Warning* - This chapter contains attempted rape and pornographic language.

Feeling drowsy Bellatrix closed her eyes and the door suddenly opened shaking her awake. She could have sworn she had only closed her eyes for a second, it couldn't already be afternoon. This Dr Hutchinson couldn't be here now but what if he had arrived earlier she thought feeling a wave of fear go through her The large nurse stepped through and she felt relieved when she couldn't see anyone else with her.

"Hello again Luv" the large woman said smiling widely. "She's awake" she called out opening the door and Bellatrix felt scared again. Seconds later a thin woman with a kind face stepped through the door. She's a nun Bellatrix realised taking in the woman's clothing. "This is Sister Mariana and she comes in once a week to talk all the loony-" the nun looked at the nurse disapprovingly "-I mean our lovely patients. Anyway you two have a nice girlie chat" she said winking and left the room. Just great, as if things weren't bad enough. Now she was going to have to listen to talks of Jesus and God. As far as Bellatrix was concerned God didn't exist and if he did he didn't give a damn about her. Smiling warmly she took a seat next to Bellatrix and. pulled out the holy bible making Bellatrix groan.

"I see your not a believer" she said putting the bible down. "But that's okay the lord still cares about you" Bellatrix let out a string of slurred swear words but the nun acted as if she hadn't heard them at all.

"He doesn't exist" Bellatrix said trying to shout but her voice came out low and fuzzy. "Untie me" she hissed pulling on her restraints. "Untie me"

"I'm afraid I can't do that. It against the hospital regulation"

"Then get lost you stupid muggle" the nun appeared not to have understood her.

"You have so much anger in you. Calm down and we can talk properly"

"I don't want to talk to you" she hissed. "Untie me you filthy muggle"

"Just relax, I'll put away the bible if it bothers you so much" she said putting the bible away. The nun sat still while Bellatrix took deep breaths glaring at her. "You should know that their is hope in the end, even for the most evilest person." Bellatrix turned the other way swearing. "All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ in your heart and you will be saved." She wanted to rip the nun apart. All this talk of Jesus and religion brought up painful memories.

"Shut up" she whispered weakly but the nun didn't hear her.

"The lord loves us all. Just think of all the good things the lord has given to us like the people that love us unconditionally and the earth he has made for us to-" the words unconditional love immediately reminded her of Rudolphus and she couldn't take it anymore.

"Shut up" she screamed with all her strength and the nun backed away with an expression of fear. "Your lord never cared when I suffered and he still doesn't care" she shouted. "The only person I ever loved." She said in a low voice. "Rudolphus my husband, he-he" she couldn't control herself any longer and she burst into tears. She continued to cry loudly and the nun stared lost for words.

"Do you want to talk about it" the nun suddenly said in a quiet voice.

"Go away" she said tearfully.

"I'm willing to share your pain and as the lord as my witness I promise I won't tell anyone else" she stared at the nun feeling tired and depressed. Bellatrix was the kind of person that bottled up all her feelings but it was too much she couldn't take it anymore. She decided to talk to the nun.

"He cheated on me" she said bluntly and the nun appeared saddened at her words.

"How did you find out?" Cutting out all the magical bits and improvising a little she told the nun how she had seen Rudolphus and the other woman.

"That's all you saw"


"What you saw doesn't have to mean what you think it means" the nun sounded a little cheerful.

"He secretly gave her a ring and she threw herself onto him afterwards" she snapped. "What else is it supposed to mean?"

"You mustn't judge to quickly. Let me tell you a story about a man that saw his dog coming out of his baby son's room with blood on his mouth. The man thought the dog had killed the baby and murdered it. But the truth was the dog had killed a fox that had entered the baby's room. So you see why you mustn't jump to conclusion without concrete evidence"

"But what I saw it can't mean anything else" she said uncertainly, feeling really drowsy.

"Think about his character, think back to all your memories with him. See if you can find anything that suggests unfaithfulness. Any indication that he never cared about you" The drugs they had injected into her were starting to take on their full effects and

all Bellatrix processed was think back. Heavy sleep clouded her mind and her eyelids shut against her will.

"You sleep now, I'll come back later" she heard the nun say and the sound of a door being opened and closed followed. The nun's words still rang in her mind and Bellatrix let memories of the past come forward as she drifted into a trance like state of someone recalling their past life under hypnosis.

It was Bellatrix's wedding day and she stood still in front of a large full length mirror. Her mother had hired the most expensive make-up artists and dressers to help her get ready and they attempted to put on her white expensive satin gown.

"Don't touch me" she shouted slapping away the hands of the two hired women.

"Miss Black we have to put on you wedding gown" the women said with a fake kind voice.

"Narcissa will do it, you two get out and don't come back till your called" she held the door open.

"But Miss Black your mother-"

"I'm doing enough for mother, now get out" she yelled and the two women left muttering and she heard words like insane and feel sorry for Lestrange.

"Cissy" she called out and the blond girl dressed in her bride maid's outfit paused while applying lipstick. Narcissa quickly walked over to Bellatrix with a fearful expression. "I'm sorry Bella"

"Why are you apologising" she said annoyed.

"I thought you were mad at me"

"I'm not mad at you" she said in a low voice. "Cissy come here" she held out her arms and a second later Narcissa ran into her arms. Bellatrix hugged her tightly and then she couldn't help it as she burst into tears.

"Bella" Narcissa said pulling away. "Don't cry" she attempted to wipe away the tears with her hands but Bellatrix kept refreshing it.

"I'm scared Cissy" she whispered grabbing Narcissa's wrists.

"Bella I don't know what to-" Narcissa trailed of and burst into tears herself and for a while the two sisters cried silently holding each other.

"Your ruining your make-up" Bellatrix suddenly said wiping away her tears.

"It's ruined anyway, I'll have to do it again" Narcissa said sniffing.

"Help me put it on" Bellatrix stood up and held up her arms. Narcissa helped her get dressed and did up the lace at the back.

"Cissy it's too tight, loosen it" Narcissa undid the lace again and adjusted it. "Merlin this dress is so heavy" Bellatrix said taking a few steps.

"It has real crystals encrusted in it, I think that's making it heavy" she said smoothing out the creases at the front.

"How do I look?"

"Absolutely gorgeous" Bellatrix turned and looked into the mirror unblinking. With her pale skin she looked like a ghost dressed in white. "You'll look much better when the make-up women put a little colour on your cheek's and lips"

"I'm going to miss you helping me get dressed" Narcissa's expression became sad at her words.

"I'm going to miss you too" she suddenly hugged Bellatrix. "I don't want you to go"

"I don't want to go either" after a while she pulled away.

"Cissy can I help you with your make-up"

"But Bella you never help-"

"I know, I just want to today okay" she snapped and Narcissa smiled. It turned out that Bellatrix was completely useless when it came to applying make-up and Narcissa

had to redo a lot of her mistakes.

"I'll do it Bella" Narcissa said backing away from the pink tipped brush. "Just hold the pot"

"I think I can do it this time Cissy, I know where the cheekbones are now"

"Please Bella let me do it" Narcissa quickly grabbed the brush from Bellatrix's hand and applied the blusher. "See Bella the trick is to not make it too obvious. It's meant to look natural, if it's too pink you end up looking like a clown"

"I see" Bellatrix's eyes caught on something in Narcissa's hair. "Cissy why are you wearing a red ribbon in your hair, it doesn't match with your dress" Narcissa blushed furiously at her words.

"I thought it looked nice" she said nervously looking at the floor.

"Your lying" Bellatrix said folding her arms. "You never wear un-matching things and your looking at the floor" Narcissa turned red at her words. "Tell me the truth"

"Well Lucius is going to be at the wedding and when we got engaged he told me his favourite colour was red. I can't wear red so I thought a ribbon might be-" she trailed off.

"You like him" she asked bluntly.

"I think so. I mean I know he acts cold and uncaring in front of people but when we were alone in the garden he was different and much nicer"

"You were alone in the garden" Narcissa had never mentioned this when they had talked about their engagement the day after. But then again she had never told her about meeting Rudolphus in Diagon alley.

"We just talked but it started to rain and we had to come back quickly" Bellatrix remembered the way it had rained hard and it had been really embarrassing when she and Rudolphus had walked in really late, completely soaking wet. "I read in witch weekly that men often change after marriage. I just hope Lucius doesn't change" Narcissa looked in the mirror and stroked the ribbon fondly. "Shall I call them in to do the make-up? I can't wait to see how they do it; I could learn some of their techniques" Narcissa said excitedly but Bellatrix stared at the floor unresponsive. "I won't call them Bella if you don't want-"

"No call them in" Soon the two women were back and they started to apply various cosmetics to her face. Whenever she got asked a question she always said ask Narcissa. The women thought it was strange that the bride was completely uninterested in the way she looked and let her sister do all the decision making but they didn't say anything. They did her hair up with lots of pins and put on her sparkling diamond jewellery. At the end they put the veil on her head and expertly pinned it.

