of his past life and those of Saber, he refused. He complained on how to find her if this is the case.

The voice explained that this is the last chance that will come his way and that this was the only way for him to once again see his lost love.

He hesitated. "If my memory is to be erased, what will become of me? Will I be able to recognize her? Will I still be able to…touch her?"

After all those questions, he finally took the offer. The voice reminded him that this will be the last time he will be reborn…and that the only way for his memory to come back is if his feelings for her is strong enough and if he is really determined to find her.

He was determined. He was sure of himself. He agreed.

Suddenly, a sharp pain in his temple was felt…everything, from when he was found by Kiritsugu until the moment when Saber pulled the dagger from his heart flashed before him and disappeared. He heard himself screaming her name…and then…there was silence.

He lay there in silence. Slowly, he was enveloped with a bright white light and there started his transformation.

Again the voice spoke. He said. Rise up, my son, and go and fight for your master. You will become a servant and will fight with a goal to win the fifth Holy Grail War….

…and go forth and find your Arturia.

There was a flash. Rin was covering her eyes from the blinding light. When she opened her eyes, a warrior clad in black armor and a red coat was before her.

Then the servant spoke.

"I am the servant Archer. Are you my master?"

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