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Back home

Kira gasped in pain. Her ribs burned and she was betting they were broken. Ethan was down and she ducked as Conner flew past her and landed near Ethan. She stood up. "Can't give up" she told herself grimly. She saw the monster run at her and knew that she didn't have enough time to morph. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a bright light and prayed that it wasn't a headlight, but the light of the portal. The monster kicked her and she felt two more ribs give and she landed in a heap next to Conner and Ethan. Trent hit the thing in the back of the head with a flying kick.

The monster roared in rage and started to attack him in earnest. Jenny and Tommy entered the area just in time to see Trent go flying, bounce once and then stayed still. They exchanged looks.

"Tommy, keep him busy while I help the Rangers. Don't ask, just go!" Tommy nodded and raced toward the creature while Jenny headed for the others. One look told her all she needed to know. Quickly, she grabbed Trent's and Ethan's hands and looked at the other two who were coming around. "Conner, Kira, grab my hands too. NOW!"

Both Rangers did as they were told and Jenny triggered her healing powers. The two that had been unconscious snapped awake and all four stared at her. Bruises and cuts were blossoming all over her as their injuries healed. Tommy rolled across the ground and stopped near them. Jenny gritted her teeth and said, "Tommy, grab on. Neck, face, arm - anywhere that has bare skin. Hurry!" He did as he was told. She addressed them all. "Once you're completely healed, let go."

Ethan let go first, followed by Trent, Tommy and Conner. Jenny gasped in pain as she felt her ribs break and Kira's healed. Finally, Kira released her as well. Slowly, Jenny stood up, as did the other Rangers. She turned to the monster, swaying as she did. She held her ribs, looked at it and laughed painfully.

"You didn't really think it would be that easy, did you?"

"But now you are so hurt I can kill you very easily. That will screw the Rangers."

"You think so?" Jenny grinned at the thing. The four teens stood in front of her and Tommy stood at her side. She released the other part of her healing powers. In seconds, she stood tall and had completely healed herself. "Rangers, I think you know what to do."

As one, the five said, "Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

Once the morph was completed, the monster said, "I'll be back, Rangers!" and disappeared. Almost disappointed, the Rangers powered down and the teens turned to the two adults.

"You guys came back just in the nick of time!" Trent said. "I thought we were finished for sure."

Jenny smiled. "Someone was watching out for you while we were gone." She led them to the alley where the light of the portal still glowed. Gateway was still there and she spoke to him. "Thank you, again. You can return now and close the portal."

The old Aborigine smiled and nodded before he and the portal disappeared. Jenny scooped up the bags they had left laying there and tossed Tommy his. "Let's get back to the lair and you guys can tell us what happened before we got here and why he was beating you so easily."

A short while later, they arrived at the Command Center where Hayley waited. "Hayley" Tommy ordered "run a complete medical scan on Jenny."

Jenny sighed and greeted her. "Hi, Hayley."

"Welcome back." Hayley smiled at the other woman. "Let's get it over with."

Once the scan was over and Jenny was given a clean bill of health, she turned to the other Rangers. "Now, what happened?"

"Wait a minute" interrupted Ethan. "I know I cracked my head and all, but didn't you look different a week ago?"

"Yes, I did and in a few days, I'll look like that again. We'll talk about that later. I'm betting Kira has a show tonight, so let's get on with talking about the monster, shall we?"

Kira spoke up. "He called himself the Copycat and he can mimic our powers - and it sucks."

"All at the same time or one at a time?"

"One at a time, but he didn't use Trent's or Dr. O's."

"Who all used their powers in the battle?"

"Kira, Conner and me" answered Ethan.

"So he can only use known powers."

Hayley spoke up. "I was reviewing the tapes while you guys were headed here and it seems like he has to be close to the Ranger that has the power to use it."

"So proximity is important and so is knowledge." Jenny bit her lip and thought. A random thought struck her and she giggled. "I just realized - Mesagog and the others are scratching their heads right about now."

"Why?" asked Conner, exchanging puzzled looks with the other teens.

"Because they're trying to figure out if I'm a Ranger or not. I healed you guys and myself - which shows that I have powers. On the other hand, I didn't morph when you guys did. So they don't know if I am or not."

Tommy grinned. "They don't know that your powers came from the other world, so odds are Copycat will try and mimic it."

Hayley picked up the thought from there. "And since the portal is closed, he can't because you don't have it anymore."

Jenny nodded. "Exactly." She took the logic one step further. "Plus, you guys can't use those powers when you're morphed. If you morph quickly, that should take that problem out of the equation. There's only one question left."

"One question?" Conner asked.

Jenny ignored him. "Can he duplicate what you have when you are morphed? We won't know that until you battle him again. If he follows the pattern, you guys should be safe for a few hours. Kira has a show to do, right?" At the teens' nods, she continued. "Just go on with life as usual and we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."