"Wow" Narcissa said and the women looked at her approvingly. "Take a look Bella" Bellatrix turned towards the mirror and looked at herself. She had to admit that she looked nice but the spark of happiness was missing from her eyes. She looked like a beautiful, emotionless ice queen. She almost felt like laughing at her choice of words to describe herself. That was exactly what a proper pure blooded lady was meant to be. The door opened and Bellatrix's mother entered.

"Bellatrix dear you look wonderful" Bellatrix's mother said loudly. "Darling I'm so proud of you" she whispered stepping closer.

"Thank you Mother" she said in a strained voice.

"Everyone leave" The two women left but Narcissa remained behind. "Narcissa you too"

"But I-"

"I need to talk to Bellatrix alone, you can come back later" Narcissa grabbed her purse and left the room. For a while her mother stared at her uncomfortably.

"I should have talked to you about this sooner but with all the preparations I just couldn't make time." Her mother looked down at the floor. "Your getting married so it's appropriate that I should tell you about the wedding night" Bellatrix immediately stiffened. "Well your husband, his going to -to-Erm"

"Mother I know what sex is, you don't have to explain it to me" she said feeling equally uncomfortable.

"Oh thank Merlin" her Mother said looking up smiling then her expression went back to being uncomfortable again. "Don't resist him Bellatrix, just lie still and let him do what he wants to do" Anger flared up inside her at her mother's words.

"That's your advice" she snapped. "Stay calm while he rapes me"

"If your willing he'll probably take you more gently and it will hurt less. But if you don't behave he'll probably rape you brutally and mark my words when I say it will hurt like hell" Her mother's face took on a haunted look.

"Mother" Bellatrix said taking a step closer.

"I'm sorry I said it like that" she whispered. "Don't you see it's going to happen whether you like it or not, so don't you think it's wiser to choose the most painless option?"

"He hurt you bad didn't he" Bellatrix mother froze at her words and then tears started to stream down her cheeks. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" Bellatrix grabbed a tissue and handed it to her.

"I don't want you to get hurt" Her mother whispered wiping away her tears. "I know you find it hard to obey but just give in Bellatrix, Just give in" Giving her a brief hug her mother left and seconds later Narcissa burst in through the doors.

"What did mother want?" Bellatrix didn't answer and hugged Narcissa instead. "Did she tell you off for being un-lady like again?" She let go of Narcissa and sat down staring at her nails. Narcissa was silent and horrible thought were eating away at Bellatrix. She needed something to keep her mind distracted.

"Why aren't you talking" she suddenly snapped making Narcissa jump.

"You normally don't like it when I talk too much"

"Well I'm asking you to talk so talk"

"What should I talk about?"

"The normal nonsense you usually talk about" Narcissa went on and on about something but Bellatrix didn't really focus on what was being said, she just found her voice comforting. A couple of hours later it was time to sit in her carriage and she walked down feeling like an inferi on automatic. There were lots of people and family but being lost in her own world she didn't really notice any of them. She sat in the carriage next to Narcissa and her mother entered next followed by her father. She stared at her father fearfully and he just smiled at her widely.

"You look so beautiful dear" her father said reaching out an arm trying to touch her hair. She moved out of his reach and huddled closer to Narcissa.

"You'll ruin her make-up darling" her mother said.

"Ah yes forgive me dear" he said patting her mother's hand. "Although I don't think my touch would have ruined anything more than it already is" he said boring his eyes into Bellatrix and his lips twisted into another sickening smile. Only Bellatrix and her father knew the real meaning behind those words but everyone else didn't understand.

"She's under pressure thinking about the marriage, leave her be" her mother said.

"Of course I regret getting Bellatrix married of so soon but I'm doing what any good father would-"

"I don't care how Lestrange treats me, in my eyes he will always be ten times better than you" she whispered looking at him with a mixture of fear and hate.

"Look, I know you have never gotten on with your father but can you behave. For Merlin's sake your a grown woman getting married" The rest of the journey was mostly quiet expect for the whispered conversations between her and Narcissa. When they arrived she stared fearfully at her father but she reluctantly let him take her arm. Narcissa went to join the other bride's maids and Bellatrix started to feel nervous and scared as she prepared herself to walk down the aisle. The photographer took a couple of pictures and she was almost blinded by the flash. The doors opened up and soon it was time to go in but her legs felt like they had turned to stone.

"Ballerina it's time" her father whispered into her ear and Bellatrix immediately drew away from him with a scared expression.

"Hold on" Narcissa said appearing and refreshed her make-up. Bellatrix took her fathers arm once more with a sour look. Then she carefully changed her face into a neutral expression and prepared to walk in.

"Good luck" Narcissa whispered into her ear. "Remember Bella hold your breath" she said giving her the same advice she had given to Narcissa during their engagement. She forced her legs to take steps forward and although she appeared calm on the outside her heart raced away on the inside. Music filled her ears and thousands of expensively dressed guests meet her eyes. She kept her eyes focused forward and continued to walk feeling detached from the world. It was easier to deal with things in an inferi like state. A man dressed in expensive black dress robes came into her view and realising it was Rudolphus she suddenly snapped into focus. He appeared nervous as he stared at her and next to him stood another shorter boy that whispered something into his ear grinning. Must be his younger brother, what did her mother say he was called. Must be something like Sebastian. Her father left her at the front and she stood next to Rudolphus feeling more nervous than ever. The priest cleared his throat loudly and started to speak but Bellatrix didn't register anything. It was the same with the wedding vows. The priest said them out aloud and she just heard them but she didn't process the actual meaning. She mindlessly repeated the words "I do" after each vow like she was supposed to and she heard him repeat the same thing. When it was time to put the ring on she snapped into focus again. Her hand shook badly as she put the ring onto his finger and she was glad that she didn't drop the ring. He gently put the ring onto her finger and she immediately withdrew her hands. Everyone clapped.

"You may now kiss the bride" the priest said. They both slowly turned around and stared at each other unmoving. Rudolphus appeared nervous while Bellatrix tried to keep a neutral expression but fear cracked through once in a while. Everyone was waiting and they had to make a move soon.

"What are you waiting for" his brother whispered pushing Rudolphus closer. "I know your a puritan but for Merlin's sake she's your wife" Moving closer Rudolphus bent his head down and Bellatrix closed her eyes holding her breath. She felt soft warm pressure against her lips and the sound of clapping filled her ears. He quickly drew back and she opened her eyes to find him staring at her with a slight smile on his lips. He gently took her hand and led her outside. They stood outside for a long time posing for pictures for the press and various family and friends. Then they were ushered into a carriage and left alone. The carriage started to move and Bellatrix stared at the floor feeling tearful. He didn't say anything for the rest of the journey and she didn't move her eyes from the floor. They arrived at a grandly decorated hall filled with food and music. People congratulated them and soon they had to open the dance. They started to slowly dance at the centre of the room and people joined in later making them stand out less. Throughout the dance she avoided looking at his eyes. She didn't want to dance with him, she wanted to run away from him as far as possible.

"Are you alright" he suddenly said making her look up.

"Fine" she whispered looking back down.

"It feels so much better dancing with you when my bones haven't been crucioed to the max" he said laughing. "You should try dancing after being crucioed, I bet you wouldn't even be able to stand straight" he laughed again but Bellatrix seriously paled at his words. She had used the cruciatus curse on him in Diagon alley and he was probably planning to punish her later for revenge. As far as Bellatrix was concerned his words were a cleverly disguised threat. "Isn't that your sister" he suddenly said turning her around. Narcissa and Lucius appeared to be dancing happily. Bellatrix noticed Narcissa's hair looked slightly out of place and catching her eye she raised an eyebrow questioningly at Narcissa.

"Ribbon, Lucius" Narcissa mouthed. She suddenly noticed Narcissa's red ribbon tied around Lucius's long blond hair forming a pony tail. Narcissa grinned and went back to staring at Lucius. After a while they stopped dancing and made their way over to the long dinner table. Rudolphus pulled out a chair for her and waited for her to sit down, then he sat down next to her. While he ate and talked to the other guests she stared at her food unmoving. Hours later it was time to leave for the Lestrange Manor and Bellatrix held back tears as she said goodbye to her mother. Her Mother hugged her.

"Remember what I told you" her mother whispered releasing her.

"Bella I'm going to Miss you" Narcissa whispered looking tearful and Bellatrix hugged her tightly. "Don't forget me"

"Don't be silly Cissy" she whispered back. "How can I forget you" She kissed Narcissa on the forehead and released her. Her father tried to hug her but Bellatrix shrank back.

"Take care daughter and don't do anything to dishonour the family name" her father said gently patting her on the back. After receiving numerous farewell greetings from various people they made their way towards the carriage. She sat across Rudolphus once again and stared at the floor for the entire journey.

The carriage stopped moving and her heart started to beat faster knowing that they had arrived at the Lestrange Manor. The Lestrange Manor was filled with various people waiting to greet them and the Lestrange family was at the front of the doorstep. Rudolphus's father introduced her to the family and apologised for his wife's absence, saying that she was ill at St Mungo's. There were so many relatives that she couldn't remember any names in the end. At night the guests started to leave and Rudolphus's Aunt, Clarice took her upstairs. A bunch of his cousins followed after them.

"This is your Chamber" Clarice said halting in front of a large door. "You've had a long day, you can rest now" Clarice opened the door and motioned for her to go in. His cousins giggled in the background and some of them made improper comments.

"Quiet" Clarice hissed and everyone became silent. "Take no notice of these misbehaved children, go in" Bellatrix forced herself to walk inside when she really

wanted to run away from this room as far as possible. "Goodnight" Clarice said shutting the door. The bedroom was huge, a little larger than her and Narcissa's room. The colouring of the room was mainly navy blue and sliver and a huge four poster bed in the centre had navy blue bedding. She stared at the door feeling trapped, at the moment she was alone but she knew she wouldn't be for too long. She desperately searched for her wand not being able to remember where she put it until she remembered it was in the holder up her sleeve. She removed the wand and grasped the cool slender wood tightly. It made her feel better for a while holding her wand but the feeling disappeared when she realised she was powerless to do anything. Yes, she was magically powerful but the rules of the society she lived in had her bound by its laws. If she attacked her husband it was most likely he would divorce her and that would dishonour her family name. She couldn't let that happen. She had to make up for what Andromeda had done, her mother was depending on her. She had to do what a proper pure blooded lady was meant to do and that meant staying married. With her marriage vows she had made herself powerless, now her husband had control over her. She was his property, he could do anything he wanted with her and she would just have to go through with it.

She glared at her wand angrily, the power of magic was right in her hands and yet she was powerless to do anything about her situation. She had a sudden wild thought about running away but she put it out of her head immediately. She couldn't do what Andromeda had done, she had to do what was expected of her. She put her wand away, it couldn't help her now. Whatever happened she would just have to deal with it. She looked around the room once again feeling glad that no one was here yet. The sound of the door handle being turned made her jump and she looked towards the door shakily. The door opened to reveal Rudolphus and his brother. His bother whispered something in Rudolphus's ear then he smiled at her and disappeared. Rudolphus walked into the room and closed the door. Her heart beat increased dramatically and never before had she felt so sacred in her entire life. For a while they stared at each other unmoving then he started to walk towards her. Watching him coming closer she momentarily stopped breathing and dug her fingernails into the palm of her hands. Now he was standing so close to her that she could feel his breath on her neck but all he did was stare at her. She couldn't handle it anymore, his stillness and silence was making her fear increase tenfold.

"What are you staring at Lestrange?" Bellatrix snapped but he still remained unmoving.

"You look beautiful" he suddenly whispered making knots form in her stomach.

He raised a hand towards her face and she stepped back feeling terrified but she managed to keep her face expressionless. He didn't seem bothered by her behaviour and lowered his hand. "You must be tired" he said stepping away from her. "Your clothes are in that wardrobe-" he pointed at the wardrobe near the window. "-And that door leads to the bathroom." He pointed at a brown coloured door. "You can get changed in their first, I'll go after you" She hurried over to the wardrobe and threw the door open. Normally she wore short sleeved nightclothes but this time she picked out her long sleeved, full length nightgown that she normally wore during the winter. She ran into the bathroom and locked the door. She felt relived to be away from him, she sank to the floor and sat there for a while. She felt like staying in the bathroom forever but she knew she couldn't. She took of the net veil from her head then she attempted to take of her dress. The dress was fastened at the back and she tried to undo it but she was unsuccessful. She tried again and again failing. She had never had a problem before, Narcissa always did these things for her. Well Narcissa wasn't here anymore, if she wanted to get out of this dress she would have to ask him for help. She didn't like the idea but the dress wasn't coming of and she couldn't see any other way. Besides she would have to face him in the end so it didn't really matter if she went to him earlier. She stepped out of the bathroom and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "I thought your were going to change" he said.

"I would but I have a problem" she hissed angrily. "I want to strangle the stupid dressmaker"

"What's wrong?"

"Lestrange I need you to-" she trailed of feeling uncomfortable. "I want you to-" she trailed of once again. "It's laced up at the back and I can't bloody undo it" she nearly yelled clenching her hands into fists.

"So you want me to-to undo it" he said sounding nervous.

"Do I have a choice" She snapped turning around. Hearing his footsteps drawing closer she wished she hadn't asked him for help. All the feelings of fear came back and she tried not to shake as she felt his hand lightly touch her back. She felt cool air against her bare skin as he slowly undid the fastening. His fingers brushed against her skin making her shiver. She held the dress at the front to keep it from slipping of as he worked his way down. "It's done" he said stepping back and she quickly walked back into the bathroom. She stepped out wearing her nightgown and he entered the bathroom. She put her dress away inside the wardrobe then she stood in front of the dressing table and started to take out her hair pins. When she was finished, her long curly hair ran past her shoulders and she combed it taking out the knots. The bathroom door opened and Rudolphus stepped out wearing Navy blue cotton pyjamas. What was it with that colour? It was everywhere in this room, it was probably his favourite colour. She could see in the mirror that he was watching her and she slowly took of her Jewellery with shaky hands.

"It's late we should go to bed" he said still staring at her.

"Bed" she whispered feeling petrified.

"I normally sleep on the left side" he said climbing into bed. "You can take the right side" he was waiting for her to get into bed and she was too frozen in fear to move. What would happen if she refused to get into bed, would he shove her onto it against her will? She should just get into bed and not make things harder than it was. She forced herself to walk towards the bed and she slipped under the covers with her heart banging away loudly against her ribcage. For a while nothing happened then she felt him move beside her. She stopped breathing as he gently grasped her right hand. He turned towards her on his side then he started to lean over her. A strong wave of fear washed through her and she could hear the faint beating of her heart vibrating against her eardrums. She remembered her mother's advice. Stay still and let him do it, she continued to repeat it in her mind but it didn't calm her down. He started to lower his head and she shut her eyes feeling close to tears. She shivered feeling his soft lips as he kissed her on the forehead. "Goodnight Bellatrix" he whispered in her ear then he drew back. With a wave of his wand he blew out the candles then he settled back into his side of the bed.

Bellatrix stared into the moonlight tinted semi-darkness waiting for him to move again but he never did. The sound of light snoring filled the room and she quietly turned towards him in disbelief. She could see his face in the moonlight and he really was asleep. Tears of relief streamed down her face, she normally hated crying but right now her emotions were too much to handle and she couldn't help it. She suddenly smiled as she stared at the face of her sleeping husband and at that moment she developed a deep feeling of respect for him. She had never felt so much respect for a witch or a wizard in her entire life as she did for him now. He could have forced himself upon her if he wanted to but he hadn't. Even after the way she had crucioed him in Diagon alley he hadn't done a single thing to punish her for it. Her eyelids started to feel heavy and she shut her eyes falling into a peaceful sleep. She woke up in the morning to find the bed empty and the sound of running water and singing filed her ears. "Have I told you my love I'm magical as Merlin, I can charm half of Berlin-" the voice sang and she realised it was Rudolphus singing. He didn't sound that bad it was actually pleasant to listen to. She lay back down listening to him sing. The singing suddenly stopped and he came out with dripping wet hair. He waved his wand and dried his hair then he suddenly noticed she was awake. "Good Morning" he said smiling at her.

"Morning" she said sitting up.

"Did I wake you with my singing, I'm sorry I never meant to-"

"You didn't wake me Lestrange." She said getting out of bed. "I had to live with Narcissa and her singing can wake the dead" she said stepping into the bathroom.

At lunchtime she was getting ready to go downstairs for another family get together and she was having seriously difficulties. Rudolphus was already ready and looking handsome while she looked disastrous. She slammed her fists onto the dressing table and Rudolphus looked up from reading his newspaper.

"Bellatrix what's wrong" he asked.

"Can't you see what's wrong" she shouted. "I need Narcissa, I look like a bloody clown"

"Well-erm-wash it off and start over again"

"This is my third attempt" she yelled. She threw the glass bottle of liquid foundation on the floor and it smashed leaking brown fluid.

"Calm down Bellatrix"

"Don't tell me to calm down" she shouted pointing her wand at him threateningly and he looked frightened for a second. He drew his wand and repaired the glass bottle.

"Well I could-erm- ask Tiffy to help you" he said sounding nervous. "But you have to promise me you won't shout at her or scare her in any way" he said hurriedly.

"Do you think I'm mental Lestrange" she snapped. "Of course you think I'm crazy, who doesn't" she said laughing out aloud. "But I haven't gone so insane that I would shout at one of your relatives, especially on my first day as your wife" she said glaring at him.

"Tiffy isn't one of my relatives" he said looking at the floor.

"I wouldn't shout at friends either" she said picking up the glass bottle.

"Tiffy isn't a friend-well actually she is my friend but she's more -" Bellatrix grabbed him by the collar before he could complete the sentence.

"She's more than a friend" she yelled shaking him violently. "You have a mistress"

"I don't have a mistress" he said trying to get out of her clutches. "You misunderstood me"

"You listen to me very carefully Lestrange" she hissed tightening her grip. "I don't care how many whores you slept with before marrying me but I will not tolerate a third person in our marriage" she shouted. "Is that understood?"

"I've never slept with anyone before, your the first girl in my life" she immediately let go of his collar.

"Really" she said in disbelief. Boys could always fool around with whores before marriage as long as they kept it hidden but girls couldn't because you could easily tell if a girl wasn't a virgin. It was a requirement for both the boy and the girl to be a virgin on the wedding night but boys always escaped the rule. It had always bothered her when she thought about getting used material when she was pure herself and she hadn't expected her husband to be a virgin. From the way he had treated her yesterday, Rudolphus didn't seem like the person that would lie. She suddenly felt happy knowing that she didn't get used material and her waiting had been worth it.

"I didn't think it would be fair to marry a virgin when you weren't a virgin yourself"

"I'm sorry" she said feeling guilty. "Lestrange I didn't mean to-erm-so this girl Tiffy" she said straightening his collar.

"I was going to say she's more like a mother than a friend" Like a mother, well she hadn't been expecting him to say that. Maybe Tiffy was some kind of a nanny to him when he was young.

"How old is this Tiffy"

"I don't know but I can call her to help you if you promise you'll control your temper"

"Lestrange I'm not going to disrespect someone that you've given a mother status to" he suddenly stood up and backed away from her.

"Lestrange, what do you think your doing"

"Just in case you get mad" he said hurriedly. She was suddenly reminded of the way Narcissa behaved.

"I won't get mad"

"I think you will-erm-you see Tiffy isn't human"

"Isn't human" she repeated. What was Tiffy then? A vampire or a werewolf but who in their right mind would employ a Nanny like that?

"Tiffy's a house elf" he said backing away further

"A House elf." She said in a raised voice. "Their worthless creatures, how can you attach such importance to their kind." She hissed. "You want a house elf to do my make-up" she shouted.

"Tiffy isn't worthless" he said sounding angry. "She's intelligent, kind and loving. She took care of me when my mother couldn't and she always helped my mother get dressed. If you won't treat her nicely then don't talk to her at all but I won't have you mistreat her" Rudolphus was clearly upset, after the way he had treated her would it really hurt to be nice to one house elf for his sake.

"I'll be nice to her" she said in a strained voice.

"Really" he said cheering up instantly. "I think you'll like her" he said walking closer. "Tiffy" he called out loudly and a second later a house elf with shoulder length white hair shimmered into view. It was also wearing a brown dress unlike the other elf's that wore rags.

"Master" Tiffy said bowing down. "Tiffy is at your service"

"Get up Tiffy" the elf immediately obeyed him.

"Tiffy is proud of master Rudolphus, you is a man now. No longer a child that I cared for. You has got married. Tell me did you find the mistress to your liking, I hope you followed my advice and lay with her gently" Rudolphus turned red at her words.

"Actually Tiffy I didn't go that far" he whispered. "But don't say anything else, she's right behind you" Tiffy turned around looking terrified.

"I is bad elf" it started shouting and banging it's head on the floor. "I talked bad things about mistress"

"Tiffy stop" it still continued to bang its head on the floor. "I order you to stop" the elf immediately straightened up.

"This is my wife Bellatrix" he introduced.

"Mistress" it said bowing its head down to her. "I beg your forgiveness"

"Tiffy your forgiven" she said stiffly.

"Mistress is so kind and Merciful" Tiffy said getting up.

"Tiffy can you help her get ready"

"Tiffy make mistress look beautiful" the elf said motioning for her to sit at the dressing table. Bellatrix sat down feeling unsure but Tiffy was the only help she had right now. After 30 minutes Bellatrix stared at the mirror impressed. She looked beautiful and the hairstyle was amazing. The elf had done a better job than Narcissa.

"Where did you learn all this" she said curiously.

"I is watch generations of Lestrange women get ready and I is also helping them"

"This is excellent" maybe getting a house elf to do your make-up wasn't that bad of an idea.

"Mistress is pleased" it said bowing down. "Tiffy is grateful" Tiffy and Rudolphus walked to the far corner of the room and they seemed to be having a whispered conversation. She found it disturbing that her husband was so close to a house elf but she would make sure no one else found out. She walked downstairs with Rudolphus holding her hand and Bellatrix felt uncomfortable. She wasn't used to male company. She plastered on her fake smile as she approached the guests and she searched for her family in the crowd.

"Bella" she heard a shout to her left and she turned to find Narcissa running towards her. Narcissa wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly. "Bella I missed you"

"Lets go over there" she said pulling away from Narcissa. She walked away from the crowd and took Narcissa to an empty spot at the back.

"Did he hurt you Bella" Narcissa whispered staring at her in concern. "I can ask Lucius to curse him, Lucius knows amazing amounts of dark magic"

"He didn't hurt me Cissy" she whispered back.

"Did you Crucio him" Narcissa whispered excitedly.

"No, he was well behaved"

"Really, Lucius told me his horrible and his into advanced black magic" well the way he treated her said the complete opposite but the fact that he was into black magic interested her. She would have to ask him later. "Bella how did you manage to do your make-up like that"

"Promise me you won't tell anyone Cissy" Narcissa nodded her head to say no. "The Lestrange house elf did it" Narcissa looked shocked.

"House elf" she repeated disbelievingly. "I wish Krecher could manage to do things like that. I guess you won't miss me much then"

"Don't be silly Cissy, a house elf can never replace you"

"Bella I need to tell you something" Narcissa whispered looking around. "After you were gone I had the room to myself, Well Lucius and I" Narcissa blushed looking at the floor.

"Lucius and you what" Bellatrix said painfully gripping Narcissa's shoulders. "Merlin's sake, tell me you haven't done it Cissy" she said shaking Narcissa.

"Stupid girl if he breaks of the engagement you'll be ruined forever. Haven't you learnt anything that I've told you about men?"

"Bella I didn't do what you think I did." Narcissa said trying to get out of her grasp. "I always listen to your advice." She released Narcissa feeling relieved. For a second she had thought Malfoy had taken advantage of her baby sister's stupidity. "Lucius said his never been with anyone before me, he spread false rumours about himself at Hogwarts to make him look big in front of the other boy's" If Lucius was telling the truth she felt happy for Narcissa, her sister deserved something untouched. "I love the idea that I'm going to be his first" Narcissa said excitedly. "The article in witch weekly had me worried cause it said 95% of the time men weren't virgins when they

get married"

"Guess what Cissy" she said smiling.


"Rudolphus said he hasn't been with anyone else before me" she whispered.

"Really, we're so lucky" Narcissa said jumping slightly. "But you know his brother

Rabastan is so loose. He tried to flirt with me then he tried to touch me and Lucius hexed him good"

"So what did you do with Lucius then" Narcissa went red and looked at the floor.

"Well I-he"

"Did you suck his cock" Bellatrix said bluntly.

"Merlin Bella" Narcissa said covering her face with her hands. "No, of course not"

"Well your acting like you did"

"No I didn't" Narcissa said removing her hands. "He kissed me"

"That's it"

"You don't understand it wasn't a normal kiss" Narcissa looked down at the floor once more. "He used his tongue-"she whispered. "-and it felt incredible. Then he kissed me on my neck and he bit me" Narcissa lifted her huge necklace high up to show the mark.

"Cover it up Cissy, don't let anyone see it" Bellatrix whispered harshly.

"Lucius's coming over" Narcissa said blushing. "I think he saw me showing it to you"

"Congratulations Mrs Lestrange" Malfoy said bowing slightly and he eyed Narcissa's neck with a glint in his eyes. Narcissa looked at the floor turning deep red.

"Malfoy" Bellatrix said curtly nodding her head.

"Narcissa dear would you care to join me after you have finished talking to your sister"

"I won't keep you waiting too long Lucius" Narcissa said smiling shyly.

"I apologise for the interruption Mrs Lestrange" Malfoy said walking away.

"Bella can I ask you something" Narcissa said backing away from her.

"Cissy I won't get mad"

"Okay, did you and Rudolphus-you know-do it last night" Narcissa said taking another step back.

"You have to promise me you won't tell a soul, even your precious Lucius"

"I won't tell anyone"

"We didn't do anything last night"

"Nothing" Narcissa said looking confused. "Doesn't he like you?"

"I think he does like me, he said I was beautiful but I don't think he was ready and I'm glad because I wasn't ready either"

"Your lucky Bella because he could have made you if he wanted to"

"I know"

"I'm glad you didn't get hurt" Narcissa said hugging her. "Cause if he hurt you I would have cursed Rudolphus myself" Narcissa said in a high pitched voice.

"At least you care" she said letting go of Narcissa. "That dumb blond of your is pointedly staring at us, you'd better go over their and take care of him"

"Blondes aren't dumb, I'm blond" Narcissa said defensively.

"Well maybe with the exception of you." She lied. Narcissa was a bit dumb but she was intelligent than the average blond. The only blonds that were known to be intelligent for a guarantee were the Malfoy's and Narcissa was no Malfoy by blood.

"See you later Bella" Narcissa gave her another hug and started to walk towards Lucius. "Cissy" she said making Narcissa pause. "Don't let him touch you below the waist"

"I won't" Narcissa said running off. Bellatrix talked to a few other guests and she suddenly noticed her mother. Her mother noticed her at the same time and she ran over to her. She pulled Bellatrix to the same spot she and Narcissa had been talking at earlier. Her Mother pulled her into a very tight hug that it knocked the breath out of her. Then she heard the sound of muffled crying.

"Mother your suffocating me" she said tried to push her away. "For Merlin sake stop crying" Her mother released her after a few seconds. Her mother looked unwell and her eyes were bloodshot.

"Are you okay" her Mother asked placing her hands on Bellatrix's shoulder. "I didn't sleep all night thinking about you" well that explained the blood shot eyes. "Did he hurt you? I've brought this potion that can ease the pain."

"He didn't hurt me" Bellatrix whispered.

"You can tell me the truth Bellatrix, what did he really do to you?" Her Mother said in a demanding tone. "I know you don't want to tell anyone about it because I know I didn't but you know my darkest secrets and you can trust me as your mother."

"Honestly Mother, he didn't do anything like your thinking. He didn't even try to force me, all he did was kiss me on the forehead." Her Mother looked unconvinced.

"I'm telling you the truth, do you want me to give you a memory so you can look at it in the pensive" she said pulling out her wand and conjuring a small bottle.

"Stop" her Mother said making her pause. "The fact that your prepared to extract a memory is proof enough for me" she suddenly smiled and hugged her again. "God your really luckily, I'm so happy for you. You were such a good daughter, you deserve to be happy. After all the things I've heard about Rudolphus, I was so worried about you"

"There's something else Mother"

"What" she said looking concerned.

"His a virgin but don't tell anyone I told you" she whispered smiling.

"Bellatrix dear, I'm so happy for you" Her Mother said pulling her into another hug.

"So what things did you hear about Rudolphus" Bellatrix asked.

"Oh don't worry yourself over it, it's all probably worthless rumours" she said patting her on the back. "I'll see you later, Cecily's waving at me to go over" Her Mother kissed her on the cheek and disappeared. She sat next to Rudolphus on the table for lunch and his brother was whispering into his ear again. Rudolphus was blushing and he started to cough loudly as he suddenly noticed her sitting next to him. She could guess what they had been talking about.

"Well if it isn't my new sister in law" Rabastan said smiling at her. "Did you sleep well last night" Rudolphus slapped his arm glaring at him.

"I slept well but thank you -" what was his name, something stan or tian. "-for your concern Sebastian"

"My Name isn't Sebastian its Rabastan" he said laughing out aloud.

"Well-erm-sorry Rabastan" she forced out wanting to kill the boy for laughing at her. She poured herself some pumpkin juice and started to drink.

"So was my brother any good" Rabastan suddenly asked making her drop the glass of pumpkin juice.

"Rabastan" Rudolphus hissed drawing his wand and clearing away the mess. "She's your eldest brother's wife, your meant to respect her"

"I didn't say anything disrespectful, all I asked was if you've been a good husband to her so far" he said putting on an innocent expression. "Theirs nothing disrespectful about that question"

"Here" Rudolphus said pouring her a new glass of pumpkin juice.

"Thank you" she said stretching her hand to take the glass and their fingers lightly touched. They stared at each other unmoving. Rabastan's laughter snapped them into focus and they quickly moved their hands apart.

"Hey you two can head upstairs for a while, I'll cover for you" Rabastan whispered winking at them.

"Rabastan what have I told you about-" Rudolphus started.

"You misunderstood me" Rabastan said interrupting. "What I meant was since you two seem so reluctant to move, you guys must be tired. If you go upstairs and rest for a while you'll get your energy back" he grinned at them and Rudolphus glared at him.

"Well brother catch you later" he said patting Rudolphus on the back. "I see something that requires my immediate attention" he said getting up and walking towards an attractive looking brunette. Rudolphus's father suddenly sat down across her.

"Rudolphus" he said boring his eyes into Rudolphus.

"Father" Rudolphus said with a strained voice and curtly nodded his head. It looked like he didn't get on very well with his father. "I received an owl. Your leave ends tomorrow, you are required to be at the ministry 9 am sharp"

"Yes father"

"Bellatrix" his father said looking towards her. "I hope my son is treating you well"

"Very well father" she said bowing her head curtly. After lunch she headed upstairs and she decided to use the Manor bathroom on the second floor. After finishing she opened the bathroom door to leave and she froze as she came face to face with her father. She was about to pull out her wand but his wand was already drawn and he was much faster.

"Accio wand" her father said and her wand flew into his outstretched hand. He pushed her back into the bathroom and magically shut the door. Bellatrix stared at him terrified, this couldn't be happening, not again. She had scared him to leave her alone a year ago by crucioing him but now her wand was gone, she had nothing to defend herself with. She started to shake with fear as all the memories of sexual abuse she had suffered for years resurfaced in her mind. With a wave of his wand he made the door sound proof and smiled at her wildly.

"Ballerina" he said walking towards her and she shivered hearing the name he used to call her when he abused her. "My sweet Ballerina, I have waited so long for this day. I can finally have you completely without having to control myself" With a frightened expression she backed into the wall hugging herself as she realised the meaning of his words. When he had sexually abused her he would do everything to her except penetrate her vagina. That way she would remain a virgin on her wedding night and her father wouldn't have a problem marrying her off. But now he was obviously presuming Rudolphus had taken her virginity last night and he was free to go all the way with her without any drawbacks. "Your worthless husband only had you for one night so I'm sure your still tight" he said walking closer.

"Leave me alone" she shouted but he ignored her.

"He was probably a lousy fuck" he said laughing out aloud. "A young immature boy like him must have just entered you, shoved in and out a couple of times then collapsed into a deep sleep" he said stepping closer and her heart started to beat faster.

"Let me go, please" she screamed looking around the bathroom for a weapon.

"I'll show you what it's really like to be fucked" he said starting to remove his clothes "I'll make you feel what a real cock feels like ramming into your tiny hole. I'll stretch your pussy in so many ways, Ballerina, that your useless husband could never compare to me"

"Your not worth the dirt he walks on" Bellatrix shouted throwing a bar of soap at him.

"You think his that good to do" he said avoiding the soap bar. "Well don't you think it's unfair to judge before I've had a chance fuck you, You can compare afterwards" he said unbuckling his belt. "I'm sure I'll win" he said unbuttoning his trousers. "After all a father knows what's best for their child"

"Don't you fucking dare call yourself a father" she yelled. "Your a monster, a soul less monster"

"Crucio" Bellatrix screamed and dropped to the floor shaking. "Disrespectful child" he yelled lifting the spell of her. "I've raised you, paid for the wedding so you can call that good for nothing boy your husband, and this is the way you repay me" he stripped of the last of his clothing and stood in front of her completely naked.

"Let me go" she shouted crying hysterically as she watched his naked figure advancing towards her. She got up and tried to grab something to throw at him.

"Crucio" he shouted making her crash back to the floor and she screamed withering in pain.

"Please don't do this" she shouted curling into foetal position. "Please father, let me leave" she screamed with tears streaming down her face.

"I promise you'll enjoy it Ballerina, if you just relax" he said placing a hand on her chest. She sat up screaming and he grabbed the material at the front of her dress.

"Diffindo" he said making the material tear and her bra became exposed. She tried to punch him but he crucioed her in a second. She dropped to the floor screaming in pain. When he lifted the spell she shielded her chest with her arms and stared up at him shakily. The cruciatus curse was weakening her nerves, she couldn't move as fast as she could before. He tore away the rest of her dress leaving her in her bra and knickers. "You can't do this, Rudolphus will know" she screamed as he tried to unclasp her bra. "He won't know anything you stupid girl, unless you open your mouth. Which you won't if you know what's good for you" he shouted throwing her bra onto the floor.

"You don't understand" she shouted crawling away from her father. "I'm still a virgin" her father froze with an expression of disbelief. "He didn't do anything to me last night, I'm still a virgin" She screamed sobbing into the floor hoping her father would leave now. But to her horror he didn't leave, he laughed like a maniac uncontrollably.

"I've always wanted to taste you first but I never thought that dream would ever come true." He said gently cupping her breast.

"But if you do this he'll know I'm not a virgin" she shouted in fear trying to push his hand away from her breast.

"It doesn't matter anymore Ballerina" he said throwing her hand away. "I delivered him a virgin on his wedding night and it's his fault for not taking what he was meant to take on that night."

"But he'll know" she screamed hoping he would see reason and leave.

"Don't you remember the rule Ballerina? Your meant to fuck your bride on the wedding night then declare it the next day if you found out she wasn't a virgin so that the divorce can be validated." He said trailing his hand down her stomach. "Since he hasn't declared anything like that today everyone will presume you were a virgin on your wedding night. No one will believe him since he didn't have a problem with his bride the next day. People will think his making up rubbish because he doesn't like you anymore for some other reason" She held her breath as she realised her fathers words were true. Now she had nothing at all left to persuade her father not to rape her. Before she could feel somewhat safe knowing he wouldn't go all the way but now there was nothing stopping him. The worst of her worst nightmares was about to come true. "Please don't" she whispered fearfully knowing it was useless.

"Your husband didn't even have the backbone to fuck you and you were saying he was better than me" He shouted grabbing her by the waist and pulling her forward. Bellatrix screamed trying to get away but he tightened his grip. "Did he disappoint you on your big night" he taunted caressing her breasts gently. "Your husband isn't much of a man is he, if he doesn't get turned on by a sweet young thing like you" he said softly pinching her nipples and she tried to move his hands away. "Don't you worry Ballerina" he whispered. "I'll show you how to fuck, I'll teach you first how to handle a mans cock." He leaned down and closed his mouth over her nipple and sucked softly. She pushed him away violently and tried to crawl away once again.

"After all aren't parents meant to teach their children everything first so they'll be better prepared in the future?" he said grabbing her by the waist and pulling her back again.

"You sick twisted bastard" she screamed kicking him in the stomach. "How dare you go on like this is something a normal father does?"

"Crucio" she screamed shaking on the floor. "You disrespectful child" he yelled lifting the spell. He grabbed the material of her knickers and Bellatrix screamed. She lashed out at him, punching and kicking him.

"Crucio" he said standing up and she screamed as her whole body convulsed in agonising pain. Her movement had slowed down even more as the cruciatus curse was making her almost paralysed. He grabbed her by the hair and banged her face into the floor making her nose crack. Blood poured out covering her face and chest. "I'm going to make you pay" he shouted. "But since your my Ballerina, I'm going to make your punishment sweet" he said in a false calm tone. He placed his hand between her legs and stoked her crotch through the material of her knickers. She wriggled in protest but he just laughed. He suddenly tore of her knickers and she screamed trying to sit up. He knocked her back down and pulled her legs onto his shoulder. She tried to shut her legs but he hooked his hands onto her knees and kept them wide apart.

"Sweet Merlin, you weren't lying when you said you were still a virgin" he said excitedly bending her legs and drawing his face closer between her thighs. "I can still see the hymen" She suddenly kicked him hard in the chest and jumped up. He grabbed her by the hair making her scream.

"Crucio" he shouted making her fall to the floor shaking. He bent down and grabbed her struggling form by the ankles and she screamed loudly trying to kick him of.

"Scream all you want but no one can hear you, it's magically sound proofed" he said laughing. "Keep screaming, it's actually a turn on" he said laughing. Something suddenly clicked in her mind, it was magically sound proofed so magic was the only thing preventing anyone from hearing her. But it was wizard magic not house elf magic. If she summoned a house elf would they be able to hear her cause they used a different branch of magic. There was a possibility it would work and her last hope was hanging on it. There was only one house elf that she was familiar with in the Lestrange Manor.

"Tiffy" she yelled with all her faith and strength. "Tiffy"

"Is that a nickname for me" her father said pulling her legs onto his shoulder. "If you want to call out my name as I fuck you, father would be just fine" he said positioning himself.

"Tiffy" she continued to scream with her hope fading. A popping sound vibrated through the room and a house elf shimmered into the room.

"Mistress" Tiffy screamed and hearing the house elf's voice relief washed through her. She had never been so grateful in her life to see a house elf.

"What the hell" her father said grabbing his wand from the floor.

"Tiffy help" she screamed.

"You shall not harm Mistress" the elf shouted said snapping her fingers. A purple light lifted her father away from her and dropped him like a rag doll at the other end of the bathroom. He lay still knocked out cold and she tried to get up but the house elf prevented her. "Mistress you is injured, you must not move" Tiffy bent down next to her. Tiffy waved her hand above her face and Bellatrix felt her nose being repaired. With another wave of its hand it made all the blood disappear from the bathroom and her body. She sat up aching from the cruciatus curse and walked towards her unconscious father to retrieve her wand. She pulled out her wand and stumbled away from him feeling disgusted and scared even though he was still unconscious.

"You is the horrible man's daughter" Tiffy suddenly said realising and the elf appeared shocked. "This is the most evil thing I is ever seen in my living" Tiffy said in a high pitched voice. A feeling of shame and self disgust washed through her as someone other than herself knew about it and she couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Mistress, you mustn't cry" Tiffy said looking worried. "You is innocent, you is not to suffer for the horrible man's evil doings" Bellatrix forced herself to stop crying and tried to sort out the mess she was in. She felt like pointing at her father's chest and shouting Avada Kedavra but there were things holding her back. She couldn't murder him at the Lestrange Manor, a ministry enquiry would find the truth. If they found out the real truth then it would appear in the daily prophet. Then both names of the black and Lestrange family would be tarnished and everyone in the two whole families didn't deserve to suffer for one man's crimes. Then there was her mother that had no clue what a monster her father really was. It would break her heart and she couldn't do that to her mother after one of her daughters had ran away. She probably would kill him discreetly in the future and make it look like an accident but now wasn't the time and place. "Tiffy can you put his clothes on" Tiffy snapped her fingers and her father became fully dressed. "Revive him and let him go" she forced out wishing she could just stab him.

"Tiffy take horrible man to the garden and make him wake up" Tiffy said and Bellatrix thought it was a good idea if her father suddenly woke in the Lestrange garden, it wouldn't look suspicious that way. "Mistress you stay here, I is bringing you new clothes" the elf disappeared with her fathers body. With a shaky hand she waved her wand making the bathroom tidy again and she made her torn clothes burst into flames. She cleaned away the black burnt mass with a cleaning charm. Shaking and crying in pain from the after affects of the cruciatus curse she stepped into the shower. She shakily scrubbed her body swaying, wanting to get rid of the feel of his touch and scent from her body. When she felt she was clean enough she turned of the shower and sat in the bath tub crying. Tiffy suddenly shimmered into the room holding new clothes for her.

"Did you wake and leave him in the garden" she said tearfully.

"I is wake him, and leave him. He get up very angry and leave Lestrange Manor" she was glad to know he was far away from Lestrange Manor. "Mistress must not cry, I is getting you new clothing" Tiffy said holding up a black cotton dress. She dried her herself and her hair with a spell then she put on her new clothes with Tiffy's help. She removed the locking charm from the door and walked out unsteadily. She held Tiffy's hand for support. Never in her life had she touched a house elf before and she was surprised to find they hand warm hands when she thought they would be cold. Tiffy opened the door to her and Rudolphus's bedroom and she was glad to find it empty.

"Mistress you should rest" Tiffy said tucking her into bed and she lay down feeling exhausted. "Mistress is ill, Tiffy bring good food for mistress"

"Tiffy wait" Bellatrix said painfully sitting up. "Listen to me carefully Tiffy, you will not repeat what you saw to anyone."

"But Mistress-"

"I order you not to repeat what you saw to anyone" Bellatrix snapped.

"Tiffy cannot lie to master Rudolphus" the elf said looking horrified.

"You will not tell Rudolphus anything and that's an order"

"But he is my master"

"-And I'm your mistress" she said threateningly. "You are bound to obey me just as well as him" the elf seemed in turmoil trying to decide what was right. "You will do as I say now go bring me that food. Maybe it will take your mind of things" she said lying back down. The elf seemed to agree with her and quickly shimmered away. Tiffy returned a few minutes later with a glass of milk and a vial of potion.

"Mistress you should drink this milk, I is adding honey to make it sweet. But first you is drinking the pain killing potion" Bellatrix sat up scrunching her face in pain. Rudolphus had been right the house elf was intelligent. All the other elves did what they were told and nothing more but Tiffy hadn't been ordered to bring her a pain killing potion. She had brought one by using her own intelligence and suddenly Bellatrix feared if her secret would be safe with such an intelligent house elf. But she felt better when she realised they were all bound by the same law, intelligent or not. "Mistress drink" Tiffy said holding the vial close to her mouth. As she swallowed the potion the bedroom door opened and Rudolphus stepped in.

"Your here, I've been searching the whole house for you" Rudolphus said making her jump and Tiffy looked nervous. "Your mother and sister wanted to say goodbye but I couldn't find you anywhere" he said walking closer to the bed. His eyes narrowed at the empty potion vial and the milk glass. "What's wrong, are you sick" he said concerned.

"I'm not feeling well" she said picking up the glass of milk. "Its just mild fever, it'll be gone by tomorrow"

"I'll call a healer" he said rushing towards the door. She couldn't let that happen, the healer would recognise the after effects of being crucioed and she would have to explain who had crucioed her.

"Lestrange don't" she said sitting up and her tone of voice must have been too urgent as he turned and stared at her suspiciously.

"Why not" he questioned.

"I know its mild fever, it'll just be a waste of a healer's time" she said knowing her excuse sounded lame.

"I think its best to get checked anyway" he said turning towards the door,

"No" she suddenly shouted. "I refuse to see a healer" he looked at her concerned.

"Why" he said raising an eyebrow.

"Because I don't want to" she didn't know what else to say than the obvious. Her brain wasn't working to come up with elaborate lies.

"Tiffy what's going on" he asked the elf and fear gripped her heart. The elf was jumping up and down and beating its head on the floor. Stupid elf, it wasn't saying anything but its blatant behaviour was making it obvious that it was being forced to conceal something. "Tiffy" he said concerned. "Are you being forced to hide something?"

"Yes master" Bellatrix jumped out of bed drawing her wand. She hadn't thought to order it from admitting to hiding something and now it was too late. She pointed the wand threateningly at Tiffy.

"If you tell, I'll kill you" she shouted and Tiffy backed away fearfully. "I order you not to tell, I order you not to tell" she screamed.

"Bellatrix leave Tiffy alone" he said pointing his own wand at her. "What are you hiding?"

"Nothing that concerns you Lestrange" she shouted.

"Tiffy I order you to tell me" Rudolphus said. The elf jumped into the air screaming.

"Mistress commands to conceal and master commands to reveal, Tiffy cannot deal" it shouted banging its head on the floor. "Tiffy cannot deal" The elf continued like that for a good 30 minutes before they realised the elf's answer would remain like that. Bellatrix was pleased and Rudolphus was angry. He let Tiffy shimmer away then he glared at her pointing his wand.

"That elf has been in my service since I was a baby and you have forced it to go against me" he said in a raised voice.

"Calm down Lestrange, it's just a house elf" she said irritated. "Your acting like I set it free or something"

"Tiffy isn't just a house elf" he said angrily.

"Yes I know the creature means a lot to you" she snapped. "All I asked was for it to keep one lousy unimportant secret and your acting like I'm conspiring with it to take over the world"

"If it's so unimportant then why can't you tell me" he questioned stepping closer.

"Because-because it's embarrassing, that's why I don't want you to know" she said waving her hands desperately.

"You can tell me, I won't make fun of you or laugh" he said in a serious tone.

"I don't want to tell you" she said bluntly knowing it was a rubbish answer.

"Then your obviously lying" he shouted pointing his wand at her.

"Lestrange, just because your my husband doesn't mean I have to tell you everything" she shouted feeling really dizzy.

"If it concerns my wife's health I have a right to know" he shouted.

"You have no-" her legs gave out and she collapsed onto the floor in pain.

"Bellatrix" he said bending down to pick her up. Bellatrix backed away fearfully from his touch.

"Don't touch me" she hissed feeling afraid of anyone touching her after what had happened to her in the bathroom. He ignored her and lifted her up and gently placed her on the bed. She felt like crying but she held back the tears.

"I'm getting a healer" he said pulling the quilt up to her chin.

"Please don't" she whispered.

"You don't have a choice" he said walking out the room. While he was gone the pain killing potion started to work and with her mind more clearer she thought up a brilliant plan. Then the horrible memories of her father abusing her ran through her mind and she quietly cried into her pillow. He returned with a woman healer and she wiped away her tears. Bellatrix aimed her wand carefully from under the quilt and non-verbally cast the imperious curse on the healer. Bellatrix instructed her what to do and what to say. The healer said she had been suffering from Bulimia, where the patient eats and then throws up. She explained that girls mostly did this in an attempt to obtain a slim figure so they could appear more attractive. Bellatrix instructed the healer to not say anything more to Rudolphus and when the healer left she lay back feeling more drained then ever.

"It makes sense" Rudolphus said to himself. "You left after lunch to throw up and Tiffy must have seen you. So you ordered her not to tell and it was giving you stomach pains so you asked her to fetch you some milk and painkillers" Good, he was believing her story. He couldn't ever know the real reason.

"Now you know my secret" she whispered acting to look gloomy.

"But why would you want to do that?" he said looking at her puzzled.
"Because I'm fat" she said faking being hysterical about it. "The other women have told me that if I don't lose weight" she said lowering her voice. "My husband will leave me and take a mistress" she whispered looking away from him. A minute of silence followed her words.

"Bellatrix" he suddenly said breaking the silence. "Your not fat" he drew back the covers revealing her. She knew she wasn't fat and she wished he would cover her up. She didn't like the idea of him looking at her body. She was horribly reminded of her father staring at her.

"I can't see an ounce of fat on you, truth be told you have a perfect figure." He replaced the cover and pulled it up to her chin. She felt relieved he had covered her up. "Bellatrix I'll never cheat on you, like you said there won't be a third person in our marriage. So you don't have to worry about any mistresses. I want you to start eating like a healthy person" she nodded her head feeling relieved that he had believed her lie. "Let's start with this milk" he held the glass close to her mouth and she emptied the warm honey milk. She sank into the bed feeling sleepy and although it was still afternoon she fell asleep. Nightmares of her father filled her dreams and she tossed and turned in her sleep trying to escape. She woke up in an hour or two sweating. She noticed she was alone in the room and she stepped out of bed feeling dizzy. She put on new clothes and washed her face. The pain was killing her and every step she took hurt. She had no idea how Rudolphus had managed to dance in this state when she had crucioed him. She felt terrible, all the emotions and memories were killing her. She had tried to put it behind but today her father had made it all come back. What he had done today was the most terrifying memory of them all. She closed her eyes but the memory wouldn't go away. She had to do something to make it go away. She crept out into the Lestrange garden and searched for things to kill. The dead corpses of animals and the blinding green light of the killing curse didn't soothe her pain. She sank onto the ground and started to cry. Hours later she walked back into the house. She drank another two vials of pain killing potion and she decided to skip dinner. She went back to bed.

"Bellatrix" a voice called making her wake up. She opened her eyes to find it was Rudolphus. "Come down, you have to eat"

"I don't want to eat, leave me alone" she pulled the quilt over her head and he pulled the cover away.

"I said come down"

"What part of no don't you understand" she yelled sitting up and drawing her wand.

"I don't want to argue, I want you down in 5 minutes" he said leaving the room.

"Just because your my husband, do you expect me to obey you like a bloody house elf" she shouted staring at the closed door. She didn't feel like going but in the end she decided to give in and went down. It was dull eating with the Lestrange family and she shoved food into her mouth without really registering what it tasted like. Rudolphus and his father were whispering about something while Rabastan was reading a book and eating at the same time. At night she slipped into her side of the bed, she could hear Rudolphus in the bathroom and worrying thoughts filled her head. He hadn't done anything last time but what if he decided tonight was the night. He got into bed and she tensed in fear. He turned on his side and draped an arm over her waist and she momentarily stopped breathing. She sensed him drawing closer and her heart thudded away loudly against her ribcage. She involuntarily shivered as she felt his lips softly press against her cheek. Then he drew away and didn't move again.

After a long time Bellatrix turned on her side and stared at his sleeping form. The moonlight was weak tonight but she could still make out his face and staring at him she started to cry softly. His touch had brought back memories of her father touching her and she wished they would go away. But she was grateful that Rudolphus had stopped with a kiss on her cheek and soon she fell into a peaceful sleep. She woke late to find a note lying on her bedside table. She read it and learnt that Rudolphus had gone of to work at eight and he hadn't wanted to disturb her. According to Tiffy everyone was away at work and she spent the whole day mostly in bed. The aches caused by being crucioed were almost gone but it still hurt. Rudolphus returned in the evening carrying a stack of parchments. She stared at them curiously but she couldn't be bothered to ask.

"I work at the international transfers department at the ministry" he said putting the stack of parchments on his desk. "Their claim forms from people wanting to bring over magical objects from abroad" he walked over to his wardrobe and opened the door. "I'm behind so I thought I could do some of them at home" he said removing some clothes. "Are you listening" he said in a slightly irritated tone.

"Yes I heard Lestrange" she snapped sitting up. "You help people smuggle things from abroad" for a second he looked shocked then he looked angry.

"I don't help them smuggle things, I assess their claim forms" he said angrily.

"Whatever Lestrange" Bellatrix said lying back down again.



"Get ready, we're going out" she sat up immediately at his words.

"I don't want to go anywhere" he looked angry then his expression dissolved to look confused.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to" she snapped. "Now get lost"

"Why are you behaving like this?"

"Can't you understand what I'm saying?" She shouted drawing her wand. "I don't want to go" she yelled making a vase explode. Rudolphus jumped and drew his wand angrily.

"Repair it now" he said pointing his wand at her.

"Why don't you make me Lestrange" she shouuted. "loowuks luwike somewuoon's scuwaared" she said in her mock baby voice and Rudolphus slightly lowered his wand suddenly looking concerned. The way he was looking at her, she knew at that moment he thought he had just married someone insane. Well she wouldn't deny it, she probably was crazy. Life had thrown to many harsh things at her from a young age and she didn't think she could deal anymore. She suddenly started to laugh loudly and the look on Rudolphus's face was priceless. If he hadn't been sure before he must definitely think she was insane now. He stared at her with a frown then he momentarily closed his eyes.

"Fine I'll do it" he snapped and repaired the vase. "But your coming with me whether you like it or not"


"I'm not going to argue, you will do as your told" he shouted.

"You can't tell me what to do" she yelled setting fire to a cushion.

"I want you down in 30 minutes" he said making the fire vanish then he left the room. Bellatrix stared at the door hatefully. How dare he tell her what to do, she wasn't some house elf. At that moment Tiffy shimmered into the room and she jumped up and poked her wand into its neck.

"Mistress" the house elf shrieked looking frightened. "I is not wanting to harm you." It continued in a high pitch voice. "Master Rudolphus ordered me to help you get ready. Mistress please Tiffy is scared" It looked towards her wand with fearful eyes. Bellatrix removed her wand and glared at it. Rudolphus would get mad if she harmed Tiffy and she didn't think she could hurt the house elf after the way it had saved her.

"Mistress is most merciful" Tiffy said bowing down.

"Get up you filthy creature" she shouted putting her wand away.

"Which dress is to mistresses liking" Tiffy said opening her wardrobe.

"Your meant to help me get ready so you decide" The house elf looked overjoyed.

"Tiffy is so honoured" it said bowing down again.

"For fuck's sake, get on with it" she shouted making the house elf jump. She sat in front of the mirror wearing a navy blue satin dress while Tiffy applied finishing touches to her make-up. She had a feeling Tiffy had chosen this dress because Rudolphus would like the colour since everything in this room was mostly navy blue.

"Mistress is looking most beautiful" Tiffy said stepping away. Bellatrix stared into the mirror with a sour expression. She did look nice, the house elf had done a really good job. Her joints were still aching from the Cruciatus curse and she wanted to stay in bed but she couldn't tell Rudolphus the truth. She stood up and the pain worsened in her legs. Trying to ignore the pain she forced herself to walk downstairs and when Rudolphus came into view she glared at him.

"You look beautiful" he said stepping closer. She didn't answer and continued to glare at him. If he wasn't married to her she would have seriously harmed him or at least killed him by now. He threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace and looped his arm around hers.

"Diagon alley" he said pulling her into the fireplace. It was night time and Diagon alley had lots of people roaming around but it wasn't crowded like it was in the morning. She pulled her arm out of his and increased the distance between them. "Why are you acting like this" he said sounding hurt.

"I don't want people to see you holding onto me like that" She said in a raised voice.

"Why not? We're married remember" He said walking closer.

"I don't like it okay" she snapped moving away from him. He led her into an expensive looking restaurant and walked to a table at the back. He pulled out her chair and she sat down glaring at him. He sat across her and smiled at her but she continued to glare at him.

"What should we order?" he said reading the menu.

"Do I look like I care?" Bellatrix hissed crossing her arms and looking up at the ceiling. She was in pain and she wanted to be lying down in bed, not eating in some restaurant.

"I know it's hard but you can fight it"

"What?" Bellatrix said looking alarmed. He couldn't have found out her secret, could he?

"The eating disorder" he said making her relax. "That's why your angry at me isn't it? I've brought you to a restaurant and you don't like eating. But you have to try and eat properly"

"I don't have an eating disorder" she said angrily and he looked confused. "I mean I got over it, now can we go home" she said looking towards the door.

"But we haven't eaten anything"

"Fine Lestrange" she said lightly punching the table. "Order something" He waved the waiter over and told the waiter what he wanted.

"What would you like Madam?" the waiter asked turning towards her and she violently grabbed the menu and quickly scanned the contents.

"Tuna pasta"

"Will that be all Madam?" Bellatrix gave the waiter a death glare and he quickly disappeared.

"You didn't have to be so horrible" Rudolphus said leaning back in his chair.

"Don't tell me what to do Lestrange" She snapped grabbing the knife from the table, he lowered his gaze at the knife with a worried expression and noticing she set it back down next to the fork. They mostly ate in silence and whenever Rudolphus attempted to make conversation she gave him one word answers. After they paid Bellatrix almost ran towards the door but Rudolphus stopped her halfway. "We've eaten, let's go home" she said clenching her hands into fists.

"Not yet, lets dance" he said pointing towards the dance floor and her expression turned murderous.

"Lestrange I don't want to dance" She really wanted to shout at him but it wouldn't be good to shout at your newly married husband in public.

"I insist" he said grasping her by the wrist and pulled her towards the dance floor. They got into dancing position and started to slowly dance. She felt like crying, the pain was awful and each movement made it more worse. Now she knew the way he must of felt dancing with her on their engagement day. But pain wasn't the only thing getting to her, being close to someone was bringing back the emotional pain of sexual abuse. She knew Rudolphus was a nice person but being held so close to him still made fear well up in her stomach. If she was a person that lacked self control she would have been screaming and crying her eyes out. After a while she couldn't feel her legs anymore and she knew she was going to collapse if she didn't sit down.

"I want to sit down" she said attempting to pull away from him.

"You can't be tired already, it's only been a few minutes" he said holding onto tightly.

"Lestrange-" She started digging her fingers into his shoulder. Suddenly her hands started to shake and her legs turned to jelly. She was about to fall but he tightly embraced her and held her up. He was way to close for comfort and she held her breath trying to get rid of the horrible feeling. Her legs twitched and she couldn't help herself from shaking in his arms.

"Bellatrix who did this to you?" he whispered making her heart beat increase.

"Did what?" she whispered back fearfully.

"Used the Cruciatus curse on you" he said slightly pulling her back so he could see her face.

"No one Crucioed me, I'm just not feeling well" She whispered looking away from him.

"Don't lie to me" he whispered harshly. "I know the after affects well" He placed a hand under her chin and forced her to look up at him. He looked really angry and she had never seen him look so angry before. "Who was it?"

"Leave me alone" she said trying to push him away.

"Answer me?" he said tightening his grip.

"Fuck of Lestrange" She said weakly punching him in the shoulder and he glared at her. Then he seemed to be in deep thought and after a while he stared at her with an angry expression again.

"You lied to me" he suddenly said shaking her. "You never had an eating disorder. You imperiused the healer somehow, didn't you."

"No I didn't" She whispered but he ignored her.

"It must have happened when you went upstairs and Tiffy must have seen it and

you ordered Tiffy not to tell." He said accusingly. "That means it was someone at my house that day." Bellatrix felt scared and it showed on her face. "You don't have to fear anyone" he said softly. "If someone hurts you, you have to tell me. Your my wife, I'm meant to protect you"

"I'm not sacred of anyone" She said pushing him forcefully. "I don't need you, I can take care of myself" She pushed him again and this time he let her go.

"If your not sacred then why do you feel the need to hide the information" he said crossing his arms. "-And go as far as ordering an house elf to keep it a secret" he said angrily.

"None of your business Lestrange" She suddenly felt weak and she was about to fall but he easily caught her.

"Everything to do with you is my business" he almost shouted and lifted her up.

"Lestrange put me down" she said struggling in his hold. "People are staring at us"

"Let them stare" he carried her out the restaurant ignoring her protests. Arriving at the floo station he set her down. Placing an arm around her waist he pulled her into the fireplace and flooed back home. They stepped out of the Lestrange Manor's fireplace and pushing him away she attempted to walk forward. She swayed badly and he tightly gripped her around the waist again. She was about to push him away again when someone whistled loudly and they both froze in their steps. Rabastan came into view with a huge smile on his face.

"Someone's made someone go weak in the knees" Rabastan said winking and Bellatrix shut her eyes feeling annoyed.

"Rabastan what have I told about-" Rudolphus started.

"What I meant was, you guys have been dancing way too much." Rabastan said cutting in. "Maybe you should go easy on her brother, she can't even walk"

"Get lost" Rudolphus said pulling Bellatrix towards the stairs.

"I see your in a hurry to get away, wonder why" Rabastan said laughing. Ignoring him Rudolphus lifted Bellatrix into his arms and started to carry her up the stairs. This time she glared at him but she didn't say anything. "You have to carry her up the stairs? What the hell did you do to her? Man, you really have to show me those dance moves" Rabastan said.

"One more word Rabastan and I'll curse you" Rudolphus shouted and Rabstan's laughter rang through the air. Entering their room he gently placed her on the bed and Bellatrix completely disappeared under the cover. He threw the cover away and she attempted to cover herself again. "Don't think you can just go to bed and I'm going to forget about everything" he shouted pulling the cover out of her grasp.

"Theirs nothing more to say Lestrange" Bellatrix shouted. She turned over and buried her face in her pillow. He climbed onto the bed and roughly turned her back around.

"Tell me who attacked you and why" he demanded towering over her.

"It's nothing to do with you" She shouted pushing him away. She tried to turn around again but he grabbed her wrists and pinned her hands above her head.

"Answer my question Bellatrix" he shouted tightening his grip.

"Let go of me Lestrange" She hissed struggling.

"Not until you answer my question" She tried to kick him and he slid on top of her. Bellatrix froze. All her anger and control vanished, instead it became replaced with haunting memories and fear. She couldn't help it as she burst into tears.

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